Facebook Ads Strategy 2020 in under 10 MINUTES (New Method)
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Facebook Ads Strategy 2020 in under 10 MINUTES (New Method)

what’s going on guys welcome back to
another video on the channel and in today’s video we’re gonna be talking
about how you can take cheap traffic and turning that cheap traffic into
purchases now this is a strategy that many people aren’t really talking about
because most of the strategies out there are trying to you know really try to get
cold traffic onto their website and trying to turn those cold traffic into
buyers which is you know look a complete opposite and the last option that we
should be you know discussing you know especially you know 2019 and 2020 you
know with the state that drop shipping is going through right you want to get
high quality buyers you want to get warm traffic to your website and here’s the
greatest example on you know how this actually plays out so I’m gonna give
credit to track maven here you don’t really see that behind the scenes but
this is what a customer usually goes through whenever there’s a actual
strategy and a marketing tactic being used to a customers so basically with
the awareness stage this is cold traffic right these are people that never seen
your brand before and then once they actually resonate with your brand
whether it’s following your your social media accounts with theirs you’re
getting their email whether they’re reading your blog’s whether they landed
on your product page with a Google search maybe you’re running a Facebook
ad with interest ads just for awareness but here’s the thing that most people
get this wrong right they’re expecting to run a conversion
edie optimizing for purchases which facebook is going to go out there and go
find those buyers but the problem is that those buyers you know those
potential buyers are cold traffic they’ve never seen your brand before and
those conversions is actually going to be really really low and that is why a
lot of people don’t find success in the beginning stages whenever they’re
testing their products because you have to understand that it’s more than just
you know the product it’s not about if they want or like or they don’t like the
product it’s all about if they actually trust your brand right will they
actually click Add to Cart will they actually initiate the checkout will they
actually put in their credit card info and then will they actually click you
know the the Buy button and actually buy your products right
that’s the whole you know process of all of this it’s not all about you know what
is the product what is the winning product is your product great is it not
good you know it’s all about you know the customers journey and that is what
the beginning stage of the awareness stages and if you can understand how
this customer journey falls into play you’re going to get a lot more cheap
buyers and you’re gonna be getting a lot more cheap traffic to your website and
converting those cheap traffic into purchases a lot faster than somebody
that would randomly cold do cold traffic ads and expect to make sales I’m gonna
go into my ads manager here but this is actually how it goes into place so they
said I got cheap traffic and I retargeted everybody that landed on my
website that’s engaged with my Instagram page and Ira targeted them with an ad
with the exact same product that’s really really simple as well like as you
see as you can see the row as you know this is one of my best performing ad
sets this is actually last 120 days that engaged with my Instagram business so
basically I was posting content on my Instagram page and then I reach targeted
every single person that’s like my post that’s commented on my post as messaged
me on that and even followed my Instagram page right and you can see
that the results speak for itself because I spent about three hundred
dollars and made about $1,000 or so right so those are high-quality warm
traffic and the row as is actually performing you know a lot better than
most of the ads that I put out in the past okay and this is all retargeting
ads as you can see I spent you know I didn’t really spent that much three
hundred dollars to make one thousand now with the best-performing ad which I
should have spent a lot more is my website visitors so these are people
that landed on my website and I retarget every single person that has landed on
my website so I spent about nineteen dollars and then made back about $71 right and the row as is 3.66 which
is great I should have spent a lot more on this specific Adsit
now our cost per click is really good for all ad sets across the board
especially for the best performing ones but what I want to really talk about is
how you can actually get cheap traffic onto your website so that you have the
opportunity to retarget them right because you do have to find a way to get
visitors onto your website which a lot of people struggle with in this day and
age and there’s multi-process on down exactly how to do this so one of you
know brand that does this really well is fashion Nova right there one of the best
you know ecommerce companies out there you know they sell fashion products and
they sell products to make people look good right so basically I have an
Instagram page they have about sixteen point five million followers with 49,000
posts now if you go to any Instagram page in this day and age it is probably
unheard of to have this mini post on your Instagram page that means they they
literally post content you know literally every single hour or so right
I’m sure if i refresh this page there will be a new post right here I posted
about two times by the time I made this video right so let me go into the actual
post and they post about five minutes ago they post about 14 minutes ago one
hour one hour two hours two hours and they’re getting about you know almost
close to thirty thousand fifty five thousand twenty thousand eighteen
thousand per likes on each post and the crazy thing is that like I said in this
you know strategy right here I can retarget every single person that’s
liked this exact post that’s commented on this a post that’s hit the follow
button on this post or even messaged me to you know ask more info about you know
one of my products right so that is the power of retarding ads and this is all
free traffic right there just literally posting content which you guys can do
the execs you can create an Instagram page and
retarget every single person for example let’s say you’re in the fitness industry
you can post you know value-based content like how to get a six pack in
ten different ways or how to you know get bigger arms you can post content
geared towards that to you know provide value to your customers it doesn’t have
to be your products it can just you know provide value to help them and then you
can retarget them since they’ve already seen your brand they’ve they know that
you’re trying to help them in the marketplace and you’re just not you know
just selling products right so another good thing that fashion Nova does that
probably has the most advantage over anybody is you know how many people will
actually tag them how many people actually wear their products and even
celebrities that are tagging these you know these products with fashion over
right now you can see that 23 seconds ago this post this person tagged them on
their Instagram page you can see that this person one day go tag them
September 14th you know 25 minutes ago March 8th one minute ago there’s a lot
of people that are tagging fashion Nova and this only adds to their traffic of
buyers that they can read target and fashion Nova doesn’t really run coal
traffic as all their traffic is literally retargeting as which is going
to be the best traffic to your website and the highest quality buyers for your
website so whenever you you’re testing these products you do have to keep in
mind guys that is 8 it’s a journey it’s a it’s a whole process and if you’re
going out there importing a product on your store you know running an ad to
that product with optimizing for purchases obviously Facebook will try to
go find those purchases but if you don’t have what data on your website it’s
gonna be really hard for Facebook to go find that purchase so you already and
you know a negative situation and then on top of that all those people that
you’re targeting is cold traffic so you do have to understand it’s a whole
journey process so hopefully this video enlighten you guys to try different
types of strategies and fix for your dropshipping store and if
you want a topic that you want me to cover on this channel make sure you
comment down below you know i’ll gladly answer and look at my comments the first
24 hours so make sure if you want a video that you know that’s actually
going to help your business I’m something that you have questions on
make sure you comment down below as well so I will be dropping more videos like
this more in depth videos I mean I will be doing you know more of these split
testing and case studies as well so if you have a case study or something that
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so that you know whenever I drop these videos and I hope you guys have a great
rest or day I will see you guys on the next one

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