Facebook Marketing Plan To Create 5 Figures A Month
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Facebook Marketing Plan To Create 5 Figures A Month

hey hey guys, Chiara Francica here coming to you with your Facebook marketing plan this is the exact plan that I’m going to outline in
this video is what I used daily to make 5 figure months with Facebook I
started using the strategy back in you I have been using this Facebook Marketing Plan since 2015 this exact the strategy now I have also
managed to you know all the leaderboards you know because you know this thing
came up here was in May 2015 and in June she was there in July I actually made 16
came with this exact started you so just starting geez nope in marketing and all
the leaderboards as you can see over here so this was for a time it wasn’t
hard at work getting out the strategy can be used across any type of marketing
sOooo any program you have a couple played in two different programs and
leaderboards for different programs and made five hundred different programs
with his exact strategy right now back in July 2015 ok these leaderboards which
you see me you know dominating right here if the company was a partner at the
time I even managed to hit five k in one day that’s how powerful this is if you
apply when I teach you of course now all my life shoes now I struggled for 40 once before
had my breakthrough and I was I wasn’t leaving the lack of my dreams I had a
miserable pay money to cover all my bills ok that’s how the person and was so you
can imagine me trying to have a dream vacation ok that was just not not
happening and I like I just had to forget you know what not however after
my break through 2015 you know my life changed my mind to the Caribbean I
wasn’t just a normal diet we want to caress Albany receive Martin alright I
want to cut down on you I went to Vegas Francisco to flirt London right this
year I’m heading off to Thailand turkey and other places in mind but one thing
at a time guys this strategy has changed my life
so you watching him about each you can So before applying the Facebook Marketing Plan you want to optimize your Facebook profile ok now the two main things you
want to change your profile picture and your cover photo so why do is what are your comment is
your profile picture very clear image of your face make sure there’s my contacts with the
camera avoid sun glasses because when people can see your eyes you come across
more approachable especially if you’re smiling right now rising smiling I’m
smiling eyes and a smile right corner profile cover photo now before I
traveled I mean I don’t have these exotic pictures of her hotel when I made
use of the fact that I live on an island right now you could live anywhere in the
world and you can you know go to any sort or beautiful locations can be mounted a
late goal mechanism that go to photo is there and uses her cover photo ok you may wanna have like your own
bottle so to speak or just to quote of your own is not necessary but it makes
it look professional I put my life wasn’t designed like her wanted so I
decided to redesign of myself abundant here is something I did
recently and also to my freebie jeebies where people often and they get like
value from a free value alright so that it gives them an opportunity to get on
my list as well and because I have given them rebelling you don’t want to open
future emails which I send them not put your smoke here for more details so when
they click on that too on the side you can read my story and why do you think I
do that I do not something that resonates with me on everyone’s gonna
like my story when the people who do resonate with my journey there wanted to
go on a point to want to get on my list and they’re going to want to add me as a
friend or even hit me up when a message or keep following my journey so this is
a great opportunity for people to get to know you very quickly warmed up to you
right so that no future sales come quicker and that’s why do guys are right
the selected in that this is a race so Next is the Facebook Marketing Plan that I apply daily Facebook and inspirational life
sandwiches now I sooo nice time we don’t have to prioritize you can be a family
person he could be a person who mom and has two kids right so you can take
photos of her kids and used that I know successful marketer doesn’t really used
travel images she’s always using these kids ready right you’re very welcome to
type in my name and very easy to find so you type in DR number to my profile and
get some ideas as my post and see what I post have a look and you know just a
mimic me don’t copy me by mimicry no copy paste I don’t tolerate not think
it’s due to the contrary to my post especially to target my audience so just
take them and writing your own voice ok so you wanna party lifestyle videos
video is very important that you’re providing value okay even if you’re a
newbie you can the tranny videos so easily there’s so much information on the
internet you could go to youtube type in anything like make money from home find some tips and teach them the video
and post them on your timeline and share them with your audience next you want to
be connected with 5,200 people per day know where this very important that
you’re not connected with anyone I actually I’m very picky about the
group’s I pics I use Facebook groups don’t come in and look for those clothes
group groups ok and look for MLM virus people who already part of a network
marketing company least hesitant to join our approach
because they may be struggling in their personal opportunity and they were kind
value and you as a marketer and enjoying in Europe richmond et 5,200 people per day and how do you know each other very
simple just you know and after day not accepted your request you a message
saying you know thanks for accepting my friend request working hard to know just curious what
is it you do or find got you something you both have a mutual interest you know
like to travel just like me you know I agree to be an entrepreneur and be able
to create a lifestyle time freedoms that we can do more with things like travel
just making some guys keep it simple don’t be robotic just imagine you
meeting a friend and I were talking to them only is unchecked real-life don’t
complicate the matter next no prospects are gonna start reaching out to you
asking you know what do you do and your job is to get them to watch a
presentation was awesome hey are you open to checking our presentation of
what it is I do to you know to be creating the life I love and if they’re
open then makes or as you follow up with them so understanding the presentation
and expect them to join know that you want to present the issue and you have
any questions what are you thinking you know you’d be interested in joining in so follow up the money is in the
follow-up alright I don’t follow up words you know many of my leadership
interesting what it is I do I would have never closed sales trust me I wouldn’t
have closed hundreds of sales and made on leaderboards can’t even wanna be fine
up after an initial check on them haha you know also because it’s going to be the easiest way
to to upgrade a person you know them personally to let him know this stuff up
you know you could have been making pirated commissions and you know I just
encourage them to take it a step under no value in this notice is exactly why
do guys didn’t want to claim a free copy of my webinar replay Facebook domination
session going below does video right and you can take you to a page and is gonna
get you to register for your free copy after you watch that you know you
basically want to learn more dick my number one resource for finding me
through the resource and give you a golden nuggets where I find leads that
are willing to spend cash with me ok so not only will you know ok Facebook groups clothes books and
only give you one of a number one number one resource here to Facebook post was
converted from East Coast tree day but I’m gonna show you to deposit for music
they you can use them to create multiple other posts like you so that you can get
you know get your leads converted then I’m going to show you how to follow up
wit prospects of eighty percent of nurses will come from here ok so you
want to watch this weekend to see you know how I feel awkward prosthetic and
you know I’m sure after you must you be more prepared you have message guesswork so to speak
in order to dominate with Facebook so watching my video on Facebook marketing
plan us to give you 25 for action and make sure your webinar replay by
clicking the link below right to understate – Thank you for watching my Facebook Marketing Plan video

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