Facebook Marketing Strategy – Beginner’s Guide To Facebook
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Facebook Marketing Strategy – Beginner’s Guide To Facebook

hi there welcome to the course Facebook
marketing for beginners.In this course Facebook Marketing Strategy you learn how to create campaigns for
promoting your own products or affiliate products on Facebook my name is Jim Bruce and I’m going to
presume the course here today now strictly speaking I’m not an
internet marketer I’m a blues guitarist a professional musician but for the last
ten years I’ve made my living by promoting and selling my guitar lessons
on the internet I have successfully use Google YouTube video marketing are now
Facebook to make living over the last six or seven years during this time I’ve
had to learn the hard way by myself because I couldn’t afford to pay for the
people services in this course I’m going to show you step-by-step exactly how I
prepare I’m run a campaign to sell products on Facebook the method itself
costs nothing just some of your time so it’s perfect for the new beginner after
taking the course you’ll be able to create your own fan page and make it
appealing decide where your audience is the right kind of people who may be
interested in buying your products how to find the right groups and how to join
them which groups to join you will learn how to post two groups in the right way
i’m following the correct etiquette so that your account doesn’t get suspended
or even banned and finally we’ll take a look how you can order made the whole
process all this left you to do is to sign up and join me inside the course
I’ll see you later

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