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40 thoughts on “Facebook Marketing Strategy: How To Get Free Facebook Traffic

  1. This is a super method Greg… I used it myself as few months ago and that's where I made my first warrior plus sale… I used a automated tool to help me with this and it was really good. Will be doing it again.

  2. Plz next time in your video plz add caption I am from india and I am not proper to know english …

    So plz add caption to you video it help me to know me that what you went to say me.

  3. Awesome strategy, thanks. But please next time zoom in to the screen. You could also consider making yourself smaller as you are kinda taking too much screen real estate 🙂

  4. I also find that when you post is important, 👉3 pm-ish during the week days seems to work best…. That's one draw back with personal fb posts vs group fb posts.. 👉You can't schedule with personal fb posts

  5. Thanks Greg for a another brilliant video. Not only I got to learn about FaceBook Marketing but I also learnt a thing or two about FaceBook feature. Would it not be a good idea if you made a video / video series – "FaceBook Made Easy by Greg Kononenko"

  6. A FB post can get massive exposure with that method. But if you send all those messages won't FB start filtering your messages in the spam folder of Messenger?

  7. Please tell me in the same manner that if we send email when marketing email and if someone unsubscribes our email, then give us an idea of ​​what to do in that situation.

  8. Hi Greg.
    Good stuff, thank you for this video.I'm selling on Amazon .What strategy would you use for that.Could strategy that you've share in this video work the same way?How can I run traffic to my website page using Facebook?Any tips will be appreciated .Tha.

  9. not bad, but the part where you set these "Friends" as another group…takes a lot of time, especially if you add many as friends.

  10. The challenge we are having is posting/liking someone with our Group icon/name, not our personal Facebook. Does anyone know how to fix that?

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