Facebook Marketing Tips 12 – How to create a Facebook marketing strategy
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Facebook Marketing Tips 12 – How to create a Facebook marketing strategy

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hey what’s going on what’s going on
going on my friends so let me just create a facebook marketing strategy
just so you know I need you our goal the next goal we need to hit a thousand
subscribers as soon as module so if you’re watching this video please
subscribe subscribe and share this video with your friends I would honestly I
appreciate that we used to have a channel that that band you know and we
lost some momentum in between you know we need some switch in our now business
structure we’re back when I think we’re up to about 200 plus subscribers right
now the goal is to hit a thousand next milestone here so please subscribe and
share with your friends cuz I’m not gonna stop sharing a lot of value here
they’re going to thank you for your firing them here so now with that being
said are creating facebook marketing strategy it is true you’re going to end
up creating a facebook strategy that works for you now before you do that you
need to know the rules you’re breaking so when you create your own little
strategy you’re breaking some rules but people that break rules impact the world
the most there are the people that change the world they’re the people
create not to change the world so there’s nothing wrong with breaking the
rules and creating something new and then finding something that you didn’t
learn from here but I’m able to learn from you but you got the bathroom from
here when you need to know what rules you’re breaking and that’s the whole
purpose of learning how to set up a facebook marketing campaign from scratch
in the first place and it’s what I learn how to do that you can go all the way
inside with the link in the description box then you’ll be able to be a part of
a community I have over eight hours worth of training on how to do that
alright so that’s the first thing I want to share with you when it comes to
creating our Facebook marketing strategy the other thing I want to share with you
is this visual marketing its projects on the best thing that ever I good water
okay because you have to leave watch it to do so much and but again how would
you know what that is if you don’t even learn from Scott wanna share some
numbers here with you in a few minutes you see how I’m cooking campaign if you
already know how to do you go to benefit from it sure but if you don’t then
you know you may get lost a little bit but just understand this if the game of
trading attention and the best place where they bring it down to the number
as you can see the numbers watch part for me was underperforming what’s not
performing and you can eliminate that right alright so so with that being said
let me take you into my campaign I’ve been doing this for weeks now for a
minute there’s a twat edition alright so I’ll coming inside with me and then
please go back and watch the other ones you give to benefit a lot out of it
alright so I’m going to refresh let’s see what’s going on skin what’s going on
I’m actually take a few days and may take a few days break but I’m enjoying
this so much i keep coming back as you can see but i may take a few days break
but as you can see here my number is fluctuating a little bit here my results
of my we thought so when you get to a certain point with the size of your
campaign it seems to almost want to plateau I’ve had this hype over here but
again all you want to do is just keep going okay but because you can see right
here i’m already doing a dollar sorry two cents per lead not bad at all his
way and it’s going to be is going to keep getting better by the way but it
does only two cents for leads I mean yesterday was the dollar 64 cents in the
top seven days from yesterday but not two dollars every two cents but we have
done this is I have essentially I always tell you if you’re generating less than
five dollar per lead you’re printing money if you’re plugging in the right
for now okay for me personally I’ve had great fun ultimate acrobat struggles
with funnel that back funnel dr. Wingfield in fact the most recent funnel
that acted was the seven dollars trial on the front end and it did well for a
while with the webinar you know everybody will tell you what when I
start creating stuff but of course there’s a lot of moving parts and
listening so you need to you know take everything you hear with a grain of salt
the real deal here is to learn these skills when you learn this skill then
you understand how everything is moving together but my last 10 which was for
seven dollars trial did okay could do a lot better so in recent since about the
last and flowers right now were brought on our book back the book is pretty much
a one-time fee you pay for it you don’t have to up sell or buy anything
immediately but you can write but at least you get people moving and get
people soaking in information because you know that as an entrepreneur reading
is a big deal for us reading is one of the ways that people succeed mostly with
that succeeded in entrepreneurship is because they really read really good and
they read a lot right so I had a book that are published back in 2010 and I
just relieved the fourth editions Cornell motley 2 point 0 as you know I
do this primarily for network marketing no marketing professionals and but you
can use the skills of obvious you can advertise anything you want on facebook
at sangam is a real product that serves somebody but for my particular offer
here so the book is available very cheaply at least get people moving to
soaking the concept that we’re sharing and then if they want they can come on
inside into the mastermind but we’re not waiting for that to pour the first
trigger and get people to come in customers when they become customers who
can focus all our energy on those people and help them even achieve more what
they’re learning inside of a book and also we find a way to connect it to our
charity program which is co AFRICOM so every dollar from every book is going
towards that so if you want to go ahead and go all the way inside I take
advantage of that and then become a mastermind member please feel free to do
that but what I said to this point is that the front end offer your funnel and
make all the difference right but you need to learn how to generate traffic no
matter how good a traffic how good the pinellas if you don’t know how to
generate traffic is useless well no matter how good your traffic is if you
don’t have a good one of its almost useless to but I please you know that
you know how to generate traffic and you can find fun about that convert and you
can put your traffic in front of it but they are both important if you want to
be in business for a long time you want to be done in profit every corner you
have and that’s what we have here we also have another point out that you
don’t work for us in the fastest $15,000 program so we’re gonna be tested a lot
of things as time goes on here but we quite a few sales of the book came a
needle in the past 24 hours we’ve turn it on and we’re going to keep
doing it we’re just going to bring fresh blood onto it and get people working
faster but anyway so here’s the key here we we create attention and attention on
Facebook right so looking for people to take us up on our free offer which is a
simple report with a fifth step to make sure you’re done in six seven figure in
the funnel okay so on that’s what it’s about right so if you look here you see
are the rule is this simple if it is doing more than photo op early that turn
it off right if you if it is automatically right if you haven’t
generated any reason it’s already spent two dollars it goes off as well but I
don’t have anything here on that would but I do have something here that’s the
model for all of our lead 50 watts of make cents per lead and that’s my future
look alike so not doing well still i’m going to turn it off and not worry about
look like for now I do have one look alike that really really doing well then
one dollar two cents right now this was the 99 cent yesterday actually know
things for 28 okay well you just wanna have your treasured numbers and you’ll
be good for me is for the if this doesn’t hit photos for lead I’ll never
turn it off and always look at only data within my 30 days because that’s what
the quadrant is resent any more time right so also this bandwidth for this
campaign is 10 at set at five dollars each so it’s penny fifty dollars per day
Amy it’s what i’m doing is i’m building a list the purpose of this ad is to
build a list of people that are very likely going to need my services later
on right i build a list so i can we marketed at least over and over and over
again so it’s almost like you market month but you get to get three marketing
for the right that’s all point of building the lips right so you need to
build a list if you’re doing this if you have a deeper pockets you can test out
some other things but that’s the primary thing you want to do with code traffic
build a list okay so i have this one going up i’m going to find the the next
least performing one it looks like is this two dollar eighty is right here
right everything below that right so this two dollar
eighty eight right here will go off the generative them leaves in the past seven
days alone but if you haven’t broken the rule of four dollars but you know I need
twenty percent of my total campaign to test out new territories so it’s an 8020
rule thing for me ok I take twenty percent lead performing I replace it
with a duplicate or similar to the best to the top twenty percent that make
sense so this two will go up this one is clearly breaking the rule and this one
is there’s nothing else breaking the rule but this one is the least
performing one so our goal here quick turn off okay and then once I turn that
off right I can refresh this page and see what the numbers look like so far
right now because I’m going to be creating two new ads right now there
will be a replicator similar to the best for me one see everything that actually
guys doing well between an average of one dollar sixty cents so the next place
I’m going to go into the my power editor by the way I have ads set up here to
promote our new book right so this as explained ting to people that I’ve seen
my videos visited my website only and the friends of mine 50,000 fan page
that’s where this ad goes to show and as you can see facebook is yet to approve
it will see they approve it or not but I’m going to a different campaign right
we’re going to go into a different campaign all right i’ll click here on
the campaign level right here if you don’t know what all this stuff is you
need to common inside and learn how to do this is we live with the cool stuff
to do so i’m going to select clear 2017 everywhere quick apply so i can just see
everything in that so i’m going to click here alright so now i have 1 2 3 4 5 7 8
okay so this are the acts that I want it right now only eight to add because I
turned off to turn this one off right it’s showing so weird numbers here but I
go by the number that I see on the as you can see all the stuff is showing 48
cents per conversion but it’s tracking too many
best conversion inside eventually I will fix that but the number i show on the
apt manager right here is the more accurate number ok so a showing 1 lead
from from five dollar seventy cents so i’m not going to bother much about it
right so here we go so i’m going to find the but i can still use the numbers here
oh I can go here and look at the ones that’s performing the best well I have
this look alike but look like when I doesn’t want any companion so I’m going
to leave it alone but the next least cut that means the mess highest performing
one to talk tires before anyone is what I’m looking for so we have we have a
dollar for a two cents here which is Mel a looper and one dog 55 pls see if
anything is lower than that okay it looks like is this one ACN is doing well
and melaleuca so i’m going to go here we will pick up melaleuca in my power
editor I’m gonna pick ACN right and I’m literally going to duplicate the
highest-performing talk to duplicate right see how but so that’s how you
bring your costs lower and do an ongoing basis and that’s right just you can do
the same rules in any size of campaign you could be running a thousand dollars
per day and you just want to obey the same moves the top 20% stays you
replicate it and the lowest performing twenty percent you turn them up right
just like your day trading in a stock market if you know if you’ve ever have
any experience and that I have a loop of experience and doing that so as you can
see here I have this melaleuca and eating n right and let’s see here I’m
going to scroll up here right and and please don’t suggest contests in Latin
melaleuca for me in that oxygenic right the issue is here reminds you have quite
a few things I don’t have any of those running right now so I’ll just take the
nest under the blue one I could scroll down and squash scrambling but I don’t
want to do that it doesn’t really matter ok Facebook algorithms is doing a lot of
stuff beyond your own to just keep running stuff and keep
changing out the ad and you’ll be fine I’m going to go to the mess one here
right and I’m going to scroll down and feel good gonna some just suggest
something similar for me so I don’t have at five big money but a few days ago I
had one running hasn’t done well so i’m going to go to the mess available on
this Vemma right the top lock company in metal marketing alright so essentially
we’re targeting is are going to be people following the blue the your
industry people following the companies in your industry and people following
brands in your industry so if you are a real estate investor you will go to real
estate investment stuff and you make sure what you’re offering is something
making solve a problem for that what I’m offering something like I solve a
problem for network marketers okay alright so here we go on so I’m going to
go up to the ad added level right and I have to add the ears and funny enough
today I’m actually gonna use I’m not going to change it we’re going to use
the same add another create should i create new ads or should I not well I’m
thinking and thinking one two three NT i dinnae to do well should have create new
ads 10x you know 10x was doing 10 x results you have a let me let me just
I’m not going to change the ACT today ok I’m going to use the same ads from the
same one this is what the ad look like ok so the ad lib leg so once a
connective recording results but and rolling wanted to party you solve the
problem with the existing network marketers and you’re good to go and then
you cannot track some of them help them solve their problem a percentage of them
we end up in your team because that’s just what needs to happen to that to
change their lives because ninety percent of them are making less than ten
dollars for months ok let’s go here alright so 90th 20 ml Mickey mesna
ten-dollar someone on you know just my last month right here did 14,000 also
and that’s me getting started from scratch by the way show just two months
ago we have to reshuffle things and stuff like that so I know how to do
something a little more than dance and I can show them how to do it and I’m
offering them by giving them something sweet at first right so that’s that as
you can see i’m going to be this for today I haven’t done that I always treat
new ass but sometimes you can do that you can use the same as continuum all
right and we save the changes and and of course facebook needs to review and the
whole nine yard and all that right so but i haven’t had any trouble with them
approaching my ad very quickly right so that’s the spending review right now so
same thing on the other with the show and let me go down here I don’t know if
approved my street suite add to the book for all my existing audience so this war
one market okay so I’d know margarita panel that points to the warm market so
we can get some ads show to those people alright that’s all for now hopefully you
gain a la fonda will talk to you soon right now don’t forget to subscribe
subscribe and if you want to learn how to do this from scratch go all the way
inside through the link inside it’s awesome right available in itunes and youtube com
watch full interview with the link inside of the post and please subscribe
today thanks

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