Facebook’s News Feed is Starting to Explain Itself | Digital Marketing News Today
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Facebook’s News Feed is Starting to Explain Itself | Digital Marketing News Today

Have you ever wondered why you see
certain posts come across your newsfeed on Facebook Instagram things like that
well in this video we’re gonna talk about a new tool that Facebook’s
releasing that actually shows you why you’re seeing the content that you’re
seeing across your newsfeed so stay tuned for today’s digital marketing news
today update all right welcome back and thank you for
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reach okay meaning you won’t have to spend as much to reach more potential
customers so like I mentioned in the beginning Facebook is actually releasing
and rolling out a new feature currently for users to be able to look at why
they’re seeing posts come across their newsfeed so the cool thing is it’ll
actually show you the engagement that you’ve had with a post the popularity of
that post and why they might be showing you that post based on how many other
times you have engaged with that specific author’s posts in the past the
more you engage with a specific person or a page or an author the more likely
Facebook’s gonna show you more of their content because they clearly tell that
you’re interested in whatever it is that that person is posting about obviously
this stems from a lot of the issues that Facebook has been having with privacy
battles and making sure that people feel comfortable and secure on their
platforms so they wanted to be more transparent and showing you guys how
they actually put posts in front of you a lot of people thought they were being
hacked and that’s how advertisers were getting in front of them little did they
know that they’re just being tracked because of a pixel right so this is just
kind of showing people a little bit more why they can still trust Facebook as a
social platform so all you actually have to do to find this new feature is click
the top drop down button in the top right hand corner of the post that
you’re looking at and it’ll show you why am I seeing posts from this user from
this ad or whatever it is that you’re actually viewing from there it’s going
to open up a lot of the different responses or really the information that
Facebook is using to show this post to you and the reasons why they’re showing
this post to you so it’s actually going to show you certain things like how
often you’ve engaged with that specific author it’s also going to show you how
often you interact with that post medium so whether this be a text post or an
image or a video post it will show you you know how often you’re inter
with each different type of post and that’s another reason why they might be
suggesting that style of content to you it’s also going to show the popularity
of this post compared to other posts that might have
a similar topic right so it’s gonna show you exactly why you’re looking at this
information and why Facebook is suggesting it to you oh and PS if you
are one of those sticklers about facebook tracking everything you do
check out this update that we did in the top right hand corner about Facebook
actually – allowing you to remove your location targeting so check that out if
you’re interested finally with this update it allows you
to actually unfollow the person or really mute them if you want or you know
put them on silent for you know a certain amount of days it’s basically
giving you the option to where if they’re getting to be too much and you
just need to take a little break you can do that just from inside that setting as
well but the cool thing is really understanding where the posts are coming
from him why you’re actually seeing it because it’s gonna tell you a little bit
of hell yourself really and how you’re using the platform so that’s it for
today’s digital marketing news today update I hope it is helpful for you but
since you stayed till the end make sure you check out this video in the top
right hand corner and it will show you the 20 different ways that we’ve used to
grow our Facebook reach organically without even having to spend on at thank
you guys for stopping by and I will see you guys on the next digital marketing
news today update until then Cereal Entrepreneur out bye guys ready to start
living the six-figure work wherever be your own boss lifestyle well at Cereal
Entrepreneur Academy we’ll teach you how to use a laptop and internet to start
your own social media and digital marketing agency get started with our
free Facebook Ads training links in the the description below guys see you in the course
Cereal Entrepreneur out

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  1. Well done video, very informative. They have been sending me a lot of "digital marketing" ads lately and I'm not surprised lol

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