FAIL-PROOF Launch? 5 Strategies to Launch Your Product or Business
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FAIL-PROOF Launch? 5 Strategies to Launch Your Product or Business

– So, you’ve been working
hard on this thing, that thing being your
website, your podcast, your blog, your video
channel, your digital product, your ridiculous physical
product, whatever it might be. And you want to make sure as
many as people as possible see it as soon as it becomes available. Here’s the magic formula
to make it all happen. Your thing, plus blank, equals eyeballs. Can you fill in the blank? Is it praying? Is it magic and sparkles? Don’t know? Well, the answer you need is that you need to have a launch strategy. The building of the thing
is actually the beginning. In order for people to find it, you need to tell them about it. But don’t tell them about the restaurant after the doors open, because guess what? You’re going to be left with an empty restaurant and some spoiled food. In this video, I’m gonna
cover five different ways that you can launch your next big thing, including how I was able to get over 100 Amazon reviews for my
new book, Will it Fly?, within two days after it came out. So to start, I’m gonna
share with you, actually, a tool that you can use that’ll help you create the most noise. It’s the number one
crowd speaking platform out there, called Thunderclap. Thunderclap can be
found at, and this is how it works. First, you have to craft a message, and this is a message that you would love to have other people who
are supporting this campaign to share all at the same time. Then you choose a
deadline, that’s the moment where you want all these
messages to go out, and then finally you have
to recruit supporters. These are people who will pledge to say, “Yes, I want to support you on that day” through whatever social
channel they specify. And then on that day, every
one of those people who have supported you will share
that message automatically. It’s not like they have
to be reminded to go and type that thing out onto Twitter, or Facebook, it gets pushed out for them, because they’ve pledged and
connected their account already. Here’s an example from one of my Power-Up Podcasting students. He’s creating a podcast that’s being launched very soon, this is Louie. The podcast is called Online Business FM, and this is his Thunderclap campaign. We can see that 59 out of 100 supporters, its similar to Kickstarter, you want to have a certain goal, and his goal is 100 supporters, we can see the social reach, meaning the combined total
of the people who are connected to those who are
supporting this campaign, and it’s over 130,000 right
now, which is really awesome. And then we can also see
how many days are left, which helps other people be like, “Oh, there’s not much time left, I’m gonna add my support, too.” So I’m actually gonna support Louie right now by connecting to Twitter, and you can see what
it’s like on this end. Now all I have to do is press a button, very easy for me to do on this day, which is January 31st at 5 p.m. Eastern, this message that he wrote will get pushed out to my Twitter followers, and you’re actually gonna
see the numbers add on. I have over 150,000 Twitter followers, so you’re gonna see that actually
included into his numbers. So let’s click and see what happens. Alright, we’ve added 152,000 people, I could also share this and tweet it out, but I’m gonna click away and you’ll see that the social
reach now is over 287,000. So Louie, hey, thanks for being
a star student, good luck. So is where
you go to make that happen. Pretty cool tool to help
you kickstart your launch for whatever it is that you have. Now, there are different price
points for different things, there’s a free version as well. I’m not affiliated with the company, but I just think it’s really cool. Number two, you can also run a contest to help promote your next big thing. A contest is great, because it provides incentive for people to get familiar with that next thing
that you have coming out, but it also provides incentive to share. Now, there’s lots of different
ways you can run contests, now I would recommend making sure that whatever platform you choose
to run it from, or on, you make sure that you follow
the rules and regulations. I’ll put some links below
to popular platforms, such as Facebook, and their
rules for running contests, because there are things
that you can and cannot do, but there are also some
tools that you can use to help you manage these contests, too. One of my favorite tools for giveaways, is a WordPress plugin currently
called KingSumo Giveaways. So, KingSumo’s great, because it makes it really easy to create a contest, especially if you have a
WordPress plugin already. That contest lives just directly from and is hosted on your website, and it’s just super easy to use. So, for example here, I have three that I’ve done in the past, and I’m doing a lot more. You can see this once
here was to celebrate ASKPAT episode 1000, I
gave away a few things, a couple thousand contestants
there, and 4700 entries. Well, what does that mean? Why are there more entries
than there are contestants? Well, the cool thing about KingSumo is it helps you grow your email list for one, but number two, people can
gain more entries by doing more things than just
subscribing to your email list. They can share on Facebook, they can connect to your YouTube account, they can watch one of your videos, they can share on LinkedIn, on Facebook. Those entries add up, so there’s incentive for people to share built
within KingSumo itself. To create new giveaway, all you have to do is
click on Add New here, and then you just follow the steps, so I’m not gonna through
them in detail here, but you enter the giveaway information, you select, you know, if
you want an incentivize, for example, subscribing
to your YouTube channel, and you can set the number of entries that for something much higher, like five here. Prize information, the design,
all those kinds of things, you can just go through it,
it’s really easy to use. Now, the most important thing is, well, what are you gonna give away? Now, I have a few tips
for you related to this. A couple tips for you. Number one, make sure that
what you are giving away is something that you
can, indeed, fulfill. I’ve seen a lot of people give away, and perhaps, promise way too much, especially when it comes
to access to you and time. If you’re gonna give away a brunch, or a lunch, or a weekend with you, please just consider that
before committing to do that, because some of this stuff does take time. Or committing to hundreds
of copies of books, well, logistically, can you handle that? T-shirts, can you handle that? ♪ I don’t think they can handle this ♪ Make sure that you
understand that these prizes, yes, people are gonna win
them, can you fulfill them? That’s the most important thing. Number two, related to
what those prizes are, there’s a number of different
things you can choose, but just make sure you choose something that not only is kinda cool, but also is something that maybe relates to whatever it is that
you’re coming out with. That way, it becomes a prize
that talks and speaks to, and even publicizes, your next big thing. Number three, I want to
share with you a number of different passive
strategies to show people what it is that you’re coming out with, and this is really important, because if you look up on Google how many touchpoints before a sale, you’ll find a number of
different answers ranging from six to eight, seven to
13+, a whole bunch, right? The answer is, well, it’s more than one, so any time you have the opportunity to seed what it is that
you’re coming out with, to let people know about it
ahead of time, the better. This way, when people see it later, it’s not just something
that’s cold out of nowhere, they’re more familiar with it, they are more likely to accept it, or at least be okay with the fact that you’re talking about it, versus if you just came out of nowhere. So, here are a few quick ways
to set up passive touchpoints, or seeds, related to
your upcoming project. First, your email signature. Now, you can set up an automatic email signature in your email client, so that it actually promotes this thing that’s coming up for you. Now, maybe you’ve written
some articles about it, or have done a podcast episode about it, or there’s somewhere on the
web that you can link to, too. You can do it that way, or you can just have a P.S. after your
signature that basically says, “Hey, I’m working on this cool thing, make sure you pay attention, because it’s coming on this
date,” or whenever it is. That way, again, it’s just automated every time you reply to an email, that’s gonna be there, and again, it’s not aggressive,
not in a person’s face, it’s just kind of an afterthought after that conversation
you’ve already had via email. Second, and this is really
popular with authors, is that on the cover art for
their social media accounts, on Twitter, on Facebook,
LinkedIn, wherever, they often put a launch date, and perhaps a picture of their
book that’s coming out later, just to let people know about it. Now again, one of those things that we don’t really think about, but a lot of people may visit your social media profile page, and if you just happen to have this thing mentioned on there, it can be another quick,
easy touchpoint for them. And third and finally, just again, quick and easy, on your website, perhaps in the sidebar
again, passively there, letting people know
just as they scroll down reading other content that you have, a place where they can see that, Oh, you have this thing coming out, you know, get ready for it. Number four: build buzz by
taking people behind the scenes. Now, I remember a couple of years ago when Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Episode VII was coming out. It was still several months away, but I started seeing a lot about it. Now, it was even more that just a trailer, I was seeing a lot of behind the scenes, I was seeing pictures of table-reads, I was seeing, even I went to Disney Land, and there was a 10 minute video of just the production of it, and all that went into
the cast, and the scenes, and it just got me so
excited for the film, of course, so I saw it like 20 times. But, again, it planned ahead, which is what you should do, too. It’s not just with movies, too, it’s with people, and products. For example, Chalene Johnson,
a good friend of mine, who recently came out with the 131 diet, this is something that I know about, even though I don’t follow
her for fitness specifically, I follow her for business advice, she’s coming out with this program, and I knew about it way ahead of time, because she was sharing
results with her beta students, her cooking, and trying new recipes, and sharing information
about what this stuff does, going into the laboratory
and sharing results with the doctors of certain
experiments that she’s running. Super cool, and it made
me trust her even more about this program and
exactly all that entails. So how was Chalene reeling
this information to me? Well, it was behind the scenes through things like Snapchat,
and Instagram Stories. It can be done through vlogs,
and podcasts, and blog posts, again, sharing what’s
happening as it’s being built. You don’t have to wait until it’s done in order to get people excited about it, you need to build buzz, and get
people talking, and excited. And again, if you can get beta students and testers in there beforehand to even share some of their results, even better. The trick is, you want your audience to come with you on this ride, right? To have them feel like
their a part of the process, to give them some insider information that makes them feel
really, really special. This is how you build raving fans, this is how you get people
to share that information, because not everybody’s
collecting it, too, but also, it’s how you get people to support you the moment
your thing comes out. Number five: Build a street
team, or a launch team, to help support you on the
day your thing goes live. Now, this is a little bit different than the thunderclap campaign, which, yes, maybe these people will be, and they’re likely to
be, included in it, too. But this is reserved for the special fans and the people in your audience,
friends, family, followers, who really want to go above and beyond, that support you on the day you go live. So, what does this look like? Well, I was taught, by a
man named Daniel Decker, exactly how to do this. Actually, Daniel and I worked together to create a launch team
for my book Will It Fly? when it out in early 2016. Three to four months ahead of time we created a Facebook group, and we actually sent applications out to people who wanted to support the group, and we collected a couple
hundred people in the group. Now, you don’t need a couple hundred to make a huge, huge dent when you launch, actually, think about it
from a book’s perspective, just having 10 reviews
on the day you go up makes other people who see
that book for the first time feel more comfortable with that purchase, so it can actually help you quite a bit. So we created the Facebook page even before the book was done, and we shared bits and
pieces of the manuscript, and actually gave away the full manuscript at the end once it was done. We showed people different versions of the cover to show them and have them vote on
which one they liked best, and again, making them feel
included in the process. So, we’re actually in the
Facebook group right now, which I haven’t gone to in a long time, and look, this is from 2015, just a few months before
the book came out, and you can see here I
was sharing all different versions of the cover that was created, which looks nothing like the actual cover, but you can see that here
we were collecting feedback, I mean, there was like
hundreds of comments, thinking which one was
better, which one they liked, how they would combine
different ones, and of course, it progressed over time
to something that looked a little bit more like this up here, and even this isn’t the final one, too, because of the way this is all spaced out. But again, over time just
sharing the wins along the way, and making people feel included, giving them parts of the
transcript as it was coming out, and just, again, making
people feel involved, because when people feel involved, well, here’s a little bit of a clip from the trailer that
we created and filmed, which was really fun. And then of course, as the book came out, we were sharing wins, how
far we were in the rankings, and how well the book
was doing, and again, I did nothing more than just
thank them as much as I could, because they were going
above and beyond to help me, and of course, as the
book was going very well, they ended up supporting it
even more, which is really cool, and this is how I was able
to get over 100 reviews after a couple days
when the book came out, which is really awesome. So, yeah. Creative launch team, a street team, because it’s great. Now, Daniel does teach up
step by step how to do this in episode 198 of the Smart
Passive Income Podcast, but there’s one thing I
want to share in particular, a big, common mistake
that most people make when they make these launch teams. – [Daniel Decker] And the same thing with the launch team,
you can’t look at them, you can’t treat them like mercenaries and just continually say, “Hey guys, go do this, go do that.” You’ve got to also engage with them and talk to them and share with them. – So, the big overall
theme with the launch of your next big thing, is to not
just make it all about you. A lot of these tips make sure that you are building communities and
bringing people together, making them feel included,
because that’s how you win. As you’ve heard me maybe
say many times before, your earnings are a byproduct of how well you serve your audience, and when it comes to the
launch of your next big thing, how big it gets depends on how big and how much involvement
you get from your community. So before you go, really quick, I wanna give you an opportunity to share what you’re working on right now, so in the comment section below, tell me the next big thing
that you’re launching, perhaps tell me when if you know, and tell me what out of the box strategy you’re gonna use to make some noise. Really looking forward to learning more about you and what you have going on, share it in the comments below, with when, and what you’re
gonna do to make some noise. Look forward to reading
about it, and good luck. Thanks so much, please
subscribe to this video, if you are watching on YouTube right now, hit the notification
bell so that you can get notifications of new videos
and when they come out, and of course, if you
comment within an hour, my tribe knows this
already, maybe you don’t, but if you comment within an hour after a new video goes live, you are eligible to win a SPI pen, which is really cool, and plus, I just want to help you out, because I got a lot of stuff coming, so make sure you subscribe. Thank you so much, I look forward to reading
your comments below.

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  48. revamp to bring better value. Learning how to better our video quality and picture quality for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. We love your content and our favorite is on writing and the business. Thank you, from the Hartshorns.

  49. Awesome video, thank you… and perfect timing too. Thunder clap looks like and excellent tool ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm officially launching on November 1st [Movember]. It's a mens self development site, focusing on tackling depression and the stigma surrounding it. Cheers

  50. This looks like youโ€™re using the paid WordPress plugin. I ran a free kingsumo contest and generated 2,500 leads!!! Whatโ€™s the value to the paid plugin?

  51. Pat, I'm absolutely falling in love with your content. Been watching your channel for three days straight and am gaining so much value. THANK YOU! Eric

  52. Well done, polished and enthusiastic video. You're good in front of the camera. I'm a filmmaker, we're about to launch a film, project on a motorcycle that will be revealed at the Motorcycle show in Long Beach in November, but looking for creative ways to get people excited. Its the culmination of two person's life dreams and its ready to share. @michaelaccorsi on Insta and Twitter. Project details here Thanks for the tips.

  53. Excellent as usual, Pat! I'm launching a blog for travel agents that book clients to Oahu on January 2, 2019.

  54. Just googled Thunderclap and found out that they, and Daycause shut down their operations in September 2018 due to a change in Facebook policy (thanks guys…). Any other developments that can work around this? It was a brilliant idea.

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