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Feeling Overwhelmed? | clockworkTalent

Hi everyone, it’s Emma again
tomorrow is stress Awareness Day so I wanted to talk about what you do when
you’re feeling overwhelmed. It doesn’t have to be when you’re at work because
our lives are stressful enough anyway without work! What is your number one
thing that you do? I think for me if I’m feeling overwhelmed with anything I
have to really take a step back and then have a look at what I’m at actually
getting stressed about. Is it worth my time getting stressed about it? Can I
control what’s happening? If the answer’s no I try and just take a little
five-minute break step away from it go to the gym go for a walk and do
something completely different or something creative to try and take my
mind off it and then come back to it and revisit. Let me know in the comments
below what you do if you’re feeling overwhelmed in life or at work. Remember to subscribe to our youtube channel because we publish these videos weekly
and they’re on Instagram TV as well so make sure you do, see you next week!

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