Fermilab recruits veterans for VetTech internship program
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Fermilab recruits veterans for VetTech internship program

I think it’s important as a national lab,
and for America, to employ our veterans. So what we do is we recruit military veterans,
and offer them a ten week internship over the summer, and a lot of them are offered
continued job after the internship. This guy at COD, he was posting bulletins-
I saw it and he told me to go apply, so I gave it a shot, and I ended up getting hired. Before I got out, I was really worried about
man, like, my skills aren’t really gonna translate, nobody’s really gonna hire veterans. I had no idea what a neutrino was or anything
like that, so when I first got here, it was just- you know, I was just mindblown, but
it’s been great. In the Navy, I was put in the calibration
shop on board the ship. I think it translated well into working here. Basically, calibrate gauges, test relief valves,
rebuild them, clean them- Working with oscilloscopes and volt meters
and testing circuits and things like that, so it’s a very wide range. It’s been amazing, like I- my knowledge
level from when I first started here to now is grown exponentially. You know, I was a hull technician in the Navy,
so- military personnel have a certain work ethic that you don’t see as much. When you can apply that here, you can get
a lot of things done quickly and efficiently. I was in the Marine Corps from 2007 to 2012. I was an airframes mechanic- it taught me
how important camaraderie is, and like working as a team, and getting to know your teammates,
and actually caring about them. We find that military veterans have a fantastic
work ethic, and they’re very good at thinking on their feet, troubleshooting, all the things
you want in a good technician, and so we actively recruit not just community college students
but all military veterans. I think it’s an amazing opportunity. I’ve been recommending it to some of my
friends, because it opens up a bunch of new doors. My VetTech experience was awesome- I really
like Fermilab. You get exposed to so much. There’s a lot to learn that you definitely
can’t learn from a textbook. The first year we were going up to people
and saying ‘hey, do you want an intern?’. This year, people are coming to us and going,
‘how do I get one of those interns?’. My experience with VetTechs is absolutely
positive. I’d say that’s a go-to place for, you
know, if you want to hire good people- check with the vets. We owe these people a debt of gratitude, and
the least we can do is, you know, use their skills. I feel very passionate about employing veterans. There are people like Fermilab that will take
that chance and really appreciate our service, and like, what we kind of bring to the table. I would just like to tell veterans, like,
there is a place for you, there is a chance for you, keep working hard, and you can end
up somewhere like here with a great opportunity and do something very well for yourself- like,
you can do well for yourself here.

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29 thoughts on “Fermilab recruits veterans for VetTech internship program

  1. So sad they never offered this to Vietnam era veterans, but at that time very few offered us employment. Semper Fi Marine, Happy Birthday this weekend.

  2. Thanks for looking out for us veterans. Most us us can't get a job even with a degree so it is great to know that there are still organizations that support our military men and women . I am going to check out this site right now,and see they or other government organizations are hiring veteran interns so I can get off the streets and back to helping my country.

  3. Excellent!!! Suicide rate is higher than casualty rate. The least we can do . Career and sense of value for our Vets.

  4. There needs to be tens of thousands of more companies who will step up and do this for those of us who have served this great country

  5. i was also a 6092 in the Marine Corps (airframes mechanic), I'm currently studying to be an electrical engineer, and i would like to participate in this internship program!

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