Festival Dag in de Branding presents Saskia Lankhoorn
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Festival Dag in de Branding presents Saskia Lankhoorn

As a musician and as a programmer
there are two things essential for me that I work with living composers
and play only new music. My name is Saskia Lankhoorn and
I am originally from Almere. I studied piano at
the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. From my youth I started experimenting 
with new music, in search of my own sound. The Royal Conservatoire in The Hague
has a fantastic composition department. There I found my
soulmates. Musicians and composers,
all on that same search. I developed a good intuition
for 21st century music. I have spent much thought on
how to communicate it to my audience. Dag in de Branding Festival
opens up possibilities. There is a larger audience
for this music. Curating the festival is
a big opportunity for me. I’ll make it a platform
for today’s music. I aim to connect
with other disciplines. It’s also about contrasts. All editions will have their contrasts,
as in locations or scale. Large venues opposed to living rooms,
a different experience. Let me introduce
my four editions. Between editions, there will
be live music events in living rooms. With 21st century music
in private homes. There will be lectures
ahead of concerts. Composers and performers
will share their love for this music. The first edition is all about the piano,
with many virtuoso performers. The second will see two award ceremonies,
both for composers with The Hague roots. And a 70-year anniversary for the
Johan Wagenaar Stichting. We’re looking ahead again in the third edition
with the new location Electriciteitsfabriek. With an interdisciplinary piece by
Peter Adriaansz, and a piano improviser. The fourth edition will see the
launch of Living Room Music. I hope to push boundaries together
with other festivals, new venues. Boundaries between art and music,
different styles of music. The Hague has a good climate
for contemporary music. What will change is my focus
on 21st century music. What remains are high quality performances
by top performers in fine locations.

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