FFXIV New Player Crafting & Gathering Guide Level 10 to 20 (2018)
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FFXIV New Player Crafting & Gathering Guide Level 10 to 20 (2018)

and we’re back for another episode in
this episode we’re gonna be leveling up our crafters from 10 to 20 on our
gatherers from 10 to 25 and as always hello from me free so some things to do
whenever you’re leveling up make sure that you keep opening your character
menu click on record recommending gear make sure you’re always wearing your
recommended gear especially every time after you do a crafter quest or gavrok
quest because they might give you new items which will upgrade you and if you
have any items which will boost your exp then use them for example I’ve got the
Friendship Circle in which I got from recruit a friend I’ve got the alum e
canned earring which I got from pre-ordering the storm blood expansion
and there’s other things you can do to boost exp gain as well so you can come
to any trade craft supplier in the main seas you’ll find them in the main market
area so for example this is one in gridania you can buy from them these
items I have a mineral waters or milk and so on they’re like four gill each
but what they have on them which is what we’re after is a fact it says exp bonus
plus 3% so what you can do is you can drink them to get your exp bonuses so
let’s have some let’s use some mineral water so you can see here we got free
exp bonus but then what you can do you can drink come again and it will
increase the duration to an hour so you see we went from 39 minutes to an hour
so the only reason that mine is fighting I might as well than 30 minutes is
because right now my free company has got this boost called meat and Mead
which increases the food duration but usually it’s 40 minutes so drink two of
them you’ll have an hour buff now one thing you can do as well you can already
start macro wing some of your crafts you won’t get a hundred percent high
qualities but any macros you can do will make the grind less tedious so two
macros I’ve made one is for 60 durability so for 60 durability I’ve
said in a quiet steady hand to basic touches and then for basic synthesis is
and then I put a steady hand in between after five moves to make sure
that steady hand is always off because steady hand increases the success rate
by 20% what the the difference between weight to weight free in case you’re
wondering why some of them say way to way free is because weight to is used
for self buffs so for example in a choir steady hand increases your power but it
doesn’t do anything to the item where as basic touch basics emphasis actually
affect the items so for example touch will increase the quality symphysis will
increase the progress so that’s the one I’ve done for 60 durability and then the
one I’ve done for 42 ability is a lot less so because it forward you’re really
lap you have less moves so you have in a quiet steady hand to basic touches
basics emphasis now at this point I could macro in for example masters meant
to try and extend it but I feel that the gain versus time investment is not that
high because you might gain a little bit of experience from increasing the
quality a little bit more but you’ll gain way more with the same amount of
time just crafting multiple items now one thing I’ve also done as well a level
18 I switch out basic touch with standard touch because the level 18 is
when you earn it so it doesn’t matter what class every single class gets level
18 now this is a good point you see there the effervescent waters just
popped up so now let’s quickly talk about the gatherers so what I’ve done is
a lot of the items you need you can still get away with buying them from for
example the guild vendors and that will support you most of the way up until
level 20 but as a new player 14 you need to be used to the idea that past level
20 a lot of the items you’re gonna need you’re gonna have to gather them
yourself or buy them from the market board and it’s a lot cheaper
it’s obviously free to gather them yourself than it is to buy them so one
thing I would recommend is is that get used to the gathering log so open up the
gathering log by pressing B on the keyboard and then the items you need you
can search for them so for example I know for example I need hash logs so you
can see here Ash logs I can go it tells me where to go to find them
assuming I’m within the level range to actually gather them myself at every
location you can click on them and it will show you on the map exactly where
you need to go to try and find where the item is now one thing I do recommend is
while you’re leveling up for example because you can see here my mind is
already twenty-five plus my bonus is 24 plus I gathered a huge amount of
freaking out on minor I gathered a lumen when I was level 16 plus and cause
argument sells very very well it will get you a lot of money and at level 21
plus I Gavin has sold a ton of effervescent waters which they sell
really well at least on myself and the servers I play on and the reason why I
effervescent water sell really well is because they’re needed a lot by
high-level crafts so that’s why there is a lot of demand for them now let me
quickly show you how you go about selling items on the market board
they’re based on feedback from my previous video so I might have said for
example sell items one guild cheaper than everyone else but that’s not 100%
accurate so for example right now in this character I’m selling items I’m
selling some effervescent waters and some argument which I mentioned because
I gathered loads of them when I was having miner now the difference is if
you go to here adjust price and then look at the price history you can see
that people for example are selling loads and loads of effervescent waters
and it probably will be in the case on your server people are selling hundreds
you know sects nine nine nine nine nine nine and a nine but one thing that we
can take advantage of is the marketing so for example I’m only selling them as
sacks of ten because sometimes people will go to the market board to be like I
need five effervescent waters I can’t be bothered to gather them myself and so on
but they’ll be like there’s no way I’m gonna buy ninety nine when I only need
five for example so because I’m selling – tax at ten it means I can actually
boost my price up so because I can see no one else is selling small stacks like
the cheapest one is $4.99 I’ve boosted mine all the way
up to 800 girl each and you could see that even with it being so much more
expensive than some of these items people still want to go ahead and buy it
because they can buy my 10 for 8,000 or they can buy 47 for 20,000 so people go
for the cheapest option overall not the cheapest option per I am not always if
they need that support is at night 9 though obviously go for the cheapest one
but if they only need a few they’ll go for whichever the total price is cheaper
so do keep that in mind when you’re listing things for sale take advantage
of putting less on sale and so on and as a result for example doing that selling
are mostly effervescent waters and a lumen and also doing the story up until
level 46 so far in this character I’ve already got nine hundred and seventeen
thousand Gil which is a lot of money to have as a new player that’s for sure
especially because I have even hit level 50 yet so because once you get past
two-three million then you can already start thinking about a small house if
it’s available on your server so do keep that in mind so anyway guys if you have
any comments any feedback please let me know and the main thing is when it comes
to crafting gathering just do it just get on with it
like if you have to put on a movie watch some TV shows on some streaming services
whatever and just grind your way through it it goes by a lot quicker than you
need it to then you’d think but the advantages are huge so for example being
able to repair all of my own gear by just right-click press repair is a
huge advantage compared to having to go to repair vendor and also as well if I
want to make or gather items I can just make a Gavilan myself I don’t have to
write another place to do that for me and if you’ve ever seen my previous
crafting series by the time we get to level 30 35 plus I will show you how to
get 100% high-quality on basically every craft with macros so yeah so that’s
basically it for now we’ll I will keep proceeding with this until I’m about
level 20 with all crafts and 25 plus with the crafters and
gatherers then in the next video in this series we will do twenty to thirty
crafters and then 25 maybe to furry on gatherers so that’s it so anyway guys if
you like this video remember to give it a thumbs up you can watch around the
video there you can watch the latest upload down there or you can click down
here to subscribe I’ll see you in the next video guys bye bye

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18 thoughts on “FFXIV New Player Crafting & Gathering Guide Level 10 to 20 (2018)

  1. Mithrie I look for these daily ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope your streaming is going well this week and does even better next week as I know it is your time to see if this can be a passion you can follow an survive on. Thank you again for your time, compassion, realness,and passion. I will always support the content you do as I am here for the creator as are we most I am sure :).

  2. YAAAAAS! I love it when you do crafting level videos and I am so happy that you are keeping it up to date. Thank you for doing these videos. I really appreciate them all.

  3. Hey mithrie, do you ever feel that this game is way to rotation heavy? I look at crafting ( not to mention ive gotten to level 20 on craft and gather ) and it seems to take it far beyond what it needs to be. I like how intricate it is but at the end of the day i feel like theres just way to much thrown at you, not just crafting rotations, but even combat. I seen a dragoon rotation at max level and wanted to cry. Is it just me or does anyone else feel overwhelmed with the rotations in this game.

  4. Thank you for doing these updated low-level crafting guides! The Macro guidance is wonderful as Iโ€™m just getting started with them.
    I have a question: do you use Grand Company engineering manuals to boost your exp? If so, how do you recommend getting the most out of it? HQ macro of โ€œingotsโ€? Quick synth? Thank you!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  5. Hey mithrie. Could you do a video on what you would do if you were bored with the game but still wanted to play? I've seen a few videos but they all revolve around leveling other classes which is just as boring lol.

  6. Thanks to y our channel, I don't have to be so lost when it comes to crafting! Are you still gonna continue the new player crafting & gathering leveling guide series? Cant seem to find 20-30 ect. Or just keep crafting un-crafted recipes until level 60?

  7. Mithrie, thank you so much so far for all the crafting guides in FF XIV. It was a great help and huge motivation to become an omni-crafter. But as the videos are a bit old-fashioned, du you have any plan, when the next parts will come out?
    I've gt my crafters to lvl 49 already and am struggeling on how to proceed further on gearing them at lvl 50, since the artifician's set isn't that much recommended as far as i heard.
    Do you have any tips?

  8. Im sorry but the thing about the auction house is wrong. If you see a lot of items being listed at max stacks, you dont list smaller stacks at a higher individual price. Because people that value gold will still buy the max stacks cuz they are technically cheaper per unit.

    What you do is list smaller stacks but at a lower individual price, that way the person listing the max stacks will buy yours cuz you are undercutting him.

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