Find Your Passion and Make it Your Career – Niche Marketing Strategy
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Find Your Passion and Make it Your Career – Niche Marketing Strategy

You finally want to start a business but
there is one thing that is holding you back you don’t know what niche to choose and
you heard more than once the advice find a passion build the business around
something that you love and then you do a list of all the things you love and
all your hobbies and it’s never enough well in this video I will teach you how
to find the right niche with my method in five steps
welcome to the Growth Academy Let’s start with the most common advice identify
your passions and your skills I want to start from this point because we all
have plenty of hobbies but which one should you pick the trick is about
choosing something you’re really good at and people are relying on you about this
thing for which of your skills people already ask you for help and would you
do this thing for free in your spare time if you ask yourself these questions
well you will see the things in a different light and you will find the
skill you have that will work for your business let me give you a personal
example for most of my life I’ve been a web designer and people were always
asking me for creating websites creating a logo and everything related to design
but my relationship with web design was always a love-hate relationship I like
to design things but if I have spare time design is not the first thing that
pops into my mind on the other hand I totally love online marketing and
creating online businesses and I loved every single second I spent creating
this business and even with my previous businesses even when I was failing and
nothing was working I was looking for what to start again and to try again and
this is the kind of niche and passion you need to search you have to find
something that you’re really good at you need to find something that you really
like to do even if you’re not paid for doing it or you would do it in your
spare time and you need to find something people already ask you for
help tip number two is find out if there is a market for your niche every online
business needs investment and if your niche is
not profitable and you can’t make money with that
well do you don’t have a business at all so get on Google and search for keywords
that are related to your niche and check the competitors check if there is
competition you know usually we see competition in
the wrong way we think that if there is a lot of competition well the market is
saturated and there is no room for us and instead is the other way around if
there is a lot of competition it means that your niche has a lot of market it’s
profitable it’s marketable I don’t even know if this is an English word but if
there is a lot of competition that’s a good thing just because in the music
industry there are a lot of rock bands it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t
create a new rock band because there is no space no room for you
so the more competition you have the better it is for you because you have a
good margin to become profitable before getting to the third step if you
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video as well tip number three is about finding a problem that you can solve now
that you know that your niche has a market now it’s time to find a problem
or problems that you can solve so God created the web to solve problems and
we’re gonna use the web to find requests from your hypothetical audience the best
way to see which problems your audience already has is to get into Facebook
groups get into all the Facebook groups you may find there are related to your
niche and then scroll the newsfeed and then take note of the most common
questions that are asked in these groups because these are the problems you need
to tackle these are the problems that you can fix with an online course or
with a consultation but if you don’t like Facebook and you hate Zuckerberg
because know that he’s evil if you don’t like
that stuff another way to find questions and problems is to find blogs that are
related to your niche get into those blogs and check the most
popular articles the most popular articles are about the problems that you
may fix tip number four test your ideas even if a question is asked over and
over are people willing to pay to get a solution to that problem the best way to
test your idea is to create a pre-sale page or you can call it coming soon
page or whatever name you want a pre-sale page is a page where you
preview a program that you’re creating if you are creating a program to fix a
problem and you put a form inside this page where people who want to know when
the problem will be live they can opt-in in this form you take this page and you
promote it you promote this page for example in Facebook groups you post this
page there and then you see the reaction you see if people are willing to opt-in
in this page or nobody cares about it and if you have some cash that you want
to invest in it you can even promote the page with Facebook Ads last tip tip
number five is to stay away from shiny objects internet is full of great ideas
that will make you rich overnight okay the majority of them are scams so we
know that but let’s assume that there is a small part of these ideas that they
actually work the problem with shiny objects is that when you start chasing
shiny objects you will never stop why is that the reason is because it’s not a
passion you’re chasing shiny objects you are trying these ideas just because
you’ve want the money not because you are passionate about the idea or the
process here’s a little secret if you’re not passionate about something guess
what it’s gonna happen if after three four five months you don’t get any
result what are you gonna do
you’re gonna give up for sure but if you are passionate about something you will
continue over and over till it will work and this is my my personal example I
failed so many times in the past and every time I got up because I loved what I was
doing not because I was chasing money just
money I loved what I was doing I was passionate about the content and even if
I was failing I was looking forward to start again and try again here you go
you have my five tips to find your niche and again if you like this video and you
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the day reply in the comments to this question what is your niche did you find
it what is it reply in the comment let’s find out what is your niche and for the
rest I’ll see you there in the comments or I’ll see you in the next video
cheers mate

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