Finding an Internship: The Hidden Job Market
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Finding an Internship: The Hidden Job Market

if only twenty to twenty-five percent
of jobs or internships are advertised then where are the rest of them the
answer is there in the hidden job market which you can only get to through
networking and building professional relationships companies advertise jobs
in HuskyCareerLink other job posting boards and on their websites if the job
market is an ocean these jobs are just the surface you can
use a cover letter and resume to apply and hope you get an interview but let’s
go deeper because that’s where the hidden job market is the hidden job
market includes jobs that aren’t posted and can be found through referrals by
networking you can find out about positions that aren’t publicly posted
maybe even positions that aren’t even available yet tap into your personal
network of family friends and co-workers and you can make connections with
organizations you can meet people through volunteering attending
professional events or joining professional associations as a student
to learn more about an industry and network with people familiar with the
types of jobs your seeking requesting informational interviews from an
organization or following companies on social media or LinkedIn gives you the
inside scoop before the rest of the world so dive in and discover the hidden
job market

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