Finding Business Efficiencies
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Finding Business Efficiencies

we are always being asked by clients how can we help them make their businesses more efficient how can we help them create time rather than using all up in their operation and the short answer is in so many ways but it’s important to go to the area which is causing you the most frustration because usually those two factors are linked this example I myself was sick to death of carrying around all of these cards I hate having a thick wallet and I stumbled across a product called curve which is a single card that all of your other cards link to via an app so when you go to spend or take money out or whatever else the app prompts you and ask you which card you want to use now on its own the product is brilliant works very very well but thinking about what more we can gain from that especially with Microsoft flow and teens then the opportunities become really really exciting for instance our Accounts Department although we’re a tech business we still have the same promise everyone else a lot of receipts a lot of invoices coming in that aren’t all automated with the curve card if you were to roll that out for instance connect it with Microsoft flow you could have all of your staff automatically send through those invoices send through those notes the Train receipts anything else straight into flow flow could strip out the attachments presenting a nice orderly table for your Accounts Department to take them off as and when take it a step further you could even have that automatically integrate with your account system so all the Accounts Department need to do is go through tick-tick-tick authorize there are so many of these opportunities available it’s just important not to spend your time in the ways in which you’re gonna gain minimal time back look at the areas of frustration look at the most people being frustrated and often that’s the area to focus on hope you enjoyed this

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