Finding Jobs and Internships with HampLink
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Finding Jobs and Internships with HampLink

Hi Everyone, let’s take a look at HampLink.
HampLink is Hampshire’s own internship and job database, brought to you by the CORC,
Career Options Resource Center. This video will show you how to Access and register your
HampLink account, Search for internships and jobs that match your interests, and set up
HampLink to send you an email whenever there is a new opportunity that matches YOUR customized
specifications. To start out, go to the CORC homepage and
look for the HampLink frog. Click on “Search Jobs and Internships”
and you’re going to log in using your usual Hampshire account. Now we’re on the HampLink homepage, which
is actually a portal to THREE different internship and job databases. The HampLink database,
which you would search using this link, is where you will find positions that were posted
by the staff at the Career Options Resource Center or by employers specifically seeking
to hire Hampshire students. These might be local or national opportunities, or positions
posted by Hampshire alums. So that’s HampLink, but there are two other job and internship
databases that you can access from this page by using these buttons here. We know these
kind of look like advertisements, but these links will actually take you to additional
job and internship databases that we share with other colleges such as Reed, Amherst,
and Mount Holyoke. If you click on either of these buttons, you
will automatically “jump” to those shared databases, where you will find thousands of
opportunities all ever the country. For now, we’re going to start by searching
HampLink so we’ll go back over here and click “Search HampLink for Internships and
Jobs.” If it’s your first time accessing the site,
you’ll have to answer a few registration questions before you can search. This is not
actually the search screen yet. First, choose a few career interests. You can choose up
to ten. The Career Options Resource Center will use your selections to contact you ONLY
if there is an alum coming to campus, or other special event specifically related to the
career interests you list. Once you are finished selecting your interests,
you can enter a school affiliation if you wish, and then just click save and continue. Now scroll to the bottom of the page and you
may need to click the box at the bottom of the privacy statement. You can read the statement
first if you wish. It basically says that we will not share your name or information.
Click save and continue. This is the page where you can upload a resume
into the system, but we’re not going to do that right now, so we’ll click the home
tab to get us back to the HampLink home page. Now registered and can go back to starting
our search, so let’s Click Search HampLink for Internships and Jobs. The next time you
come to HampLink it will take you right to this search screen, the registration steps
we just went through are a one-time thing. You’ll see all the position postings here,
but since there are so many postings, it’s best to narrow your search. Try a keyword
search such as “film” or “museum.” You will see all your internship matches below. If you see something that looks interesting,
you can click the title to get more information about the internship and how to apply. Note
that some internships may have been posted a while ago, but don’t let that deter you!
We intentionally leave internships in the database for up to a year because most of
them are available repeatedly. If you see something interesting but it was posted last
year, for example, don’t hesitate to do some research to see if there is a more recent
posting online, or to get in touch with the internship supervisor via email. Browser back button- bad – use button in
site If you find a position that you would like
to remember, click the star to save it in your favorites. Then you can always find it
by clicking on the MY favorites tab. To try an advanced search just click the link
here. There are two ways to search by interest: “Employer’s area of Focus” , which means
what kind of organization or business it is. Then there’s the and “Internship’s area
of focus.” , which is what kind of work you would be doing. For example, an employer
might be a museum, so their area of focus could be arts, but maybe they are looking
for a marketing assistant, so the internship’s area of focus would be “marketing.” It’s
usually best to do either one or the other but not both at the same time, just so you
don’t narrow down your results too much and miss opportunities. Experiment with different
searches until you find one that works for you. Note that you can select multiple options
by holding down the command or control key as you click the options. Let’s reset this search and try searching
based on location instead, for example maybe we want to find local internships. You would
start by selecting both unpaid internship AND paid internship. Then put in the zip code
and let’s say we want to see listings within 20 miles. Click search, and this will give
you a list of all the local internships in HampLink. Now let’s look at how to save your search,
and also how to get emails sent to you whenever there is a new result. The first step is to do a search for whatever
you’re looking for, it could be just a keyword serach or an advanced search. When you have
your results, Click Save this Search. Give your search a name, and then you can
decide if you want to get email notifications, and if you only want to get emails for new
listings (which you probably do). We recommend setting the email frequency to daily- and
don’t worry, you’re not going to get an email every day. It’s only when new listings
get added in. You can set up as many of these searches as
you want, and it’s very easy to delete them later if you no longer want to receive emails. And just so you can see, here what the emails
look like, you see the listings like this. Let’s go back to the home page for a moment
and take a quick look at the other databases. You can set up saved searches in these as
well. I’m going to click here to just to NIC. You’ll see that the system is almost
identical to HampLink , so you can search the same exact way, save a search and get
emails, everything works the same. You can jump back to HampLink using this link
here, sometimes on these sites using the Back button in your browser will goof things up
so it’s best to use their links when you can. The liberal arts career network works
exactly the same. Last but not least, remember that HampLink
is only one tool. The sounselors at the Career Options Resource Center, which is on the 3rd
floor of the library, are here to help you brainstorm ideas, find opportunities, write
resumes, cover letters, and application essays, and answer your questions related to your
life-path and work in the world. You can make an appointment with a CORC counselor by clicking
this link right here. The CORC staff is looking forward to meeting you! So thanks for watching, and happy searching!

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