Fitness Marketing Strategies | Are You Using The 5X25 Marketing Model?
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Fitness Marketing Strategies | Are You Using The 5X25 Marketing Model?

Hey, I’m Cabel Welcome to this weeks video. Thanks for tuning in. This week I want to talk to you about my 5×25
model for marketing. I think most people these days have forgotten
what marketing is. It seems like people assume that marketing
is putting up a bunch of Facebook ads and sitting there waiting and hoping for customers. And that was a pretty good plan just a few
years ago when Facebook advertising was super simple, super cheap and super effective. But these days its going up, up and up and
becoming more complicated and everybody is fishing in the same pond, making it much more
difficult to catch the fish. So let’s talk about why we need different
channels. You know if you have been marketing on Facebook
for a while, you probably also know what is like to face the disapproval bot or maybe
get your account suspended or shut down or banned or whatever. So the point is that we have to have different
channels to be able to attract different leads. So if one channel fails, the other three or
four channels can still continue to service us and bring us potential new customers otherwise,
we don’t have a business. Also, I mean, marketing is a unified message
across broad fronts we can’t just fish in one pond. We have got to keep reaching not only new
people through different channels of communication but also continue to deliver the same message
sometimes in different ways to the same people. Because let’s talk about what business was
traditionally before we really got dialed in with direct response marketing and the
internet. You know, offline you would meet someone at
an event, you know, then maybe you would run into them again or a client would introduce
them to you or refer them to you but the point is that that relationship had to progress
and we had to meet or indoctrinate them multiple times usually before they made a sale. I don’t think marketing is different today,
just the vehicles which we use to acquire those customers are evolving as we go. So let’s talk about how to use some of my
favorite tools or what are the 5 channels that I prefer. Number 1 I talked a little about last week. So I am going to breeze through it because
you can catch last weeks video on email marketing. How to do it. How to position it. And so on and so forth. But email marketing in my opinion still by
far one of the best marketing channels that you can utilize. Everybody should be building an email list
because it’s your sounding board. It’s your public platform to talk to each
week of highly engaged people that with good content are always willing to open and give
your emails time and attention. I know there are several people that I follow,
I look forward to their stuff and even when I’m not when their email appears in my inbox
I am always going to open it and give it a look. So this is your personal place or easy place. Very inexpensive place. For just a few dollars a month really for
any email marketing platform to be able to talk to people on a regular basis. And when you are sending them consistent content
and then you replace that with an offer you know there is also the law of reciprocity
that makes more people act but there is also that habitual sense that people are just used
to opening your emails so when you send them an offer they are at least going to look at
it. Under this same category if we want to go
a step further and get a little more current, bots like ManyChat so same type of premise
you know using Facebook, landing pages, and optins and messages etc to opt people in,
still to a list where we can send them content and ultimately offers. And of course, the advantage that many people
have been talking about for some time now for ManyChat is that Facebook Messenger still
isn’t clogged up like our email inbox with all kinds of spam and well, flyers and offers. It’s the new mailbox of the 21st Century. You know with all of the junk mail that comes. Facebook messenger still not quite cluttered
up that way so the only open rate in Facebook messenger tends to be higher. But the process is the same. Offer people something of value, opt them
into a list, send them some content, and every once in a while, send them offers and bank
on reciprocity. It shouldn’t be that hard for us to generate
25 leads per month from these 2 types of channels and with very little money spent. If we are spending any money at all its going
to be here using something like a lead magnet that we are giving away. Fitness facilities could simply be a free
week or 3 free sessions or some series of videos that you found on YouTube or created
yourself to teach people something. It really is that easy. Let’s talk about the second one. And we are going to go in no particular order
here. We will cover the biggest one, Facebook last. But let’s talk about offline. You know, these days I find that people are
really pretty lazy when it comes to offline marketing. It doesn’t seem to happen much anymore especially
when you live in a big city. It seems like they are always too busy. But offline is still one of the best methods
because its real relationships, its real people connecting. My whole businesses where built offline, getting
in front of people, and talking to them and teaching them about fitness. From small groups of five to large groups
of 100 or a couple hundred. Just get in front of people and talk to them
about what it is that you do. So speaking engagements. Lunch and learns. I really love to hit up the charitable organizations
I found these were so great. So your diabetes association, your cancer
associations, one of my real favorites in any community was the rotary groups you know
busy entrepreneurs that typically get together once a month for breakfast or lunch meetings
that are always welcoming guest speakers to sort of break the ice and set the stage and
talk about something to very influential people who always landed me a bunch of clients. Likeminded businesses, you know hair stylists,
beauty salons, chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists all have audiences of people
that are great to collaborate and put each other’s clients in front of a room and educate
those clients on how to take better care of themselves. Very congruent with our message and always
going to get your clients. So the next thing that doesn’t seem to get
talked about much these days is internal. You know, if you don’t have ongoing referral
initiatives from time to time to generate most customers from your best customers you
are missing some of the most valuable customers that exist. You know, we always use to a thing called
Buddy Passes that were a simple business card that you know give a friend a workout on us
or bring them to your next workout and we would hand out hundreds of these per month. We would have point based initiatives based
around the buddy passes where for a couple of weeks in a row people bringing their friends
in they would earn points for the buddy passes and we would give away a simple prize you
know things like Vitamixs, or Ninja Blenders or instapots you know and these were always
a way for us to generate a bunch of new prospects that were very similar to our current customers. And we all know in a service based business
that is really is about generating a sense of community so these types of initiatives
are really really important. Another real popular promotion that we did
was called I Nominate…Where for a short period of time we would be willing to give
certain people 2 weeks and even sometimes as much as 3 weeks of our free group training. But the only way that they could access this
is if they were nominated by a current member. Right, so it became like the country club
mentality that it was an honour to be able to give people this stuff. And the same thing again, when these people
ultimately tried the service and then became members then we would go back and reward this
person. So as people we are all motivated selfishly
so where there is a vehicle for selfish reward but I can do something nice for somebody that
I care about I am more likely to be compliant and do it. So you know, not hard to generate 25 leads
from Email Marketing. Not hard to get out in the community once
per week and generate at least 25 leads. You are also going to get massive synergy
in terms of building your brand recognition in your community so I think this one is critically
important and highly underutilized. This is a really good indication of how happy
your community is so even if you cant generate 25, if you can get 10-15 per month I think
this is extremely realistic but I can tell you with the buddy passes its not hard to
get 25 new people, friends, family, whatever to come in and try your facility in a month. Lets talk about another one which of course
is, what am I missing here, Email, Offline, oh yes, okay, this one gets a little bit of
hate sometimes in today’s world but especially if you are a fitness facility that is trying
hard to grow right now I love deal sites like Groupon for Fitness Professionals that are
just trying to scale up and ramp up because this is one of the only places in the world
where will advertise for me, they will pay for the ads for me, they will drive traffic
to the listing for me, they will create the offer, they will service the payment and they
will send me a few bucks on top of that. So yes, its a highly discounted service, no
you are going to make nothing really from Groupon its kind of a pit and switch but the
point is they send you something. I think that’s amazing, but most importantly
they send you a… Okay. Don’t you hate it when your battery goes dead
in the middle of filming? No problem, we are talking about Groupon and
I was about to say they send you a pittance but most importantly they are sending you
an active lead. They do everything and send you a lead. Yep, these people have a bad reputation of
being deal seekers, yep, its totally true so will bounce from facility to facility and
you have no hope of signing them up but the point is, do the math. It only takes a very small percentage of the
leads that Groupon sends you to become long term customers to make this massively financially
successful. Because we make money on the back end, not
the front end. Right, this is about keeping a client long
term. Alright, so Groupon, here are some real things
for you. Visit the site, first off, look at the deals
that are on there make sure your deal is kind of similar to the other ones there if it is
too different it won’t sell. Don’t let Groupon wrap you up into long deals. So ideally, I love them to be 4 weeks or less
and I always like to have 2 offers, longer, shorter. I find when I have 2 offers together it always
makes them sell better. Here is the big one. Depending on the size of your marketplace
so if you are in a major city you want to make sure your offer is selling at least 80
sales per month. In fact, you can set a threshold so whenever
it reaches 80 it shuts down which will sometimes make it sell better because of course it disappears
and it is only available for a limited quantity for month after month. So why 80 sales for me? Because I just know about 35% of them or 40%
of them will activate typically in the first 30 days which gets us that 25 or 30 leads
of people contacting you that will actually step foot in your facility. Groupon, the close rate will be lower than
some of your other lead sources for sure but typically, 30-40% right so even do the math
on that, let’s be conservative, let’s say only 20% of those 80 vouchers shows up. Not only are you going to get 50% of whatever
the voucher is worth, so there is some money, you are going to get 50% of the money to service
approximately 16 people, lets even for worst-case scenario if it was 32 it will still be worth
it from the low dollars you get but that’s not really what we’re talking about. So we have 16 people that we are serving so
within our facility and lets say that only even 25% of those sign up, so 4, so 16 people
come in and only 4 become long term customers you know in many facilities average price
point between $150-$200 that is $600-$800 a month in reoccurring revenue for 4 good
customers you know that’s $7000-$10,000 a year from that one month of Groupons. So like if you don’t think Groupon is worth
it, I think you’re crazy. So, 4 sources so far – 25-25-25-25 Roughly
100 leads a month right there and then, of course, let’s talk about the granddaddy of
them all which is Facebook you know and Facebook when done right can generate probably 100
leads a month on its own. You know in other months it can frustrate
the hell out of you because you know things get disapproved and it gets hard to get your
ads running or people don’t bite on them especially these days there is so much advertising so
it’s getting trickier and trickier to make sure your ads are really responsive and the
cost per lead for Facebook is going way up. But you know people got so spoiled in the
days where we could get leads for $1 or $2 so the idea of paying $15-$20 a lead on Facebook
these days is uncomfortable for people. But as I just showed you like with Groupon
as an example or even if we use Facebook at $25 a lead you know, you spend $25 and maybe
that’s even to give them a free week right and if we can get half of those people to
show up so if we had 10 and 5 show up if you can even close 2 of those you know, using
the same math as before that would be somewhere between $300-$400 a month in ongoing revenue
or a few thousand dollars a year for this person to stay a year. So its like even at paying this high price
which is still very high based on when I am filming this video for a Facebook lead, you
know these things totally pay for themselves so don’t be intimidated by this. But Facebook you know the biggest Granddaddy
of them all we always love to use a premium offer and a low priced offer so we have a
very broad spectrum of the customer base that is going to pay attention to our offers and
you find out some details of that in some of my other videos on this channel or join
my email list and I am going to teach you all of that. All of those things are there. So easily to get 25-50-maybe even 100 leads
per month from Facebook so if you are doing the math we are now talking 150-200 leads
per month in any major city you know you think well maybe my city is too small, we were doing
this non stop in my home town of Red Deer here roughly now about 100,000 people when
I first opened our studios around 75,000 so you don’t need to live in a massive city to
put all of these things to work and make it work this well for you. Going the extra mile, if we were to add a
6 channel and the reason I get to talk about this last is because that this typically would
encompass all of the other channels as we used to market it but using a 6-week challenge. I mean especially for all us in the fitness
industry you know this is a social proof factory. You know, that’s why I love 6 week challenges
in that regard is that people can or if you are old school like me even would prefer 8
or 12 week challenges just the 6 is becoming too popular it’s getting harder to get people
to bite on a longer challenge its a long commitment these days but social proof factory. Right, give these people a goal, yeah, charge
for it. Charge a premium price for your 6 week challenge,
leads will be expensive but when they sign up really take good care of them and you have
strong before and after, tonnes of social proof I love using an Evergreen format of
the 6 week challenge and here is why right, there is all kinds of especially as I am filming
this video this offer is really popular in the marketplace you know for a variety of
reasons but the real reason that I love it is the social proof that we are talking about
if we have it in evergreen where people can start any day of the week, in theory, we get
to a point where 1, 2, or 3 times per week we have people finishing that can give us
credibility and social proof for our business and nothing speaks louder in today’s marketplace. There is nothing you and I can say that would
outperform the words of one of your clients saying how much that helped them. So, guys, I don’t know if you have been following
along this video wasn’t really meant how to teach you how to do it as much too open your
mind that its like stop focusing just on Facebook that is not the way that you are going to
grow a sustainable and scalable business. You have to be active in these other channels. You have to position your resources so that
you can make use of these other channels and not only the leads that you are going to get
but the synergism that is going to develop between these channels is what will carry
your business forward. Alright, I think I have talked about this
enough about the lead channel, its just not that hard to get 100 leads per month, but
if you are still struggling and need help, get on my mailing list, go to my blog, make
sure you subscribe to this channel and even reach out to me directly. I would love to help you grow your business. This is the fun and easy part. Alright, I’m Cabel, I am outta here for this
week, please don’t forget to subscribe and let’s talk again next week.

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