Five Steps to Make a Full Time Income With Affiliate Marketing
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Five Steps to Make a Full Time Income With Affiliate Marketing

five steps to make a full-time income
with affiliate marketing hi my name is Stacey Kennedy and welcome to the
channel if you are looking to make more money online affiliate marketing save
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video we’re gonna talk about the five things that you need to do the five
steps that you need to do to create a full time income using affiliate
marketing so number one affiliate marketing you know you can actually turn
affiliate marketing from a side business into a full-time business a full-time
career so I’m gonna share with you in the next five steps how to do that
number one you want to build your credibility so how do you do that before
buying a product consumers love to look for reviews unbiased sources people who
have experience with the product or the service if someone actually that they
feel that they come across as someone that they can trust and recommends this
product then they’re more willing to buy it if you can build more know like and
trust they’re more likely going to buy it the people that definitely buy
products from people who they don’t trust but you want to make sure that
you’re building some credibility you’ll be able to be able to sell more of that
product when you’re able to do that you want to make sure that you’re not
aggressively promoting it too much but make sure that you’re someone who comes
across that they know what they’re doing right they know they understand the
product they become the product of the product as well number two you want to
choose the right niche if you want to make affiliate marketing a full-time
income a full-time job then choosing the right niche is very essential a good
niche is one that you have some experience in like I said I keep kind of
saying saying the same thing over you want to make sure to be the product of
the product make sure that you know what you’re talking about and people will
will definitely see that you know a lot about the product if you’re creating
content around this product on how people can use it how can you can help
people get from where they’re at to where they want to be using this product
or the service number three you want to make sure you diversify your content
you know we all learn differently so whether it’s doing a video or maybe
writing a blog post or even podcasting you want to make sure that you’re
diversifying your content so that you’re able to reach more people people like to
learn whether it’s reading or visually or even listening on their commute so
you want to make sure you diversify your content becoming omnipresent one of the
things I tell my students all the time is maybe you can even do a livestream
video take that video and repurpose it online you can have it transcribed and
written to a blog post have it have it converted into an audio and make it to a
podcast there you go you’re having content one piece of content being able
to diversify all over the Internet number four you want to make sure that
you choose the right affiliate programs if you want to create stable online
income and make this a full-time job then you want to make sure that you have
a product that has a great foundation that has a reoccurring revenue that’s
the magic key right there is if you’re able to sell a product that you’re
getting payments for on a monthly reoccurring you know basis that almost
helps you create more of a stable income you want to make sure you also promote a
product that has high commissions so a lot of programs if you’re a beginner
like Amazon or some physical products will be a lower Commission but if you’re
promoting a product that has 40% or even higher Commission or if the product is a
higher higher end product then you can make a lot more money as well so you
want to make sure that you have higher commissions have a high high number of
offers that you’re promoting as well as as the company has to have good
marketing support because you don’t want to be the one doing all the
administrative support that’s why you’re in affiliate marketing
the company itself would have to have great support so you want to make sure
you pick the right affiliate program or the right network and last but not least
number five you want to stay innovative the Internet is always changing
and with it sodas affiliate marketing so it’s great to make sure that you are on
top of your game making sure you’re learning the new innovative trends
opportunities out there to be able to get your message out into the world and
making sure that you’re promoting yourself as the credible expert in your
niche and one of the ways that you can do that to stay innovative is check out
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box that you can start learning how to become an affiliate marketer full time
so if you have more questions about how to go full time with your affiliate
marketing business make sure to comment below in the comments and we’ll see you
on the next video

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