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Food Engineering

Politecnico di Milano together with
key companies and sector bodies of food and beverage sector will enrich its master degree portfolio with a new Master of Science
in Food Engineering to contribute to build a new
food industry culture in Italy the graduate in Food Engineering
from the Politecnico di Milano will operate along the entire production
distribution and management chain of the food and beverage industry using his technical and
engineering knowledge students in food engineering
will be trained in a strong interdisciplinary environment achieving a solid engineering
methodological preparation and a wide system vision students will be trained to
manage the main problems foods and beverage industry daily faces the production of packaged food or drink to support the design of
machines for food production the development of technologies
for food processing the management of quality and certification food safety and risk analysis to design sustainable
processes for the food industry including the study of product life and the reduction of energy associated
with production and logistics the graduate will be a professional able to hold qualified positions
in different realities of the food industry supply chain companies operating in food, beverages and enabling technologies for the production distribution and marketing
in the food industry public administrations and regulators
at national and European level public and private research institutions The new Master of Science Degree
in Food Engineering is founded on interdisciplinary and transversal
skills within Politecnico di Milano that will train Food Engineers of the future capable of solving problems
and developing innovation for the entire food supply chain the need of such professional figures comes from the request of the industrial world and this is reflected also in
the organization of the study program courses within the new degree will have the privilege to have
a board of industrial partners that will be traveling companions for the design of a teaching path that will offer relevant opportunities to students at the national and international level they will also support educational activities with seminars, workshops but they will also host visits at their production plants and at their different facilities they will also offer interesting theses opportunities internships as well as scholarships the partners are part of a
Study Program Advisory Board and they are representative
of the different stages of the food supply chain they will therefore represent an important
and a privileged point of view on the current trends and challenges of the food industry This new Master’s Degree course is offered by the School of Industrial
and Information Engineering and is aimed at students
from Management Engineering Chemical Engineering
and Mechanical Engineering but it also addresses other graduate students from other engineering
and non-engineering faculties linked to the disciplines covered by the course such as chemistry
or food technologies for instance the course is aimed at students who like us, and like the companies
that are supporting us in this path want to bet on this new professional figure and be among the first graduates
in Food Engineering at Politecnico di Milano The Food Engineering program is
characterized for being international multi-disciplinary and
a hands-on experience the courses are taught in English the program consists of 4 semesters offering multi-disciplinary courses delivered by professors
from different departments during the first year students will analyze the
context and main trends of the food and beverage sector they will acquire knowledge about the food industry
products and processes they will learn about
operations management cost analysis
logistics and quality management the second year will focus on subject like food safety and microbiology energy optimization
big data analytics and sustainability at the end of the journey students will have the opportunity to engage in an internship experience at one of the companies
of the advisory board

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