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Forever Living Marketingplan animatie NL

The FOREVER marketing plan. A brief explanation so you can draw it by yourself. The plan contains 5 levels. 5 levels with the ability to grow after level 5 We distinguish the following positions: Distributor Assistant Supervisor Supervisor Assistant Manager Manager These are the five positions
of the marketing plan. FOREVER determines, at any time,
at which position you are. They do this by means of CC’s.
This is an internal case credit, a unit of account, And it corresponds to
approximately 10 times a yellow can. That’s 1 Case Credit So.. An internal unit of account with the ratio of 10 cans of aloë vera
per Case Credit. You’ll become Assistant Supervisor when you have converted 2 CC’s. If you have converted 25 CC’s, you become Supervisor. And if you do 75 CC’s, Assistant Manager. 120 CC, and you are Manager. This measurement takes place in two contagious months. In such a way, you determine on which position you are in the marketing plan. There are also discounts. A registered distributor gets immediately 15% off purchase. An Assistant Supervisor gets 30% wholesale discount.. plus 5% bonus paid by FOREVER.. The Supervisor gets also
30% wholesale discount.. but he don’t gets 5%, but
8% bonus, paid by FOREVER. And the Assistant Manager
gets 30% wholesale discount and 13% bonus by FOREVER. And on the level of Manager, you get
30% wholesale discount plus 18% bonus! That’s almost the highest
discount you can get… Now can you have customers which say: “Yes but those higher CC’s”
“are very difficult to obtain on your own”. Than I draw this line.. and show them.. that to the position of Supervisor that you can easily do it on your own. but the higher amounts of CC’s are only obtained by building your team. It is network marketing so you work with a team, and the conversion of your team determinate on which position you are in the marketing plan. So.. a team for the higher amounts of CC’s and alone
to Assistant Supervisor or Supervisor. This is the whole marketing plan
in a nut shell, so you can easily draw it by yourself. Thank you.

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