Free Consultations Are Lame…Do This Instead
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Free Consultations Are Lame…Do This Instead

Hey everybody, Andy Stickle here. Hope you’re having a good day. I wanted to give you a quick
tip for your website that can help improve conversions, improve the number of people that call you, the number of people that fill
out your contact form. On most lawyers websites you’ll see at the top of the page somewhere or somewhere on the page, it says, call today for a free consultation. Well, the problem is, is that everyone, every lawyer in your market is also offering a free consultation. So there’s nothing different there. nd to be totally honest with you, most people kind of associate
consultation with sales. It’s kind of, I’m going to try
to sell you something during this free consultation. It doesn’t have the impact, the desire to impact that you want it to have, which is basically we’re going
to go through your case and tell you all the possible outcomes and figuring out how we’re going to
handle this situation custom for you. So what I’ve been telling clients lately is instead of doing a free consultation, offer a free strategy session, and it’s the exact same thing, you
don’t have to change anything it’s the exact same thing,
but it’s the wording because everyone gets a free consultation with all these other guys. But with you, they’re going to
get a free strategy session. And here’s the other thing. When you put free strategy
session on your website, also put very close to it, during this strategy session, “you will get” and list three things, free benefits of the strategy session. So during the strategy session, you’ll talk to an attorney, not a case worker, and we will let you know all of the possible outcomes of your case. And during the strategy session, we will create a custom personalized plan to however we’re gonna fight your charges or how we’re going to handle your case or how we’re going to get your medical
bills paid for or whatever it is. Basically, if you do the strategy session and then free benefits to them, what they’re actually going to get, list those out below the strategy session. You’ll get a lot more consultations. A lot more people will contact
you because it’s different. It sounds like they’re going to
get something out of it and then you’re actually listing what they’re going to get. and you don’t have to change
the consultation whatsoever. You’re just not calling it
a consultation anymore. So, hopefully that helps you. Let me know if you have tried
this method before. I’m not the first one to ever talk
about a strategy session. I’ve actually been using strategy session
for myself for over a year now. I just don’t think I’ve ever
created a video about it. So let me know what you think about it. Let me know if it works for you and I will talk to you guys soon. Thanks.

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