Free Courses 2020 (जल्दी लूट लो) 🔥  LIMITED TIME – Paid Courses For Free
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Free Courses 2020 (जल्दी लूट लो) 🔥 LIMITED TIME – Paid Courses For Free

Today I will tell about courses which were free before but now have become paid ones Hi guys, my name is Kripesh Adwani If you are looking forward to buying them in the future Firstly, congratulations that you are able to reach in future The current situation as of 25th March So all over the world, the virus is spread There is total lockdown and no one can come out of their houses So there are many universities and online portals and creators Who launched their paid courses but now they have done for free or have put them in discounted prices So this is a good opportunity if you are sitting at home If you want to learn something, you can take the benefit of the free courses So before I move forward and tell you about these free courses I want a promise from you all You will have this video to at least 2 people you know If you don’t want to Like or Comment, its your wish But you will have to share this video to at least 2 friends you know Share this video on your social media, either on WhatsApp or Facebook The information is very valuable If you don’t have any problem with this promise then you can watch these videos So what all categories we are going to talk about I will be telling about courses on Digital Marketing, SEO, Gym, Fitness,Yoga Programming, Leadership, Management Skills and courses on Photography I will be talking about these categories So you will find something of your interest, so please watch this video till the end Before I tell you about these courses, I have previously made a video on Udemy Courses Many Creators who are making videos are releasing Free Courses on it They are giving Free Coupons, so do watch that video, it’s on the “I Button” Let’s move onto main content and find out which are the courses are free So the first course is “The Science of the Well Being” from Yale University The most popular course from this university is this one This course is for increasing happiness and productivity, which is actually required at this moment So I will recommend this course to everyone, I will enrolled in this course This course is not free, but it is the first time in the history that this course is for free So this is a very good course “Machine Learning” by Standford University This is a good course in machine learning If you want to learn machine learning, this is the best course and this is for Free So this is my recommendation to all programming guys If you want to achieve the nest level then you must go for this course Next is “Blockchain Revolution Specialization” If you are interested in blockchain then this course is the one for you, this is also available for Free Next is “Algorithms” , If you are a student learning programming at the moment If you have the knowledge or you are aspiring for companies like Google or Microsoft algorithms are important So the free courses on algorithms have come, these courses are from Princeton University You can enroll in this course for free Both algorithms part 1 and part 2 are for free So these were some picks from CourseEra There are many more courses for free on CourseEra Usually Stanford, Princeton, Harvard are providing their courses for free for the next 1 to 2 months So you can see that they have taken this decision to put their courses for free due to CoronaVirus So I will provide their links in the description Machine learning, Social Psychology Courses on IBM Python, Psychology, Social Media Marketing So there are various courses that are available for free I will provide their links in the description You can check these courses in CourseEra according to your interests and learn from them So, in the same way, you can see IVV League Courses in Class Central These are the courses from Stanford University and Princeton University You can also visit Academic Earth If you want to do a course from a particular university like Princeton University I will go to Princeton, view University page If I want to do a course from Harvard University which is a popular university There are 17 courses from them I will click on a course and view code So by this, you will be able to see their courses It is very interesting and premium information for Free so you must take benefit from it Now I will come onto Marketing, SEO, Digital marketing related courses So they have put their courses for free from Ahrefs Academy All these were paid courses but now they have put it for free When I click on start my courses will begin Likewise, if you want to learn blogging I will click on “Get it for Free” anf my free course will start So you are geting all courses for free in Ahrefs I will provide their links in the description Next is Moz Academy There are courses related to Keyword Research, SEO, Digital Marketing if you are interested you can sign up for their courses They are giving their courses for free We have to use the Coupon Code “wegotthis” We will go into Browse our Course list section Their courses will open Here are different courses available So I am taking Backlink Basics Course which is of $149 I will click on Purchase and Click on Promo Code and type “wegotthis” So I will get 100% OFF and my total cost will be zero So likewise you can use SEO courses Next is the Photography Courses. If you are interested in photography, then this is the best course you will have This course is by Professional photographers of America and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and they have mentioned that times are tough So they have provided their courses for free There are around 1000 and above courses which are for free So you just have to register and access their courses for free So if you are interested in photography and videography then you must take this course, it’s really amazing Next course is “Creative Photography for Social Media” This course is by Anna and Daniel They are the most popular well-known photographers So it is an exclusive course by them There is a problem that this course is in Spanish but it has English Subtitles So if you wanna learn good photography skills for social media So you can join this course for free Here you have to click go to the first unit It is all in Spanish with English Subtitles, but their courses are good Next is “Android App Development” I have talked about this topic in my channel This is a good course which is teaching “Android App Development” for free So you can definitely check out this course, there is a Coupon Code Which I will provide its link in the descrip[tion You can go through my link and click on “Enroll Now”, I will not get any affiliate commission Next is “Gold Gym” Talking about Fitness, Gold Gym is trying to contribute in this scenario So you can access their courses from their App All their Workout Videos, Audios, Mixes and Songs You can access them for free til 31st May You will have to download their app and register Use promo code FIT60″ So you will get all these things fro free till 31st May If you are doing Home Workout then you can definitely check out Next is, if you want to learn Yoga I have found a good free resource on yoga If you are interested in yoga and you want to learn it So you must give it a try, you will find good content There is a youtube channel “Yoga with Adrenie” She teaches yoga for free This was free before but this is a good resource, so I thought of including it There is an App named “Peloton” They are giving a free 90 days workouts sessions This is a workout, fitness, meditation app So if you are interested in workout, you can check this Here you are getting Free 90 days trial They have shifted their 15 days trial to 90 days Next, if you want to learn in Hindi then “Guru Mann Fitness” is a good youtube channel for learning This was free previously and it is free now even, but since this is a good resource so I am including it here If you want to buy Books then there is a website JSTOR.ORG Here you will find Professional and Academic Books for free Here they have mentioned that due to the current situation they are increasing the access for books They have included 25,000 books for free If you are interested in academic books then you may find some good books from here Next is “LinkedIn learning they are also providing their courses for free For which I will provide its link in the description These are related for Management Field If you want to have an overview, if you belong to Management, MBA Field, you can buy these courses Next is “Skill Share” Here you are getting a free 2-month trial If you have not registered on skillshare you can do it and take benefit from it Previously it was for 1 month, now it has extended for 2 months Likewise, if you want to learn a language This is a good time to learn a language You can learn German, French, and Spanish So this is a website and app named “Duolingo” So by this, you can learn a language This was free before, but this is a good resource for learning Likewise, there is an app Hellotalk, by which you can talk to the native language speakers If you want to talk in Mandarin Chinese, you can do this directly by this app Next is “” If you want to learn to code then this is a good Free Learning Website This is a good resource In the same way, there is another website They have written a full article on utilising quarantine time of coronavirus They have provided all learning links. I will provide this page link in the descrip[tion So that if you are interested in learning the code you can check this page There is a Video Mastery Course If you are interested in Video Shooting, or you want to open a youtube channel You can take this course, this is good, to the point information for free If I talk about Softwares that are available for free So the first is Uber Suggest This is an SEO Tool and I recently made a video on how to use the keyword research tool Now the good news is that UberSuggest, Neil Patel has decided that due to coronavirus they will put their software for free So you can use Ubersuggest and do Keyword Research Next is Loom, it is a software by which you can take online classes if you are in learning, teaching field where you are teaching people Whether it is Dance, Workout or Gym or anything you teach You can do this by loom The best part is, it is now available for free So you can use this software in this situation Loom Pro is now free for education You have to go into their website and take the basic plan So, for now, you can use this for free It is good for providing Free Training, Free Classes, which is very Good So Likewise there is meerodrop This is good for file sharing service Previously it was for 5GB but now it has extended to 10GB So if you want to do large file transfers it would be helpful for transferring files while Work from Home Case They provide 90days access and sharing upto 10GB So these are the Softwares, Services, Courses which are good for this period of time If you have liked this video, if you dont want to like or comment on this, its ok but, Share this video with at least 2 people If you know about such courses, you can put them in the description below I will try to frame a Part 2 of this video by combining them Because I think there are more courses and corporates would come up to promote such options for free So that will be very useful to us, so tell me in the comments below And I am thinking to make a second video On Quick Earnings, Methods of Online Earnings If you are interested in that topic, make sure to subscribe to this channel If you liked this video, share this video Subscribe

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