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Free ecommerce training class – that works – J.R. Fisher

free ecommerce training class that works
have you been wanting to start an e-commerce business I mean you see these
people out here making millions of dollars you’re think I could do that I
just don’t know where to start well in this video I’m going to show you
the exact steps you need to go through to start an e-commerce course and be
successful and on top of that I’m gonna give you a $97 ecommerce course at the
very end you can’t lose stay tuned we’re starting right now hey I’m J.R. Fisher I’ve been selling
online since like 2009 long time and I’ve sold millions of dollars in both
digital and physical products I’ve got my branded products on thousands of
websites including Walmart hey on this channel if you’re new to it you’ve got
to subscribe go down there to that subscribe button hit that button down
there then turn on notifications ring the bell so important to do that if you
ring the bell you’ll be part of the VIP family the Fisher family that gets
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sure you did now have you already tried to start an e-commerce business what
kind of results did you get I want to see your comments down below so don’t
forget put your comments in there now let’s jump on top of this and let me
show you how to be really successful with e-commerce now number one is not
gonna be what you think it is because number one most people tell you go get
started and I’m gonna tell you don’t start don’t start don’t start here’s
what you want to do number one find somebody who has already done what you
want to do and see if they’ll teach you okay that’s the first thing I would say
you need to find somebody who’s already been successful somebody who is really
done the things you want to do because what better person to teach you now the
question is how do you vet these people that’s number two number two is staying
power okay so the next thing I say to you is if there’s somebody out there
selling and they’ve been successful online how long have they been
successful now I’ve been doing this since 2009 so I guess we have a little
bit of staying power at this point that’s you know going over ten years at
this point but you want to find something that’s
done it for a while if you find somebody has done it for six months or a year
that’s not really staying power you want somebody who’s actually gone through
some changes in the industry and the market
because sometimes somebody will find a product and it’s a niche product and
they’ll run an ad for it they do really well and they make hundreds of thousands
of dollars or a couple million dollars but it was always because of that one
product and that one little leash and after a while that’s going away because
every product does every product has its ups and downs
even staple items like we sell survival food in some years it’s good some years
it’s not as good and you know the time of year can go up and down so all
products even if it’s a staple item that people always need can wax and wane and
what I do to fill in with that is I do trainings and I do courses and I do
other things so I have more experience in a lot of different areas number three
do they have testimonials okay that’s the next thing I would tell you is what
are people saying about this person and who are these testimonials from okay are
these from experts are these just from people right who are these people that’s
super important to number four is are they well-rounded okay when you’re
selling in e-commerce you don’t just need somebody who’s going to show you
how to do a Shopify store okay and I do have a free e-commerce course below that
you can grab absolutely for it’s a $97 course but you’re gonna need to know how
to do images you’re gonna need to know how to do ads you’re gonna need to know
how to select products you’re gonna need to know how to build sales pages you
need somebody who has expertise in all of these different areas if they’re
gonna teach you because you’re gonna run into these things and you know maybe
it’s mailings maybe you’re gonna email your people right there’s so many
different parts to running an e-commerce store outside of just setting up a
website and putting products on it number five the next thing I would say
is have they promoted both physical and digital products now initially when I
got started I didn’t even know what a digital product was I had no clue but
now I have a lot of digital products and I have physical products cooling what a
digital product is there’s really no cost to it once you’ve done the product
right once you’ve made that product you don’t have to worry about you know
warehousing you don’t have to worry about inventory or any of that but the
reason I tell you you’re gonna need both is because at some point I promise you
you’re gonna want to sell a digital product and if you’re getting
information from somebody who’s never done that before it’s gonna it’s gonna
slow down your income you’re not gonna earn what you could be earning if you
had both physical and digital products even though I know I know you say you’re
not gonna sell them you probably will in the beginning so try to find somebody
who knows about both number six do they offer any free training hmm that’s
interesting right now you’re watching this video right now and it’s absolutely
free and you can go down to the description and you can get one of my
courses absolutely free so why is it so important that you get free stuff from
somebody why is that so important because you gotta test it out you know
is the information they’re gonna give you in the paid stuff any good you’ll
know by listening to their free stuff so you’re listening to a free video I have
right now and you can judge this video is this information gonna help me out so
that way if you want to buy one of my courses you’ll know in advance and I
found the best way to get people to buy my courses is to give them something
free first so they can see it has value number seven do they offer next level
training what do I mean by next level training like do they have some bigger
courses that really get more in depth do they offer coaching are they doing
any live calls now I do all of these things because I know people need them
you know my live coaching calls you can actually go in there if you’re part of
my inner circle and there’s a link below for that but if you’re part of the inner
circle every week I do these training sessions where you can actually submit
your pages you can submit your website you can you know ask me about your
products pricing all this stuff and I do it live so that next level training is
really important when you’re running your boo
because you’re gonna need more help than taking one course if somebody saying hey
you take my course you’re good it’s not true you’re gonna have questions if
nothing else we have helpdesk in all of our courses so you can actually fill out
the little helpdesk ticket on that page and we can answer you so all those
things are super super important next little prank number nine are they on
multiple platforms and this is one thing I see where you know somebody will do
some training but they only do one thing they only do YouTube that’s it youtube’s
only it what happens if YouTube doesn’t do well what happens if you lose your
account on YouTube what happens so you want to make sure you’re a little bit
diversified that we have websites we have YouTube Facebook we have Twitter
don’t use it that much but all of these things are backups we have email lists
because if one of them goes away we have something else we can go to so are they
on multiple platforms number ten the last one this is a big one for they
doing what they teach okay so are they actually running ads if
they’re telling you how to run ads if not why not
okay are they actually making videos on YouTube if they’re telling you how to
make videos on YouTube I’ve seen you know I looked at a couple people not too
long ago because I wanted to get some more training this is going back a
little bit but they did training on YouTube not that wow that’s pretty cool
looks like I got some good training let me go check out their channel and they
didn’t have hardly any subscribers and then that hardly need views and I
thought wow if they’re not doing it then how are they going to teach it now our
e-commerce courses which I told you there’s a free one below there’s a
description there and you can get that 297 out of course we do e-commerce every
single day so I have an e-commerce course right we sell survival food every
single day I sell courses every single day so I do what I teach now which one
of these techniques do you think is the most important now they’re all important
I know that all of these techniques are important and they’ll all help you out
and make money but I want to hear your comments
put your comments below what have you tried you tried any of these things and
if so what was the result don’t forget if you haven’t done it
already subscribe to my channel there’s a big subscribe button down there click
that button and next to it there’s a bell sounds like this if you click that
Bell you want to turn off all notifications so that you are notified
so that you’re part of the Fisher family the VIP group right that actually gets
notified before anybody else and don’t forget grab that course it’s a $97
course just click the link but simple click it and you’ll be able to click in
word thanks so much for listening

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  1. Which one of these techniques do you think is the most important? I know that all of these techniques are important and they'll all help you out and make money but I want to hear your comments. Put your comments below. Also, click here to grab my $97 eCommerce for FREE.

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