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Frequency in Marketing

Hey everyone, Travis Robertson here. It’s
great to be with you again. I want to talk to you today about something that’s really
coming up a lot and that’s this—frequency in marketing. Specifically how much marketing
is too much marketing and what point do we become annoyed, do we become obnoxious and
behind this thinking, behind this question is a fear. The fear is this, everybody is
afraid of being thought of what? As providing spam or being a spammer. You see, the thinking
behind it is well if I’m always asking for something, if I’m always marketing to people,
if I’m always sending out my message, at point are they going to get annoyed with me and
view as a spammer? I don’t know if I’m standing in the way there, but at what point are they
going to view me as a spammer. Nobody wants to be thought of as a spammer. I mean unless
you actually are a professional spammer, nobody wants this especially when we’re in the service
business when we’re about providing value to people and about servicing people. The
last thing we want is to be thought of as a spammer. Behind this thinking is this idea that the
key to being a spammer is this: always asking. You see, when we’re always asking in our marketing,
when our marketing is about us, about asking people to do something for us, we are definitely
at risk of being a spammer. When people ask me that, they go, how much is too much? Well,
what are you sending out? Generally speaking, what they’re sending out, a lot of it asks.
A lot of “Hey, come do business with me.” List your house with me. Come sell your house
with me. Do you want to go on a showing appointment? Do you want to do this? It’s always asking.
It’s not giving anything to anybody. It’s not providing any value. It’s just about me.
When you’re marketing is all about you, yeah, you can market too much and your frequency
becomes a concern because spammers are all about them, not you. That’s the thing is that
when you’re all about you, you can definitely be marketing too much and be thought of as
a spammer. If the key to end up being as spammer is asking,
the way to avoid that is educate. You want to be educating in your marketing. When you’re
educating people, when you’re providing value to your clients or to your prospects, the
reality is that’s valuable and people want that. They want to be educated. They don’t
want to be asked for things all the time, they want to learn things. They want to see
that you’re providing them value, that you’re educating them, that you’re training them
on the process, that you’re helping them and when they you as helpful, they view you as
somebody that they can do business with and the best way to do that is to educate. You see, the reality is this, you can’t market
too much if and a big IF here, IF you provide real value. The key is this real value. Those
are a lot longer to write that I thought it was going to be but when you’re providing
real value, you can’t marketing too much. Think of it this way, a lot of you probably
follow brands or follow companies or follow people who you view as providing value to
your life, maybe it’s on Facebook, maybe it’s in an email, marketing campaign, maybe it’s
something else, but they’re providing value into your life and they’re educating you on
something and you don’t view that as spamming even if you see them Facebook, on Twitter,
on social media, every single day. They’re providing value to you, that’s not marketing
too much. Believe me, that’s marketing, you just don’t recognize it all the time because
you’re getting something out of it. It’s not just I’m asking for something, it’s educating
you on things and then occasionally, asking. You see, if you’re giving, if you’re educating,
if you’re providing value, it’s then acceptable to ask for something in return but only if
you’ve been providing real value through the process. That’s how you handle the frequency
of marketing issue. If you’re afraid of it, ask yourself, am I asking too much of people?
Is my marketing focused on me or is it focused on providing education and value to somebody
else? If it’s around educating and value then the realty is you probably have nothing to
fear. But if you’re asking, maybe check it, maybe rephrase your marketing, maybe look
at what you’re doing, find new ways, bring that value and then occasionally, make the
ask. That’s how you handle the frequency of marketing issue. Have a great week, you guys. I’ll be coming
with you with some more videos coming up soon. I hope you enjoy the video. There’s a subscribe
button I think down on this corner and a like button down over here. Go ahead and click
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Do me a favor, leave a comment below. How do you handle the frequency of marketing issue?
I would to hear from you on how you’re educating your client. What you’re doing to provide
real value, share with the community below. Thanks so much. Have a great week.

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16 thoughts on “Frequency in Marketing

  1. Hi Travis, yes I totally agree. I am definitely gonna concentrate on this a bit more in my marketing!

  2. Thanks Robert, this was very helpful. I'm going to start putting up videos on my facebook today, that I should have been doing all along!

  3. That was helpful Travis. I've been stumped as I just released my Debut Historical Suspense fiction novel, and I've been unsure how to market it. I've given quotes by readers and have mentioned the free sample chapters in my posts on twitter and FB, but maybe there's more I could do. I'd appreciate any tips you have for a fiction author like me?
    thanks, Lorna

  4. Love it! A Q&A w/ your readers, a "lost chapter", or a behind-the-scenes look at your process for writing could all be really interesting. Release an earlier draft or an outline of a chapter so they can see how it evolves. Lots you could do!

  5. I've never tried a Q & A with my readers or some of the deleted scenes…that might be interesting:) Yes an earlier draft of different chapters might intrigue them as well…thanks so much for your ideas !

  6. Thanks, Kurt. I'm always shocked at how good they come out. However, I'm on the hunt for a new camera so I can do some more "advanced" videos. 😉

  7. Great info, right on target….I like the White-Board, it helps me keep focused on your subject

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