Friday Five 015: How to See Your ROI from Digital Marketing
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Friday Five 015: How to See Your ROI from Digital Marketing

welcome to this week's Friday 5:00 it is episode 15 it is July 5th 2019 and I gotta ask have you heard the one about the Liberty Bell because it cracked me up now for all our US audience we hope you had an amazing 4th of July filled with friends family food hopefully some fireworks and and thanks for tuning in today you know whether you might have had a couple too many beers I had a couple too many hotdogs or maybe you're just you know taking a long weekend thanks for tuning in and for those of you that are new the show in the Friday 5:00 we have a digital marketing for nonprofits Facebook group where every single day nonprofit leaders from around the world world join and we ask them what is your biggest nonprofit marketing challenge and once a week we take 5 minutes we answer as many of those challenges and hopefully provide some solutions and advice within a five minute timer so without further ado let's get into this week's content I'm going to go ahead and hit the timer and let's get into it boom ok first challenge here is from Joe from wellness in the school's biggest challenge is converting digital / social presence into donations Joe I took a second I checked out your site and social and a lot is going really well I have to say my gut is you need to really think about your full donor marketing funnel and you know what is the smaller ass in smaller ways you can have people start to invest prior to bigger donations prior to bigger gifts and just getting involved you know really thinking through how can i warm up a supporter into a potential donor and you just got to have compelling donation apps that are tangible and transparent and I'm just a really big advocate of running a sprint you know thinking through a new campaign idea coming up with some like MVP Minimum Viable you know campaign type content and just running it by your current donors and potential donors getting some feedback and then taking it to your market okay next is from Michelle from Alzheimer's Association in Northern California big digital marketing challenges I'm new in the position and the paid ads is still relatively new figuring out which metrics to look at how to make decisions based on those metrics is a challenge the good news Michelle is this is why digital is so beautiful right everything really is measurable when we set our analytics foundation correctly so that's step one making sure you're tracking everything you should be tracking and you really need to think through you know what is the macro goal of our marketing efforts is it donations is it something else and are we fully measuring it you know with certain text stacks certain donation platforms we can track full donation revenue from the donation platform into analytics and then bring that data into Facebook into Google Ads right can you do that if so do it if not like for whatever reason you can only go to you know a PayPal page and all you can track is donation clicks clicks to donate well you want to track as close to the macro goal as possible from there you know you're kind of looting – what KPIs matter to me right so if it is donations thinking through what key performance indicators or KPIs matter for your platform so things like with Facebook Ads it might be your cost per donation transaction we really want to optimize for that for example you know really thinking through what makes sense you can look at other vanity metrics – like click-through rate frequency you know all these things are important when we're trying to ultimately bring that you know first cost per donor down and then again driving this much ROI on an ad spend as possible all right next is from giuliana from the northern Illinois Food Bank Juliana asked our biggest challenges effectively using our ad budget we invest in Adwords and are getting more into Facebook ads but we don't see the direct ROI Juliana I check out the Northern Illinois food banks site and honestly it looks like you know there's a lot going well here I also understand why Google Ads you know just a gut check might be difficult to see immediate ROI but I just have to reiterate right like with Google ads be sure to be using the Google Aggron if you're not it's free spend ten thousand dollars per month in free in kind ads right so we don't got to put up our ad spend our ROI hyegyo's that gets a lot better right so use the a grant as much as possible in the AdWords platform and then from there I would really look at you know with your Facebook and Instagram ads you really should be driving an ROI I think you have the creative you likely have the audience's that we can target within your community and I would anticipate you're seeing two to three X return on adspend year round and upwards of 10x return on adspend during you know your in giving and big campaigns for you that just comes down to strong creative strong you know targeting and then you know to really improve kind of in the slow seasons really focus on your your recurring giving study organizations like charity water those that are doing the best look at the spring look at you know pencils of promise passport and you have the tangible data on what a donation means so think about that as you scale okay one more here is from Shelby from rockfish camp and retreat center biggest user marketing challenge is being very new the role and needing to expand knowledge well self plug here Shelby is I hope this group is valuable to you please post anytime you're looking for help or feedback the community will chime in crowdsource some support I also personally chime in and you know as much as I can and also just study other you know nonprofit marketing resources things like the classy blog the community boost blog hit webinar so all the donation platforms put out great content and at the end of the day you just need to also Google the heck out of things Google is your friend it's the best way to just like have an answer right at your fingertips and just keep crushing it and you'll pick it up faster than you realize alright that is today's show again it is July 5th I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and just keep on rocking

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