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95 thoughts on “From Art Design to Product | How To Make Money With Your Art

  1. Happy Saturday! I've been meaning to make the video for AGES! I wanted to show you a simple way how you can make money with your art by turning your designs into different products! The cool thing is that you don't have to invest a ton of money into a huge inventory upfront! You can test out the waters using print on demand websites to see what works and what doesn't before going all in with specific designs you can sell! I really hope you like this video and find it helpful!

  2. This is really helpful and perfect timing🎉 I wanted to sell some of my things so i can buy christmas gifts for my family and friends!💓 Thank you!🤗

  3. I absolutely love the video, and I have a request, can you do a one direction something, boo? I'd appreciate it of you do xx

  4. Honestly this is very helpful! I am thinking to make money through my art .. I don't know how you know what's going on my mind and what type of videos i need right now!? You are awesome! By the way i sent u an email asking some questions about my art…
    Check it out!❤ ❤ 😊

  5. Thanks for your tips❤
    So i can buy something for my parent, from my art❤
    Also that can make my parent support me more than this day, hehe😁.
    I feel very very thankfully for your tips.
    My muse❤🥰😊

  6. Oh my gosh! I started learning art at university, and I love it so much, but to be honest, I didn't find my art good, I mean, it's not at the level I want yet. The others have better skills I thought, and even when I'm thankful I can learn what I love, I was quite sad a few months ago. But you made me remember, that as an artist, the most important thing is, to have something we want to tell. We have to be patient, of course, because art is a big journey. We have to fight and not give up easily. Thank you so much, Mako, you give us strength and you're so inspiring! I think you're helping so many people! I wish you everything good. Continue doing what you're doing and be succesful with your art and be blessed! ^^

  7. Wow, I love Mako! Her content is just getting better and better! Her videos help so many aspiring artists!
    Love love!

  8. I think that it's a great idea! People love customized stuff (I know I do) and also are ready to pay a lot for the custom made things plus your artwork is also put to a good use and comes into spotlight. So it's a win win situation!

  9. Hello Mako. Thank you so much 💞☺️😘
    This helps so many young talented artist including me.
    I might one day keeps this in mind because in my free time I might want to sell my art!
    Your so wise. Thanks mako for your wonderful content 🥰

  10. OMG Thank you so much for creating this guide!!! I have been looking for ways to create passive income and being an artist, even if it's just in the side for now. I reeeeealllyyyyy appreciate it. Thank you so much for the inspiration 🙂 💚

  11. Woah! That just inspired me SO much! Now I think I really have to try this out, very interesting to know! Thank u so much for giving us so many ideas for what we have to do with our creativity. I don't have words to thank. U r da best mako…I've always been waiting for your videos. Love u ❤

  12. Hiya! I just wanted to know how much profit you make from each piece, so how much Redbubble takes for production costs. Also, have people been interested in buying? I’m scared that people won’t buy my prints if I sell them. Thank you so much, this video was perfect timing for me!

  13. Wooo…such great ideas!!
    I would like to get a video where u draw on tablet!! It would be a great one and also a great experience!!!😉🤩

  14. Dear Mako, happy Saturday!
    Thank you so much for the video here and also for linking the skillshare course of Cat Coquilette. Both, your own video and the courses, is very informative, inspiring and a great help. ♥
    I think this could be a really good way for people that are planning to start selling their art. I may go that way soon.

  15. Makko I’m wanting to learn how to use metallics and shimmers in paintings like reflections and such how you can add small details but not go overboard like I always do. I’m also really wanting to do an aurora borealis watercolour but don’t know how to even begin maybe with a snowscape below something simple but beautiful I’m a complete beginner so please help me if you can. Can’t wait to shop for your art online so cool thanks for the tips your such a kind soul with a heart of gold. Love what you do and everyone else will love it too! Thankyou Makko #makoficationsquad 🤗💙🧡♥️💚💖💜😘💋

  16. makoccino hi Makko, I loved loved loved this it was awesome & amazingly informative(my word of the day mommy says) have you any tips for people who have struggles gripping the thin paint brushes? I’m really struggling I know you said on Instagram to binge watch & create a wall of paintings but I keep messing up so I don’t get shaky hands & then loose my grip, once I forgot to lighten my pencil lines & I keep resting my hand on my painting it’s a steadying thing I do then it all smushes muddy into eachother. Love you and everything you do. Wish you still. Uploaded Thursday too! I go crazy waiting for you & your red hair. Take care. Rachy xxxxxxx 🤗💙🧡♥️💚💖💜😘💋#makoficationsquad

  17. Great ideas! What about when you make an art piece that's too big for a scanner, what would you do? Try to take a high resolution photo with a good camera?

  18. This is such an incredible idea! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! You are so creative and talented! Your art is incredible! I love you so much 💖💕😘

  19. Another amazing video Mako. It really simplifies and explains one of the biggest question in front of any person who is new to art or hasn't sold their art ever like me. Besides the detailed explanation and samples of artwork shown in various phases of video what I liked the most was showing of how artwork really looked on a specific product. I loved the photoshop tip which is really smart and effective way of having more in most optimal way. Last but not the least scanning details shared in video are really good and something which you probably won't find in most videos with such good explanation for them. Keep up the awesome work Mako.

  20. what a nobel work to do!
    one thing is to know/find out interesting thing and use it for yourself.
    the other thing is to share and let others also know.
    a really big thank you dear!

  21. oh my god!!! such beautiful painting and awsome learning techniques i am very happy to join this channel #makofication

  22. Your videos are so interesting mako ! I really love them. You are my inspiration !
    Lots of love from India? Are you an American or an European?

  23. Hi there I did open an account on redbubble and society 6 a couple of years ago but didn't get any sales :< .I even made a video about it as well anyway I think the market is very saturated even did a few promotions nothing still nothing !🙄😴

  24. Hello Mako. This is a very helpful video. I was thinking of trying to sell some of my art. I have some questions though. How can I skan bigger art works, A3 size or bigger? Also can I take a good photo of them instead of skanking? Thank you in advance!

  25. What are the primary shipping countries tho? Would it cost more to order it in Germany (where I live) or the US?

  26. Ich benutze Redbubble zwar nicht als Künstler, aber als Käufer! Ich finde die Idee großartig. Vor allem, wenn man Merch sucht, den nicht jeder hat oder einfach eher "dezent" sein Fandom zeigen möchte. Auch für Geschenke sind solche Seiten einfach genial. Sie sind einfach einzigartig und man unterstützt gleichzeitig Künstler. 🙂

  27. i made a redbubble account so i can sell stickers but i have no idea what to put on my store?? ive had it for about a month and a half and i just cant come up with any ideas that people would like and buy

  28. Redbubble for me is a big red flag.
    There are so many artist scammed by them, people who got banned without valid reasons with Redbubble not paying them and continue selling their products without give them any credit, also avoiding to reply to their requests of explanations and this kind of stuff.

    So, it's ok to do business with this kind of sites, but pleas do your own research before just to be informed and ready in case something very wrong happens. Please, don't trust them without a doubt.

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