From eBay to Amazon: Best Way to Start with $0
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From eBay to Amazon: Best Way to Start with $0

So you guys know Amazon takes a few
thousand bucks at least to get started and a question I get all the time is you
know what are ways to build up that initial capital and a lot of you know my
story was I started out selling on eBay and so I wanted to talk to somebody who
sells on ebay and kind of introduce you guys into a business model that you can
start with basically zero dollars and use this to build up that initial
capital to roll it into business models that are more scalable so I didn’t have
to look very far very far to find Jessica who is my wife and lives here so
yeah I mean it was it kind of worked out pretty conveniently you know so yeah in
this video we’re gonna kind of talk about how to get started with eBay and
build up capital and you know we’ll get into this but she doesn’t even think of
this as a long term like the end-all be-all but it’s a great way to build up
so I definitely think it will interest those of you that need to get that
initial Capitol’s oh and also she has a YouTube channel about a lot of the
videos are about selling on eBay so definitely check that out I will link it
all around this video and everything like that so be sure to check that out
after this one but yeah what is your kind of story of eBay just to bring
people up to speed on your experience um well you started something on eBay he
was trying to convince me to sell on eBay for how many years like eight years
and I like was like yeah whatever I don’t want to do that every day well
because I saw how hard you were working with eBay do a whole bunch of things so
I like that was not the life I wanted but um I met a friend
ya know keep going I like met a friend well she DM to me a long time ago and I
met up with her and she sells full-time her name is Mary I one of my videos went
viral it’s about her life as a full-time eBay seller if you guys want to check
that out on my channel but she’s the one who kind of was like no girl you should
do it like it’s so easy and you know about clothes and brands like you should
just start off with clothing brands that’s what I do she’s a apparel
director so I was like all right so I went to Salvation Army and I was like oh
my god I know these brands you know like I know jeans I know shirts that sell
really well or that are more expensive so I would spend what like ten dollars I
think I spent $10 on the first time I went thrifting and I think I made like
70 bucks like selling that stuff on eBay easy so it’s pretty cheap to start you
don’t mean very much money and Mary and I recommend that we could start even at
home like you don’t have to go very far like how you found me wasn’t very far
you can go through your closet and declutter everything you know be a
random lightbulbs s simple sell like everything sells plants sell salt lamp
sell cats sell like you know literally when you said cats G Bob thank you for
sale honey a bit no she’s not auction but yeah so I honestly didn’t need that
much investment to start with at all like she did yeah yeah I mean Gary Vee
talks about that a lot too you know going to garage sales going to free
stuff on marketplaces Craigslist you can definitely get that first even 50 bucks
if you don’t have that just by selling stuff that you have I guarantee you have
even more than that of stuff in your house and yeah it was that was honestly
like the exact story of ten years of me saying you should sell then Mary got you
immediately so shut up Janet a feel-good finds for finally planting the
entrepreneurial seed in Jessica after many attempts but even after starting
eBay I’m now I I’m only doing me a part-time I don’t
see myself doing it full-time I just think it’s a good way to start and
getting that feeling of making money you know you realize that making money does
feel good and it you want to do more of it so then you try to find other ways to
make more money and stuff so eBay honestly opened that up for me yeah this
is something I’ve talked about for years it’s like making that first dollar
outside of a job is like the biggest proof of concept you could ever have so
I think there’s massive value in literally just selling any item even
once even if it’s not the most scalable thing because something we just talked
about in a video we did on her channel so definitely check that out after this
but how Amazon is much more scalable than eBay but eBay requires this
hands-on type of work but it also requires very little investment and very
little risk whereas Amazon takes all of this risk and ups for it takes a lot of
risk upfront for a lot of potential upside so that’s kind of how they
compare but something I want to get into as you were saying like how you first
gravitated to selling clothes because you were seeing brands that you were
familiar with and I think that’s a really smart place for people to start
on so like just do the things that you know a lot about like we got me and Mary
got a DM the other day that was a lady that is a barber and she sells like
barber stuff and I know nothing about that I’m not gonna go to Salvation Army
and pick that up because I’d be like I don’t even know what this is but she
knows what our good brands what are not good brands or water just like knockoffs
and stuff so like she found her niche or – however you want to say it and so I’d
say like if you know something if you’re really good at doing something or
knowing something like I know a lot about clothing and I would just try that
out yeah a hundred percent agree you know if you are a hobby photographer
then you probably can spot lenses that are under priced it’s like oh I know
what that is and most people don’t for me this was vintage watches this was
iPhones I wasn’t particularly passionate about but I figured out that they were
worth more than people knew they were worth when they were expiring or when
they upgraded or whatever but you know this could really be anything I remember
when I first got into reselling like X boxes were really popular and people
would buy the ones with like the red ring of death and like figure out a way
to fix it or just to resell it even if they were broken they were still
worth something on eBay and people wouldn’t know and they would sell it
really cheap so there’s always an arbitrage where there’s something that
you know about like a hobby or just something you know about that I
guarantee most people don’t and you can kind of use that expertise to find
things that are undervalued that you can flip through more and with that like one
thing with the xbox I would not want to sell Xbox as myself even though I like
used to play a next one it’s like you have to think about the shipping to like
that costs a lot of money and then like trying to go find these Xbox is like
they’re not gonna just come to your front door and Alibaba is not gonna have
an Xbox for you you have to go like out and venture and I think that’s like one
disadvantage of like selling on eBay just say very time-consuming you have to
go get the stuff and then list it measure it take photos and then once
it’s ship do you have to like ship it buying the shipping materials go drop it
off at the post office and then repeat so it all like kind of just takes a long
time so if you’re but you know one thing that I always told about it is
beginner-friendly I would say Amazon’s not very beginner
friendly you have to learn more about like how to start selling on Amazon than
you would with eBay yeah it’s more upfront work it’s more upfront risk but
again it’s for more upside so I think you know getting your feet wet with a
little bit of reselling or selling the things around your house or just making
that first dollar is so important and will set you up for Amazon so much
better and that’s why I think this is like a great stepping stone for people
who want to get started on Amazon but maybe you’re building up that initial
capital or whatever but you know doing this in the meantime is something that
everyone can do to make at least a little bit of cash you know you’re not
gonna you’re most likely not gonna get rich and retire off of this business
model but you can absolutely make some cash doing this for pretty much every
everyone so that camp to what you said like about where to source cuz yeah this
is obviously different than the model that I typically talk about which is
reaching out to manufacturers so like where are where are you and where do you
see other resellers actually sourcing stuff that they can look for profit
sorry now I’m actually big on Facebook marketplace no one has
talked about it but I find some great deals on Facebook marketplace and it’s
all local or you can even go as far as you want like 50 miles or whatever
goodwill any local random thrift shops or boutiques or garage sales are really
big I haven’t gone to them because I don’t wake up early enough but yeah
those are really good places to start five things or you know just start at
home to like maybe you have some like Bowl that you haven’t used in the past
like six years that’s like worth something like some and you can post
that on Facebook marketplace like it’s not just about eBay you can post it
anywhere yeah it can be any of those I’ll add a couple that works for me a
lot when I was focused on reselling and this is interesting because it’s almost
flipping the whole model upside down and for so this is doesn’t exactly apply to
amp to eBay sorry but to reselling is what I would do a lot of with the
vintage watches was I was actually buying those on eBay and then selling
them on forums and sites like or even read it or just places where people were
enthusiasts and were really focused on them so I would find people on eBay
selling you know watches from the 1970s with like an upside-down picture in a
drawer and you you were taking a bit of a gamble on it but I’d be like oh I know
what I’m looking at here and I can buy that and sell it to the enthusiasts
instead of it so it’s literally flipping the whole model on it on its head so
it’s really just a matter of finding like where can you find people that are
desperate to sell things people that don’t really know what they’re selling
people that don’t really care you know people that are well-off just want
convenience you know people will absolutely sell stuff undervalued all
the time just out of convenience so but that’s what eBay is about it’s about
putting in that that raw hustle putting in that work that other people don’t
want to do and that’s where the opportunities are so how about the
actual process of like selling on eBay like what have you learned about kind of
making listings or any shipping tips like what is kind of the process if
you’ve sourced something to actually make those sales and not just be stuck
with a bunch of I’m old inventory in your closet like
how do you make those sales how do you make compelling listings and shipping oh
so like one thing that I do focus on it’s like the title the titles have to
be really good I learned about like sales here because like that does matter
there’s a typo you’re probably not gonna buy from that person photos if they’re
like really blurry or out-of-focus pictures like you’re not gonna buy from
that person so you just start like kind of implementing these things to better
your listening you know and that could be anywhere measurements you know like
if you’re selling pants you have to measure them because you know for women
at least the sizes can vary very different a to can be from one brand
could be very different from a – from another brand so you have to like
measure things so yeah that’s what I’m yeah those skills also really roll into
Amazon because you’re gonna be doing a lot more of that obviously eBay I would
say that matters a little bit less especially cuz you’re just laying items
here and there whereas on Amazon you’re really trying
to refine that one listing or you know handful of listings and optimize the
title the photos but a lot of these core things are ways again to get your feet
wet and to understand ecommerce and to get your foot in the door with shipping
I know that like certain platforms like Poshmark they really encourage you to
buy the glittery type of packaging bags boxes and leaving a really nice note I
do like to do that sometimes well I do that on Poshmark but I’m be Bates not
you don’t have to do that but I know that a lot of sellers do well because
then they send a little thank-you note and they like to hand sign it that or I
guess hand sign at themselves or yeah whatever yeah they handwrite it
themselves and they the person leaves feedback you know feedback matters a lot
in eBay and I’m sure feedback matters a lot on Amazon you know so reviews –
reviews feedback yeah so overall this is how I got started in online business and
it’s all about rolling one little success into the next thing and even
Amazon isn’t the end-all be-all so you know I think it’s a great way to start
it’s the perfect way to again roll it into Amazon in particular just because
there are an overlap of skills and familiarity with selling things online
so I think it’s something anybody should be doing
even if you’re already starting on Amazon you know this can be the cash
flow that keeps you going as you kind of reinvest in the growth and the more
long-term strategies of Amazon because that’s another thing we didn’t even talk
about but the time to ROI on eBay is a lot quicker – we didn’t even mention
that in the other comparison but you know you can make money on ebay really
really quick whereas Amazon you’re you’re talking about you know months
later at best really so yeah definitely check this out let me know in the
comments any questions about eBay that you have for Jessica go check out her
YouTube channel and Instagram as the real Jessica Lopez and any other
thoughts I say everyone needs to try Abby Bay it’s good side money you know I
side cash it’s really nice to have that extra cash so I recommend it to anyone
even cats yeah so definitely do check out her YouTube channel she’s blowing up
and she’s much better at it than me so you know just it’s a better channel just
go over there but um yeah appreciate you guys watching and see you soon

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13 thoughts on “From eBay to Amazon: Best Way to Start with $0

  1. Great job Matt, nice video. Interesting view from your wife's view point. And to start of with a different platform and move on to other platforms.

  2. What are Jessicaโ€™s best and most lucrative clothing brands that she buys? Other products that are
    lucrative in your opinion?

  3. I do eBay in the UK and have done well out of it. I go to carboot sales, which is a field of over 1000 sellers every week selling off their unwanted stuff. it's a fabulous supply chain that always brings up the most weird and wonderful at bargain prices. I check out the selling price of an item on eBay before I strike a deal and rarely go wrong, this really helps me keep the range broad and maximises the opportunity. Ebay is great for the amateur because you can compete if you buy at the right price, sell at the right price and take decent photos. Amazon is another level and seems in my limited Amazon selling experience, way way more competitive and highly professional. You're competing with high level sellers who can invest in professional photos, pay to produce great listings and the margins also seem to be very tight. I want to get back into Amazon but I'm struggling to make the numbers work.

  4. Those rich people always like to brag about their wealth. You know what Iโ€™m talking about… The fresh new toilet paper roll that you placed there on purpose so we could all be jealous of how successful you are. Didnโ€™t expect that from you, Mat ๐Ÿ˜‚

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