Gary Vaynerchuk Summer Intern Fireside Chat | 2016
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Gary Vaynerchuk Summer Intern Fireside Chat | 2016

– [Man] My question is what was the or what is the most
important year in your life? (Gary sighs) (laughter) – I think the most important
year in my life was the first one because I think– – [Man] I’m talking
about in business. – Oh, in business. I would say the first one. I had unbelievable bravado going into my dad’s
liquor store, right? I’d been working in it since I was 14 so
had a lot of experience. I was a completely shit student
and my whole claim was, you know, I’m a shit student but
I’m gonna be more successful than all of you when
I talked to my friends. And so, like, I really talked
a lot a shit and so that first year I just remember
being like obsessed. This really fun to tell you guys ’cause it’s basically
around the same age. I don’t know if you can imagine,
may be you can depending on how you roll, the I ended school I drove from Boston to New Jersey and worked in the
liquor store that night and basically didn’t stop
for seven years but let’s say didn’t stop
in at first year. Genuinely, again at this young
of an age no Jersey Shore, no dating, no hanging out,
no wiffleball, no nothing. 7 AM, liquor store 11 PM leave every day, seven days a week. Sleep on Sunday ’cause
it was a half a day. Right? Like just fucking pot committed
all-in and what happened was at the end of that year the
business went from 3 to 10 million in the first year which
is if any of you come from a family business or it’s not
super hard to understand when you don’t come from a whole,
whole lot that is such a big difference that is such a
“wait a minute,” that is such a “Wait a minute I had to
buy a car at a garage sale, “AJ got a new Lexus.
What the fuck?” It was such a game changer so
it was the first year because I think that a lot
of pent-up bravado. But I’m sure I had, I’m trying
to recall, I’m sure I had, no, I definitely had,
I definitely had my 1% of doubt. Well what if I’m
just full of shit. What if I’m talking too much
shit, like what’s gonna happen? Having that first year under
my belt and having such a crazy success it allowed,
I mean you know, it’s been on since then, right. It has been very difficult to
like believe in myself since. – [Man 2] Alright,
so, would you say– – How are you guys, how
you guys hearing this? Okay? This probably better. You might get some
weird chin action. (laughter) Don’t look.
Go ahead. – [Man 2] Would you say your
upraising and your relationships to your family as a whole
correlates to your relationship to your employees
and how you– – Yeah. I absolutely easily with no hesitation will tell you right now that my mom has a
bigger impact on this culture than anybody besides me. 100%. The way I was parented and
obviously the DNA that I think I took from her, yes and very weirdly and,
you know, I would tell you that I saw my dad do a lot of things
I don’t believe in. You know, as a
Soviet businessman. I was mad at him as a kid, now
I understand it much better. When you grow up and you guys
are all about the age my dad was when he came to America so
you’ve lived your whole life, if you go move now to a
communist country or somewhere that’s very different
than America, everything that you’ve been
taught here comes with you. In Russia, it was communism which meant everything
was the black market. Which meant at every business in
Russia people stole, every one. Every business in the country
since it was owned by the country for people to survive, everything was done
on the black market. So if you worked at a food
store, you stole from the back room and then you sold that shit
on the black market and that’s just how the whole country
worked so my dad really looked at his employees as his enemies. He didn’t trust them at all. And it created a
very negative culture. As a 14, 15-year-old kid
working my dad’s liquor store, they hated my dad which
they took out on me. I wasn’t super tough. It sucked and so I saw the things
I didn’t want and then I had my own natural DNA
and then I had the way I was parented so I would say yes, it
is, no question, the foundation. – [Woman] Hi.
– Hey. – [Woman] So obviously you have
to be pretty ballsy to run a business like this,
you’re not very risk adverse. How do you evaluate what risks
are worth the reward or do you just kind of jump
in with both feet? – I jump in with both feet once
I make a binary decision that it’s worth the risk. And basically my judgment on
everything we do including this fuckin’ rent is scary as shit. You know, so even
stuff like that. Basically, I think about
doomsday. I basically can afford if this company goes to dead
zero from $100 million revenue that we’re gonna do this
year to dead zero I can afford personally to pay off the
10 year rent of this place. So I basically make every
risk based on if everything goes terrible, does it kill me? As long as the answer is no then I’ll do it if
I think it’s interesting. Basically, I take it right to
deathblow but I will never bet and a lot of people
do that on deathblow. Lot of people make bets that if they don’t play
out they’re dead. I do not do that. That’s my immigrant in me like
I won’t let bad happen but I go right to the edge of that and
as things get bigger they become bigger bets so you’re
right I’m super, I’m only comfortable in risk. I’m uncomfortable in the
alternative and so right up to death. And death being,
in the sense, out of business. I’m very comfortable if
VaynerMedia has to go back to six people. I prefer not, that would
feel weird and bad but I’m comfortable. I deserve it means
I fucked up a lot in a row. – [Woman 2] You talked about
that one person (inaudible), how do you approach that? – The truth is I think I
might’ve fabricated that 1% of doubt as, I don’t if you heard
of the trying to remember if that was there, I basically deal with
doubt by not doing anything that I have doubt in and
only doing things that I have complete confidence in. I’m a little bit
countercultural to this. I think you shouldn’t
work on your shortcomings. I’m serious. I think you’re far better
off putting all your energy in accentuating your strengths
then spending your time on your shortcomings and so the reason
I feel confident is ’cause you’ve never seen me read in
public because boy would I feel, don’t even read at
Passover fuckin’ dinner. I don’t even like reading my
daughter now really knows how to read and I’m like (groans). I’m not gonna
read to her anymore. Let’s make up stories, Misha. Like, I’m such a poor reader,
I’m being dead serious right now but then I can speak in front
25,000 people like I did last week like cake. Right? To answer your question, I think
for me to give you the real answer, for me I level it up and
just eliminate things that bring doubt into my world and just
don’t do them and only spend more time doing the
things that I’m good at. That might’ve worked out for me. There may be some hard-core things like
confidence in itself. This doesn’t map for everybody
but that’s my real answer like I mean there’s a lot of
things I know I can’t do or I would have doubt in,
I just don’t do them. And that might sound weird
but like it’s just the truth. I don’t know.
I don’t know. I just don’t think
there’s that much time. I really don’t want to use it
on things that I can’t solve. We have way too many
things are hardwired into us. It’s kinda how I think about
minorities and sexism in the market like you can sit here,
there’s minorities in here, there are females in here,
there’s people that came from bad family situations. You can sit here and list
everything that is bad about why you don’t have as easy as
the white boys in here. The problem is
nobody gives a fuck. The market doesn’t care. In the same way
it will reward you, it doesn’t care
where you came from. If you’ve got the best product, if you’re the best at it
it will reward you. It’s the thing I’m
most proud of here. It’s why people win
here like I don’t care. I even, we even
higher Patriot fans. (laughter) You know, so like that’s
something I would really. (laughter) That’s probably the one
prejudice thing of Vayner. So, you know, I think
of doubt that way too. Dwelling on how you wish it was or being aspirational to this nirvana of a perfect world is about as big a
waste of time as it gets. I’d rather just look
at what it is and go. – [Man 3] So at the all hand
meeting, you emphasized speed. – Speed. – [Man 3] My question to you
is actually piggybacking off of what James mentioned at his
fireside chat about controlled speed and chaotic speed.
– Yeah. – [Man 3] What’s your take on
making sure that VaynerMedia continues at a controlled speed
and how can you apply that to us making sure that our careers
in the future we maintain controlled speed
not chaotic speed? – Well, I mean I have no way of
really controlling that for you other than inspiring the debate
within your head if you thought about, if you never thought
about controlled speed and chaotic speed before you leave
this experience with like, “Oh, that’s something,” and you may recognize it in
the wild one day, right? As far as how I think about it,
I think that much like culture or meritocracy or
anything in life, it depends on
the judge and jury. I can promise you that the
Mendoza line difference of what I think is controlled and
chaotic speed and what James thinks is control and chaotic speed are very
different definitions. Just like what you may think is
pretty or cool or relevant is different than other
people in this thing. So I think it’s about
understanding yourself. I’m way more comfortable going
chaotic than James is and I think it’s super in control. It’s why I’ve had businesses
that have been successful. You know? I mean I love when I bring in
people like James or even the way AJ looked at the world or
other people they’re like, “No, no, no,” I’m like,
“No, no, you don’t understand, “I’ve done this.” I do this. Like how do you
think we got here? Because if you go
too controlled speed we’re still 49 people
doing 6 million. So how do I define it?
The results. – [Woman 3] You talked a little
bit online about what you think a political candidate should
succeed in today’s world. Can you elaborate a little bit
on that and would you ever take on a political
candidate as a client? – I wouldn’t take on a political
candidate as a client right now because I don’t think the
maturity of this company is in the right place to do that. I think it would be a lot
of conversation and a lot of emotion and a lot of debate
in this company if we did. I just don’t think
that’s the right thing to do. As far as what I think they
should do, I think they should attention arbitrage just
like the VaynerMedia does. Like everything is based
on that, nothing else. Where is the most
underpriced attention and I would try to get that. And so it comes in a
lot of different forms. For example if I was running for
President United States right now I would spent all my time
in the battleground states and I would try to scale one-on-one. I would literally be in Ohio right now
knocking on every door. And maybe I’d have DRock
following me around to make the content that I need to spread
for the rest of the world but I would be there one-on-one because that’s where
I need to win. Got it? So I think it’s doing
hand-to-hand dirty combat, getting dirt under your
fingernails where it matters and then using content collection
along the way as distribution. So whatever I told Anne-Marie in
Dayton, Ohio might’ve been smart and cool or clever or quotable,
take that clip and deploy it across the entire country.
Got it? But be in Dayton, Ohio but be in Florida because
that’s gonna be it. Ruth. – [Ruth] Where do
you think (inaudible)? – Where do I think this
company’s gonna be in 20 years? – Ruth, I’ve no fucking idea. (laughter) – [Ruth] What are your dreams? – You know, Ruth, I don’t really
dream about stuff like that to be very frank with you. I don’t know if I ever thought
about, you know, I took over the company really
day-to-day five years ago. We’re 30 people and I don’t know
if I, I didn’t think five years ago I’m like,
“Ooh, in five years we’re gonna “be 700 people in this.” I don’t, I really just think
about buying the New York Jets professionally and then I don’t think about
anything else in-between. I just kind of execute and I feel like if I execute,
it will work itself out. You know? But I will tell you on
a more strategic level. I knew that I wanted to build
the best marketing machine in the world whether that meant
because I wanted to have it for myself to sell stuff, to if one
day I do want a political person in place, I can do that. I knew, I’ve built
this for myself. Like the reason I know
VaynerMedia doesn’t sell is because nobody is to pay, for me to jump
off of having this for myself is not at number that any sane person would pay
for this company. Right? – [Emily] You mean doesn’t sell.
– Right. – What do you mean doesn’t sell? – Well like why won’t
I sell VaynerMedia? Right. Like the reason I won’t sell is
’cause I want it for myself and if I sell it then
I’m not in control. Now, if your an old school
wrestling fan like I am the Million Dollar Man used to say everybody’s got a
price and he’s right. If Viacom wants to walk
in and pay me $5 billion for VaynerMedia right now, I’m
fuckin’ selling but I wouldn’t sell Vayner for a billion today and it’s on paper
worth 350, right? So like nobody’s gonna pay what
I want to give up the dream of having it for myself. And so when I think in
long-term, I just want it. When I look, you know
what I think about, Ruth? You know actually what I thought
about when I walked here. I said, “I wonder if the CEO of “VaynerMedia is sitting in
this meeting today.” I think about who’s gonna run this when I decide to use
it for something else. If I go and buy K Swiss sneakers because I think I can compete with Under Armour and Nike because we
do our thing better than anybody else that means I’m gonna be the
CEO of K Swiss, who’s gonna be the CEO and the management team
of this company so I think more now about who and when then like anything else. Hey. – [Woman 4] So I’m on
the animation team, (inaudible) – Yep. – [Woman 4] (inaudible) for
ad work, where do you see VaynerMedia in five
years in terms of different in order to compete with
all the agencies out there? Are we going to
be doing more VR stuff? Or where? – Guys, I figured I’ll
start repeating the question. I realize I’m not setting you
up for success so how we are we gonna differentiate
in five years? Are we gonna do VR stuff? How are we gonna be different? I think the reason we’ll always
be special, especially if I’m really controlling it, and by
the way I don’t know if I’m gonna be CEO for 15 years, 3,
19 as long as I’m the CEO we’re gonna win because I’m really good at buying
underpriced attention. Right, so like the way we’re
gonna differentiate is the way we differentiate today which is
we just fundamentally understand the current state of
marketing better than others. And so that’s it. That’s the easiest question for
me the answer because I don’t know anything other, of course
VR, of course AR, of course the thing that Karen in Tulsa,
Oklahoma, you know is right now inventing that’s can be
important in three years. Yes, because I only
want to break us. The only job I have every day is
to wake up and put this company out of business by us being the
ones that put ourselves out of business versus letting
somebody out there do it for us. Got it? So we’ll only innovate. You guys heard all hands-on. The only thing I can
promise is change. You don’t like change get the
fuck out because this is not gonna be a good place for you
because it’s the only norm. And just so you know at scale,
big companies, hundred people, 10 million in
revenue that gets hard. People don’t like change. You’re on the little bit of the
younger side but even your own DNA may not like change. Change is what most people hate. Definitely after certain period
in your life, mid 30s, hate and even 50% of this young crea
hate ’cause it’s hardwired. Change is hard. – [Man 5] So I’m in a similar
situation you were like 20 years ago. My dad owns
a hardware store– – Yep. – (inaudible) what are your
tips on improving it and also what platform should we
be using (inaudible)? – Question is he’s in
a similar spot as me. His dad’s got a hardware
store, he wants to blow it up. What general advice? So I’m gonna give you a
very interesting answer. The first you have
to do is get religious and mental buy-in from your dad. It doesn’t matter what the
tactics are. Shopify, Micmac, you know, NFC technology, multiple locations, JVs, influencer marketing none of
that shit matters if you don’t have the room to do it. So let me ask you, do you think you’re gonna
have the room to do it? – [Man 5] Yeah.
Dad is super open. – Great so then, then I think sure. And what I mean by
that is you’re here, you’re paying attention. I’m not gonna tell you
anything that’s super crazy. If you’re not on e-com you
gotta make that investment. It’s gotta be Shopify, it’s got
to be Amazon services, eBay my biggest advice
to you is to build the brand. Hardware stores are
not differentiated. Is it in New York or New Jersey? You know, as you know like
so many people go to hardware stores here
completely based on location. It’s completely
convenience based. What you need to do and this is
what I did in my dad’s store, I remember thinking
in retail everybody says, “Location, location, location,”
right? And I remember thinking that’s
the only thing I care about breaking and I think if you have
that religious mentality that the one thing you don’t want
to be at the mercy of is the location of the store then you
start thinking about selling to people through online. Then you start thinking about
becoming a destination people want to go to. Why? Is your brooms and screws
and drills so much better? Absolutely not so the
fuck are you gonna create? So you have to crate
that differentiation? – [Man 5] Thank you, man.
– You got it. – [Man 6] Do you think
soccer leagues overseas– – One more time. – [Man 6] Soccer
leagues, soccer teams– – Soccer leagues.
– [Man 6] they have– – Brands on the jerseys. – [Man 6] there’s been
talks about the NFL– – Not talks, the
NBA is doing it. – [Man 6] Right. So what do you think will happen
with them bringing brands and bringing sponsors on to jerseys
in the four major sports? – All– – [Man 6] If you somehow owned
or was the manager for the NFL, NHL, NBA what would you want
to do with that opportunity? – So I think it’s inevitable
that all four sports, you have to understand,
sports is business. The NBA’s gonna do this, we’re
not gonna freak out that there’s a Pepsi logo on
the Bulls jersey. We don’t give a fuck. The leagues will realize that. The next day they’ll all do it
and that’s going to be a big business for them because I can
tell you one thing I don’t want our clients to do:
buy signage in stadiums. Because it’s overpriced. Because when I was a kid you
go to a stadium and during stoppage of play you looked
around because you have anything else to fuckin’ do and you
saw the Pepsi sign, oh Pepsi. Now you grab your phone and
you don’t look around and they’re just overpriced. Signage is shit in stadium. It’s one of the most overpriced
products in the world and the brands are getting pissed and
they want, you’re going to have to look at the players so
I think everybody will do it. – [Man 6] How
about (inaudible)– – Yep. – [Man 6] (inaudible) on
a jersey would be more like– – 100%. Remember I only trade attention. I can promise you as much as you
look at the table as much as you the one thing you’re always looking at is
the fuckin’ player. Yeah I think they’re gonna be
pimped out head to toe with every fucking logo you know.
(laughter) – [Man 6] Thanks.
– You got it. – [Man 7] (inaudible)
last year of school. – Yeah, sorry. (laughter) I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I hated school, you may
love it plus it’s so fun. It’s so easy and you’re
gonna hookup, have fun. (laughter) – [Man 7] I mean it’s probably
the last chance to get to learn any skill that you think you’d
need to learn without having to go and do that on your own and a
chance for someone to teach you. So in this industry what skill
do you think we should make sure we come in before graduation? – You mean on the side or in the
classroom at your university? – [Man 7] In your classroom.
– None. – [Man 7] So on the side?
– It is my 100% belief– (laughter) you know I think
the question is what you we learn in our last year if
it’s our last year since we’re getting paid to learn or I think
you’re paying them, oh, you’re paying to learn?
Yeah, okay. (laughter) Yeah, man I got to tell
you like the whole college business model is the most
fascinating so, you know, and that’s the point, right, you’re
literally paying and I genuinely believe in marketing there’s
not a school right now teaching anything that’s right. They’re just not. How many of you are
in marketing classes? What is it look like? Right. So like fuck me. Anyway, I think the best thing
you should do, to be very frank with you, bro, honestly I think
you’re about to start the part of your life where you’re gonna learn where it matters
on the field, right? I may throw you guys for a loop
on this one, I actually think you should just enjoy the living
shit out of this last year. I’m not kidding like, you know,
if you’re me well then you be selling shit and starting a
business on the side anyway but if you’re not like dying to do, I wouldn’t’ve gone to
a fuckin’ internship. I was broken like, I could
only do it my way, you know? Like I barely even went
into my dad’s liquor store. I was making $3000 a weekend selling baseball cards
when I was 14. I was good. I think that my intuition is if
you even have this internship, right, that the real answer
is fucking don’t fail I guess ’cause maybe your parents would be upset but then like,
I don’t know. And if you want to learn,
I think you’ll learn more, the truth is unless you start
your own business which will take a lot of time which I’m
trying to debate is that valuable to you in last year
when you should probably milk this ridiculous year that
you’re living which many may think is the greatest
single year of your life. Right? Other than that you’re gonna
learn more in the first hundred days of your job coming out then
there so to me it’s us back to betting on strengths and
weaknesses though the value exchange here feels like
fuck it, just you know. Yeah, you’re into that? Sounds like a good strat. – [Man 8] How would you suggest
an intern, a low level employee, you or someone above you
(inaudible) without being an asshole about it? – First, to make sure that you
always deploy a lot of humility because nobody wants to, because you might be wrong and if you’re
wrong you’re fucked. Because if you’re the intern
that said to my face this is garbage and you’re
wrong, that’s bad. Now if you’re right,
it’s phenomenal so I, even if you really closely pay
attention to my public content, I’m really good at giving you
honey before I give you vinegar. So my answer is to hedge it. Like, “Hey Mark Evans, “I think your, you’re the best and “I really don’t know. “I weirdly for some reason feel “compelled to tell you
your idea is shit.” Right? I think you have to hedge it. Because you have to
really be sure you’re right. Plus the other thing, my man,
that you really need to pay attention to David
is it’s subjective. So one of the biggest problems
is you may have something that’s an opinion and then you’re
telling somebody above you that they’re wrong, there’s no way to
prove if it’s wrong or right and they’re just going to impose
their seniority on you and it’s gonna suck shit. That’s why the battles I fight
are, you can prove them out. You know? I also think you should go home
and try to figure out why that matters so much here because
I think it’s actually a very interesting question that has
both good and bad in it and you should break it down. We need to jam on that. – [Molly] I know earlier
this summer you made a video
about internships,– – I did. It did really well. – [Molly] but last summer
I read an article that you– – Uh oh. – [Molly] yeah, I don’t want to
misquote you but the jist was, “The intern program is bullshit “and you should
be emailing someone, “getting in touch with them–”
– Yes! – [Molly] and it would be
more useful in shadowing them. – I’m a big believer in that. – [Molly] But my thing
was I was frustrated– – Frustrated?
– [Molly] Yeah. – ‘Kay. – [Molly] Obviously,
it’s really hard. When you really admire someone
and really came to you and your email signature says,
“Basically I’m really busy.” – Yeah, go fuck yourself.
Go ahead. (laughter) – [Molly] I guess my question
is like if there’s (inaudible) that’s very high up. – Molly, what do you want
to do when you grow up? Do you know yet? It’s okay if you don’t,
I’m just curious. Do you? – [Molly] I think I want to work
in this space but I’m not sure. – So to me like if you when
I hear that somebody wants to be the next Puff Daddy or the next
me or the next whatever anybody wants to be, whatever, whatever
you want to be, at whatever level, right, I genuinely
believe that you should spend all your time to try to go get an internship to be as
close to that person as. If anybody here actually want
to be the next me, I think that they should have tried to be
the intern on my team versus an intern at VaynerMedia,
I believe that. I genuinely believe the closer
you can get to the sun of what you want to be, the
more likely you’ll learn. – [Molly] My question is
like how do you do that? – By relentless fuckin’ pursuit. – [Molly] Even if
your email says, “Don’t talk to me for a year.”
– Especially. (laughter) I mean that. It’s just the audacity to
find the right balance, it’s really
actually interesting. It’s not super different than
David’s question in some ways how do you find the right
cadence and balance to be aggressive without
being fucking annoying? There’s people to try to reach
me every day, lots of them, some of them immediately through the
first three attempts go in to I will never fuckin’ interact
with this person ever because it’s coming from a bad place. I get to be the judge and the
jury of that’s what it tastes like and other people win and
eventually get their at-bats. There’s a kid I met today for
five minutes like some these people tried for 15 times to
get like, to me it’s like if you want it so bad. First of all, there may be
34 people that look like you want to be. Right? So, you know, there may be 11
hip hop business mogul people and you can go right down the
line and try to hit up Bird Man and P Diddy 50
times each, right? I think it’s worth
that, Mol, honestly. I think it’s worth it. You have to understand the upside’s greater than
the downside. To me,– – [Molly] How do you
say (inaudible)– – How do you make
yourself stand out? – [Molly] How do you– – You need to
understand that person. So you fuckin’ really try
to figure out who they are. One of things I would do is
follow them heavily on social and figure out what, there’s a
lot of ways to break through. For example, everybody thinks
the best way to get a hold of me is to write in the
email subject, “I am gonna help you
buy the New York Jets”, “I’ve got an idea
that’s gonna help “you buy the Jets,” “I’m gonna help
you buy the Jets.” The problem is that’s what
everybody does which means that none of them get through. The answer is I don’t know
because everybody’s got a different unlock. Here’s what I do know about
Ron Howard and all these different fancy people I know. All of them have been
penetrated, all of them. Because winners want to
give other winners at-bats. We feel guilt and we have to
payback to the thing that put us there and they all do it. And so to me, I think you know it’s fuckin’ cool to
try to like pull that off. And I actually think, especially when I think about it from
a college, still in college internship level I think
it’s a fun journey. I actually think it’s a cool
content series to start in September and spend all of
September through like March trying to become an
intern on team XYZ. Think it’s kinda cool. Yeah and you know what’s funny? It’s actually got similarities
to my advice in that video which is I think the KPI for you guys
being here is there especially Vayner, especially if you
are considering to be in this industry, there are 100 people in here 50 which you can be very unbelievably senior here one day
and 50 that are gonna run shit out there that was
worth the hello. I love that you run in little
packs with each other and that’s great but you can run with packs of each other
in fuckin’ October. This is the easiest
place to randomly say hello. Your friends and homies have
much time for jobs to penetrate that where they’re at. so I just think it people
make the, it’s all people. It’s all fuckin’ people. 80% of you got here
because of people. You had some rabbi that got
you into this fuckin’ place. (laughter) It’s gotten so hard for us,
to your point, our biggest problem right now
is everybody wants their child or best friend’s child to
be an intern here now. Next year’s a disaster. I got like a fuckin hundred– – We just need another
floor that’s my only. – Got it. Okay. – We just need a seat
for everyone and then I’ll be very happy.
– On it. – [Man 9] Sup Gary? My question for you is
technology is advancing at an incredibly fast rate nowadays. – Yes, Merritt. Technology is moving fast. – [Man 9] Some insights and
gaining information on people. What do you think about the way
that companies are doing it now and in the future? And do you think that the individual’s privacy is
being (inaudible)? – Privacy is being invaded ’cause you’re allowing
it to be invaded. You’re giving up privacy every fucking day for
convenience and time. They’re not invading
your giving it up. You know you’re
being watched right now. You don’t give a fuck. – [Man 9] It’s true.
– I know. (laughter) – [Man 9] Do you think we’ll
give up more in the future? – Here’s what I think happens. Do you guys know
who Len Bias is? – [Man 10] Yeah,
basketball player. – Len Bias was one of the best
possible players of all time in college and unfortunately two
days after he was drafted third overall in the NBA he
died from a drug overdose. He overdosed on cocaine. He was from the
University of Maryland. Nancy Reagan was super
anti-drugs very conservative president on that issue and
the gun, and the gun it’s funny where I’m going with this you
can see where my head’s going, my punchline is the drug
laws changed here forever. Here’s my thing on privacy, we
don’t give a fuck because the punchline of society is
people are unbelievable. As much of the mainstream media
wants to tell you about the one person who has emotional issues
that will shoot 25 people in a club and it’s the worst. It’s the worst.
You know what? Do me a favor if you’re curious
about this, do you know that CNN did a series called
the 60s and the 70s. I don’t know if this hit
your radar, probably not. But they did. There was eight series if
you have Netflix go to it. Go watch the one on
terrorism in the 70s. There were more terrorist acts
domestically in the 70s in this country by 10X then
what’s going on now. It’s unbelievable actually. So what people don’t realize
is we paint the wrong pictures. The reason none of us care about privacy is because
people are good. We’re not doing that
much bad with the privacy. What are you sad that Toyota’s
following you around the internet and putting
banner ads in front of you? Right? We don’t do that many
bad things with it and so I think we give up privacy. Now here’s the punchline
I believe that somebody like Beyoncé or Rhianna is gonna get
killed because of a social media post of where she is. Somebody with the wrong mindset and that everything
changes that next day. Because we can kill 50 children
in a school and not react but when somebody kills one of our
top 10 celebrities because of this, everything will change. It’s just who America is so
unfortunately what I’m trying to figure out is what happens to
privacy post the assassination of a celebrity on the
back of no privacy. We got deep.
– Yeah. (laughter) You like that one, right? That’s why they’re
paying me the big bucks. This is the shit
that I think about. Gina. – [Gina] Two part question.
– Gina. – [Gina] It’s not two
different questions, two parts. – Not everybody’s gonna be able
to ask their question and you’ve jumped in with a
two-part question. (laughter) – [Gina] The first one you
can just give a real easy answer to if you want. Okay, so, you always talk about
how this company is growing. – Yep. – [Gina] And there’s rumors
that the studio is expanding and getting a bigger space. – That’s not a
rumor, that’s true. – [Gina] And they’re all talking
about how there’s gonna be more open positions.
– Yes. – [Gina] So May 2017–
– Yes. – [Gina] I’m gonna
be up for grabs. – Great. – [Gina] Let’s rewind, you said
winners give winners chances. – Yes. – [Gina] I think I’m a winner.
– You do? – [Gina] And I think you
should give me a chance. – Well I think we
already gave you a chance. Aren’t you
sitting in front of us? (laughter) – So let me say this, Gina. Listen, here’s the good news our
ratio of people that have been interns that even as long as
they were not the worst thing we’ve ever seen and super
inappropriate our conversion rate on interns that wanted
to work here is staggering. I promise you that you have a
unbelievable advantage over anybody else that wants
your spot in May 2017. Now, when I dig under the hood
I may found out that you are the single worst person that’s ever
come through this organization and that would
eliminate that statement. But my gut tells me
that’s probably not the case. – [Gina] So then the second part
of it is you are like a firm believer in the whole notion
that people work their way up. Like meritocracy.
– Love meritocracy. – [Gina] Being said, if I were
to come back here next year to get a job, right now, everybody loved me but they think I’m the best
photo assistant. How do I break that notion in
their head that I can do more than carry gear around? How do I get it in their heads? ‘Cause the more I hustle,
the longer hours I stay, I’m just an even
better photo assistant. So how do I make them
realize I can do this? – That’s the DNA this com–,
that to me is like the easiest, that’s almost as easy, I said
the other thing was easy like this is easy. That’s what we do every day. The good news is unlike when
I promised these guys that they didn’t know, I don’t know. Go talk to every fucking
person that works here. They got the same
fuckin’ story you do. ‘Cause it happens every day. Cool.
– [Gina] Thank you. – Just, good man. – [Justin] You speak about your
dislike of modern education. – I’m not the biggest fan of
modern-day education under the context of the following: anybody who takes on debt to learn entrepreneurship or
marketing in today’s college environment is getting fucked. – [Justin] With
that being said,– – Yep. (laughter) – [Justin] what’s your advice to young adults without
a formal education? – You need to find the places
where a formal education isn’t a prerequisite to success. Justin, it wasn’t in my best
interest to go try to get a job at Goldman Sachs. They weren’t looking for me so
I went to the place that I could which is my dad’s liquor store,
where the market was going to decide who I was. Not different than
Molly’s thing, right? Like if you’re a hustler go talk
to other hustlers they know what it looks like. Harvard Stan is not going to
love it as much, you know? So don’t sell to the unsellable. This is back to minorities,
women, things that nature, find a place where it’s sellable. Don’t try to impose your will. Don’t go try to prove to
someplace where you know they give a shit about what school
you went to that you’ve got it. They don’t get the fuck. They’re gonna find the kid
that’s got it and has the fucking degree that
they give a shit about. Find the guy who disrespects
the degree and work there. You’re lucky bro because
I didn’t grow up in the environment you did. Do you know how much a hero
I would’ve been for making $3-4000 a weekend as a kid? I looked as a loser. I was making $3000 weekend but because I got a D in
fuckin’ English, I was a loser. I wish I was growing
up in this generation. I’d be in fucking magazines and heralded as the
next this and that. But I didn’t, you’re so lucky. We’ve never lived in a world where formal education
has mattered less. That’s just the truth. I lived 20 years ago where
anybody here who’s going to fancier school than
me looked down on me. Now people are smarter to be
like they still may look down, and I don’t think they’re wrong,
it’s just enough people know there’s a lot of alternatives
brewing and shit’s gotten weird. Just the way it is. Kens. – [Kens] Alright, in terms of
personal branding on your social media platforms,–
– Yeah. – [Kens] How do you believe that
social media has altered the way that individuals perceive other
individuals and how individuals perceive themselves? – So the question is with social
media how do people perceive others differently now because of it and how do they
perceive themselves? I believe that all of you
are the PR agent of yourself. I believe that you guys go to
places and concerts and events just to take the photo to deploy
so that you can message to everybody who you are. I think it’s fuckin’ cool. Some people think
it’s sad or whatever, I think it’s always happened. It’s what we do. You’re wearing the clothes
you’re wearing right now to tell us who you are. That’s what we do. We express ourselves. It’s just what we do and I think we now all have
scale of media to do it. Now when you asked the second
part of the question it gets really interesting because
I do think that, for example, young teenage girl, some of you
might’ve gone through this, social’s in a little bit of a
different place than some of you, one of the most interesting
things I find is that I think, for people in analytics world
here, I think that there’s a lot of 13-year-old teenage girls
that understand analytics better than people that work here
because just literally putting up content looking at
how quickly it’s liked, understanding where it’s
gonna end up with how many likes pulling it down ’cause you
didn’t like the engagement or the, that whole game is
fascinating to me and I do believe that people, some people
that lack self-esteem, are wrapping their self-esteem up
into their engagement, their likes, their followers and
that has its dangers just like anything else has
always had their dangers. So I think an interesting time
but I think you subconsciously don’t even realize that
your PR’ing yourself at scale. That’s I love live events and
live divisions because I think it’s unbelievable how much,
I don’t think people realize the rise of music festivals
has a lot more to do with social media than anything else. – [Woman 5] What is
your biggest challenge? How do you overcome challenges? – What’s been my
biggest challenge? How do I overcome them? I think the biggest
challenge I’ve had is, I would say the transition from, the thought of leaving my family
business was really tough. Right, I didn’t want to
let my dad down, you know? AJ was coming and I knew he want
to do something with me and I knew that he didn’t
want to do it with my dad. There was just a lot of– That was really a
tough period for me. I’ll be very honest with you
like it’s no different than the 1% doubt, I’m sure you
guys get this sense. I struggle with
holding on to negativity. I actually think our
culture is good because I’m uncomfortable in negativity. And that’s why nobody’s able to
really roll with it more than anything because
nobody’s better than me. Nobody’s gonna drive bigger
business results for this company than me and thus if
they’re bringing negativity they’ll bring me down enough to
not let me do my thing and so, it’s so funny I hate your
question not only because I want to give you a good answer
and I’m gonna bullshit it. I don’t know. The realist answer is I haven’t
dealt with my toughest thing yet because I haven’t dealt with the death of one of my inner
seven people. Right? That will be my hardest when
one my parents, my wife, my children, my siblings or their
spouses if God forbid one of them were to die that’s
my biggest challenge. Other than that like
I got real fuckin’ lucky. I just think it’s all easy. I really do because I don’t, here’s why because if you told me right now Vayner could be
40,000 people and $8 billion in revenue but I have to lose
two of the people that I just mentioned in the next five years
or it will never get bigger than this and I get to hold onto
those eight people for the next 30 years guaranteed, right, it’s
just not even a conversation. So that’s cool I just know
what I’m wired in which is as hard-core business as I am and
entrepreneur and I want to buy the Jets and all that it just
doesn’t mean that much to me in the scheme of things.
You got it. Oh, I’m sorry. We got yours too? – [Woman 6] Right now.
– Let’s do it. – [Woman 6] If you could go back
in time right now and give your 21-year-old self advice,
what you say? – Ha, DRock knows this answer.
(laughter) Oh god, is HR around? – [Emily] We’re all HR, so yeah.
(laughter) You can say it,
you can say it. – So this is the real answer,
’cause I don’t wanna, I want to stay consistent, I literally would’ve said
to hook up more– (laughter) because you heard like I really went all-in
in my business. I literally like cute girls were
like, “Let’s go out,” and I’m like, “No, no, I have to go
to the baseball card store.” Real weird crazy shit in hindsight so that’s
the real answer. I don’t know if that
maps for you guys. (laughter) That’s the real answer. – [Man 9] Maps for me. – You know, I think, here’s what
I will say, here’s something that will bring you guys value
if you knew that I’m sitting here is as a 40-year-old twice
your age and I know not only that I truly genuinely feel
that you, I’m laughing right now inside because I literally think
that we’re friends and homies and the same age and
I really mean it. When I play basketball with
those guys, those are my guys like we’re the same, right? I genuinely think you and
I are the same but I also know that when I was 20 and I saw a
40-year-old dude I was like that dude’s so fuckin’ old.
(laughter) It’s so crazy how old I know
you’re thinking I am and how insanely deeply I feel like
we’re, aren’t we the same? I genuinely believe we’re the
same and here’s why I’m telling you that if somebody told me
that, if I’m able to break through to one of you that truth
you’ll be much more patient and you’ll think about
shit differently. If I told you’re gonna feel
exactly the same on fire, hungry, change the world, do
your thing, make your mark all that stuff in 20 years, exactly
the same, maybe more but exactly the same I think it
would change you. I wish you could know that to
be as true as I know to be so I think I would tell my
20-year-old self and it goes back like hook up where it’s
like look you got plenty of fuckin’ time to do it all. Yeah, it’s gonna take a lot of
hard work to the insanity you want but that’s what
I would tell myself. That you will not believe
how young you will feel at 40. What’s that? – [Woman 6] I said (inaudible).
– Cool. – Let’s keep it moving,
I want you guys to get your questions answered. – What do I have on the backend? – [Man 10] (inaudible) You
got to be outta here at 6:30. – What do I have on the backend?
Show me ’em. Go ahead. – Do you want your phone?
– Yeah. I got it. – [Woman 7] So you called social
media the cocktail party, I was wondering if you feel like it’s
being overcrowded as a lot of these major platforms are
adopting similar features. Like where you see the future of social going in the
next 10 or so years. – So I think Twitter is the
cocktail party of the internet because it’s the one place we can all go when
something happens. Everything else we just push
out content even, you know, even people with small followings
stunningly don’t read every comment when the push something
out and things that nature. I’m not sure where it’s going. I think the thing that’s really,
you know the truth is I get a lot of credit for
like predicting shit. I don’t predict things,
I just react quickly. I’m just putting a lot more time figuring out
than you guys. That’s all so I’m not sure. I really don’t know. I do know that VR will be the thing that trumps
the internet itself. That you guys are young enough
to live in a VR platform world versus an internet
platform world and that’s crazy. The fact that all of you will
be walking around with contact lenses and seeing random
other shit right now, fuck. You know, there’s real shit, you
know, you’re too young to know what I know which is when I was
sitting in here and I would’ve raised my hand if I was here
and was like I’m gonna launch a website for my dad’s liquor. Everybody would’ve laughed at me
and thought it was the stupidest shit they’ve ever heard. I don’t think you guys realize
that at your young 40-year-old self you just might be sitting
on a beach in San Diego full time and living
your life from that. Shit’s gonna get crazy. I actually think you guys might be young enough that you
become robots one day. (laughter) – I know that that’s not a
joke which is why I’m laughing. I know that he’s not joking. – I genuinely think some of
you may live to 200 years old. I’m so pissed I’m not you. I think I just missed it. I’m gonna be so pissed– (laughter) I’m gonna be so pissed if
that’s what ends up happening. – AJ gets it, you don’t. – I feel that there’s this
weird thing that happens where there’ll be some technology
changes where we’re like okay anybody who’s super healthy
and 35 and under they’re gonna actually live to 250 but
everybody else and above is actually gonna live it
normal and I’m gonna be pissed. Right? – (inaudible) now,
it could happen. – So I don’t know but here’s
what I can promise you and it’s super not different than how
we’re gonna differentiate and stay ahead is I don’t know
but I promise you I’ll react with real fuckin’ fast. – [Woman 8] I was wondering
what is it that you feel really drives you and also what are you looking forward
to in the Olympics? – What am I looking for to in? – [Woman 8] In the Olympics? – In the Olympics, it is
unbelievable to me how little I give a fuck
about the Olympics. (laughter) – Maddie, it’s so crazy.
I don’t give a shit. They’ve somehow been able to
create a scenario where it is become the most irrelevant thing
to me in my life and I know and I’m like born in Russia so like
the Olympics were super cool for me as a kid ’cause it was Russia
versus America when I was a kid. I was like,
“Oh, who do I root for? “Why am I weirdly
rooting for Russia? “Am I a spy?” (laughter) So weird but so not much. For it to be over and then as
far as what was the first part of the question? – [Woman 8] What drives you?
– What drives me? I think I’m an underdog. I think ultimately my story’s
gonna be pretty basic which was I wasn’t born here, my first
interaction with American kids when I was like four in Dover
that I don’t talk about at all ever was they forced me to
drink pee out of a Pepsi can. You know, yeah didn’t
speak English like outcast. I was 4-foot-11 my
freshman year of high school. That was an underdog. I was a bad student and the
system told me I was shit. I hated Kobe Bryant his whole
career until the last two years when he was washed up. I hated Tiger Woods when
everybody loved him and he was dominating. Now I love him when
he’s not winning. I’m just underdog driven. The Yankees and Rangers
I don’t give a shit about anymore because they won. So I only keep the teams and care about teams
that are climbing. I’m just, I’m in for the climb. I have a chip on my shoulder and I’m underdog driven and it drives the fuck out of me. It’s genuinely why believe my
son has no prayer to beat me ever because he’ll be super
privileged, he’s gonna live on the Upper East Side, he has
a home in Bridgehampton, he fuckin’ gonna go to town school,
he’s gonna fly private to the fucking Super Bowl. He’s fuckin’ finished. (laughter) – You know? Kill him. Hannah.
– [Hannah] Hey Gary. Can I get some advice for
someone who wants to be a social media influencer? – Yeah.
– [Hannah] Like an influencer? – Sure, to be a social media
influencer, Hannah, you have to have something to say that
people give a fuck about. So cool like you basically said how
I get a bunch of people to give a fuck about me.
– [Hannah] Yeah. – And I think it starts with
like, I’ll give you a really good piece of advice it’s
probably the thing I can probably answer the best, only your truth. Only your truth ’cause
it’s the only thing you got. Everything else is
like everybody else’s. Only your truth. You know what that means? You gotta be brave. You gotta go to those
places you don’t want to go. Got it?
– [Hannah] Got it. – And then you got to
tell the world about it. – [Hannah] Thank you. – That’s all you got because
it’s not hack, it’s not be smart with hashtags, it’s not go
JV with another influencer. At the end the day, I can
fucking give you love on my Snapchat story for the rest
of the year, if you can’t do anything with that
love you’re not to win. The only thing that I’ve seen
really, really work that has any longevity, look you can have
cute little blue eyes and be Nash Grier for two years, right? You can be like you
can (stammering). What I don’t think people
realize there’s only so much tits and ass you can
show on Instagram. (laughter) To have true longevity the only thing you’ve
got is your truth. – [Woman 9] Can you just talk a
little bit about when you and AJ were talking about
changing locations. What was the discourse
between you and Stephen Ross? Was he like, “Hey I think Vayner
should be in this location,” or we’re you like,
“Hell yeah. This is it,”? – How do we think about moving here with Stephen Ross
and this and that? So Steven’s obviously
our business partner, he’s the biggest real estate
developer in the world. He’s building the biggest
project in New York, we’re growing and the funniest
part is the whole time I’m like, “No way, no way.
I’m not going fucking fancy. “I’m not paying
that fuckin’ rent. “No way, no way, no way.” And then truth is I just really
negotiated hard core with them and price kept coming down,
terms keep getting better. We kept growing, there was only
so many floors available and I was just like, “Ugh,” so like
the truth is it just worked out that we became big enough to afford it at the time
that it became available. But I never aspired,
I’ll be very honest with you. I’ve said it.
I mean it. I’m really worried that
everybody here is gotten too fancy because of it. I’m super scared of it. This is fucking nice. I mean there’s been real serious
people coming through the last week and they’re like,
“Whoa,” and I’m like, “Fuck.” (laughter) Like if this
fuckin’ fancy fucker thinks this is whoa
we’re in deep shit. I mean it.
I genuinely mean it. Now on the flip side,
you know how nice it is? I’m so happy,
do you know how nice is that people get
to have flavored seltzer? (laughter) So that’s really just
how it worked out. – [Woman 9] Did the
future of this get real? Influence you in any way? – No. There’s no romantic
story of how we got here. It was just fuckin’,
we’re not like, “Oh, I couldn’t wait for
Neiman fuckin’ Marcus.” (laughter) – This is what she’s
working on right now. – I get it. – Yeah, she’s like what
are the talking points. She’s hustlin’.
– Yeah. You’re not gonna sell $5 million apartments
on my thesis. Andres, I’m talking to you
after so I’m gonna skip you. – [Man 7] You need to the
(inaudible) meeting though? – Like right this second? What time is it? – [Man 7] It’s 6:10 we can
push it back to 6:20– – Yeah, okay. Cool, we’ll figure it out. When you out?
– [Andres] Friday. Okay. Go ahead. – [Woman 10] With all the
advances in technology, so many people and adults nowadays are
like, “I wish we could go back to the good old days
of we talk in person.” Are there any apps or advances
in technology that you wish didn’t come out?
– No. Evolution is evolution.
Right, like, no. You know? The good ole days are
not as good as you think. That’s just old people talk. Tell grandma Sue
shut the fuck up. (laughter) – Respectfully. – Do you guys remember, have
you guys seen that photo that everybody loves to point to? I don’t know if you’ve seen
this, it’s the photo when the Pope came and everybody’s gotta
a camera and there’s that one 90-year-old woman and she’s
looking and everybody wants to make her a star for
she really captured. She didn’t capture shit. She’s 90, she already forgot and
if she took a photo she could’ve enjoy yourself today. But instead she had no idea. (laughter) I’m being dead serious. I think that old woman lost and everybody wants
to make her a hero. No because this
is the way it is. And we have proven for much
longer than our grandparents have been around that we evolve. If a caveman was dug up right
now from fuckin’ 3000 years ago and plopped right here
he’d be like, “What the f–?” They thought, they told
us the telephone was bad. Do you know what, do you see
this article I sent you guys. You might have saw it Andres,
are you on the team Gary alias, did they put you on or no? Got it. The kaleidoscope. Do you know what the biggest
problem in the world in 1816 was was people walking around with a kaleidoscope in real
life and it ruined us. (laughter) No, so no you
couldn’t even imagine. I love debating with people that have ideological
romances of how it was. No, you take the
good with the bad. Whatever makes you sad
about the way we are now, there’s 8 billion good. Do you know that my generation
and I’m still not that much older than you lost touch with
high school friends and never to be talked to again until nine years later miraculously
on Facebook. There’s so much good. Do you know much
more social you are? I love when people are
like, “You’re not social.” You’re dramatically more
social than your parents were. It may happen in different form. So what writing a letter is so much more noble than
texting somebody? What the fuck is the
matter with people? The girls that I grew up in high
school that had a phone in their room and laid there all day and
watched “Saved By The Bell” and talked on the phone
for 14 hours a day. That was so much greater
than what you’re doing. That’s just old
people talk who are sad. It’s defense. – [Woman 11] What kind of client
for Vayner do you think we do the best work and (inaudible)? – That’s a great question. I think one that found that, the best client for us
to do the best work. I think one that was open minded
but was grounded in truths. So not letting us get to like
you need to do the next thing but was open,
like just open minded. In the same way I am about,
around technology, I’m just open minded about it. Everybody defaults to
anything that’s change is bad. Let me just go back, Kyle, I’m still so pissed
about this question. (laughter) – [Gary] In a great way. I don’t know if your parents or
grandparents or old people that you know ever did this when you
go to a restaurant or if you do it and see a couple sitting
there and they’re both on the phone and you’re like,
“Oh, that’s so sad.” I don’t think that sad. Let me tell you from an old
person’s perspective what I see. That same couple 15 years ago,
they were sitting there and they just sitting across
from each other and not saying a fucking word. Their relationship is broken,
the phone isn’t the reason. Technology is just exposing
who you are not changing you. So the client open-mindedness. (laughter) – [Man 10] So I watched your
video on August and how it’s such a critical month.
– [Gary] Yes. I’m obsessed with August. – [Man 10]
(inaudible) hustle– – Yes. – [Man 10] And I feel that there
were more things in that video that you wanted to so why is August so important
to get your hustle on? – I just think August is the
most interesting fuckin’ month. It’s the month when most people
shut it down and I think the best time to put it on is
when everybody else isn’t. It’s also the month
right before shit gets real. From a business standpoint, September to December,
that’s prime time. That’s when the culmination of
everything kinda hits and so I find it fascinating that
people, it’s kinda like if you’re running a marathon and
on a third the way through you stop and then you
got to start up again, fuck. Got it? So I really took
advantage of August my whole career but as you saw in that video there’s the alternate
for people like me. Next Wednesday I’m ghost until
the day after Labor Day and I’m pumped about it. I miss my family. I need that three weeks. You know?
Awesome. – [Man 11] What’d you do with
your spare time in college? – [Gary] I played out a lot of
Madden football and I sold shit. I mean everyday in college, it’s
funny my college friends have been reminding me of shit
I forgot like I would go to the Dollar Store by shit and
try to sell it on eBay. – [Man 11] Gotcha. – And I had very
little downtime. I went home every single Friday. Think about this, I went home
every Friday to go work at the liquor store and then
come back Sunday night. – [Man 11] Dedication. – It’s just what
I wanted, you know. I just knew, I knew who I was. I knew what it was. I knew, I knew
what was happening. – [Man 12] Kinda going
back to patience,– – Patience. – [Man 12] when launching a new
business or your brainchilds, launching that, do you think
it’s important to get on social and start moving early or
is it better to (inaudible). – I think it’s earlier to
Julian’s question, I think it’s important for you, in the
beginning of your business, if anybody wants to start one, only do the thing
that your best at. If you’re just good at
selling like just sell. Don’t worry about
your marketing. If you’re good at marketing, if you learn
something here, do that. What people do, you’ll have this
experience one day maybe like it’s like what you expect
from a three-year-old child. My little guy, Xander, he’s
about to turn four next week, sometimes he’ll do things ’cause he’s got older
sister so we forget. We’re 40 and 35, we forget. He’s fucking 44 months old like what you want from him? You know what I mean. I think a lot of people
try to do everything in the beginning of a business. Your business is a baby. VaynerMedia didn’t look
like this seven years ago. We’re making up shit in a
conference room half the size of that and like, “What do we do? “Let’s build websites.”
That’s what I would do. Alright, let’s go. Your turn. – [Henley] (inaudible)
how do you do that? – Henley, one more time,
I’m sorry. – [Henley] How do
you dream so big? – I dream so big because
my mom allowed me to. And I will tell you that I will,
that the single biggest reason I think I have a public persona
is because I feel so damn guilty of how perfectly parented I was and if I can give you guys even a little bit of something your
parents might not give you then I’ll accomplish paying back
what I think I was gifted. That’s why, Henley, because my mom really made
me feel like I could. What my mom did really well
was she praised me for my good things but didn’t allow
eighth place trophies. Meaning if I lost she wasn’t
like you won like all these fucking stupid modern parents. Like, “No, no, no he lost.” Fucking, oh my God,
I tell Lizzie I’m like so petrified of the
Upper East Side. I’m like, “No, no if
you lose you lose.” Like Xander my little guy,
Xander, he will not score a basket on me in basketball
for the next 15 years. That’s 100%. AJ, I wish he was, he’s here but
he just left, I wish you guys could talk to him, AJ didn’t score a basket on me
until he was like 15. A basket and so she did that well but
more importantly if I open the door,
I will never forget this, I opened the door for a lady at
McDonald’s when I was like nine. You would’ve literally thought that I fuckin’ won the
Nobel Peace Prize. She made that such a big deal
and I think that’s what she did well and so that’s why
think I can dream big because I just feel it.
You know? – [Henley] Thanks.
– You got it. LA. – [Peter] During the last six or
seven weeks or so whatever the fuck it is I’ve been trying to
work as hard as I can to try to put myself in a position to
work here and what have you. I guess what my question is is
that I’ve been working so hard and doing everything I can. People are
telling me, “Good job.” But it still doesn’t
feel like enough yet. Like I remember one time there
was an article put out that you said that when you buy the Jets
that’s gonna be like your worst day ever because you’ll finally
have done what you’ve been trying to do all this time.
– It’s gonna suck. – [Peter] So I guess
that’s the question. What are we working towards if
we’re never satisfied with what we’ve got until we get it and
then it’s over (slaps table). – What do you mean? If that’s how you’re wired
you’re just as lucky as I am. Anybody who’s lucky enough to
love the process more than the thing has fucking won because
you spend a lot more fucking time on the
process than the thing. – [Peter] Yeah. Shit. – Yeah.
(laughter) – [Emily] Peter! – [Gary] Peter, and by the way,
I promise you if you decide to apply permanently ’cause you
said you wanted to get a job here, I’m personally, Emily
make sure this happens, I’m personally gonna write you
the note that you got the job and it’s gonna say I’m sorry. I’m sorry got the job. (laughter) Harris, let’s go. – [Harris] Cool. My question
is I thought I was really competitive at first and then I
played you at basketball at VM7, realized I’m not
competitive at all. – Okay.
(laughter) – [Harris] And then
I had to step up my game. Do you think you get more competitive with people
that are around or– – Yes. Actually, you know what? I’m so proud of you for
asking this question. Actually I really do, I’m surprised
I’m so excited by this. I have a good piece
of advice, actually. Start trimming your friend group
and start adding to your friend group predicated on
what you want to be. The answer is
absolutely, my man. You absolutely. I am stunned how much more I am
like my wife and how much more she is like me even though we
started a very polar places. It’s just true. Who you hang out with, there is such a smart
hack to like and it’s really like that cliché
thing like you are like the byproduct of people, all that. That’s real, super real. So maybe this is a good year for
you to like kind of audit that first day back, look around
maybe know a friend of a friend and if you like what you see go
explore it and try to be around it because, yeah man, I think
that you got more competitive by being around me and I can tell
you right now I know everybody on my team they’re different. I’ll tell you one thing that
I can tell you firm about DRock and Nate for sure I’ll give
you those two examples they’re a fuck load more confident than
they were when they came into my life because my
confidence rubbed off on them. Straight up. Andres? – [Andres] My question is kind
of like Austin’s, what did a typical weekend look
like for you in college? – [Gary] I worked every single
weekend of my college life at the liquor store and then I watched the
Jets game on Sunday in the fall and then I took
Amtrak back to Boston and during January through May
I worked every weekend. I literally spent seven weekends
in four years in college. Seven, seven. So I just worked. – [Andres] What
were those seven? – New girlfriends. (laughter) That’s really it, – [Woman 12] Did
you ask a question? – Oh, I’m so sorry. Andres, you fuckin’ jerk. (laughter) – So sorry, I didn’t see you.
– It’s fine. At the all-hands meeting you
were talking about how the entry level position is moving more toward the account
strategy path,– – [Gary] Yes. – what’s your advice to
entry level creative? – The good news is creative’s
wide-open meaning you can go directly you can apply to
be a junior copywriter, you know, the truth is I’m gonna talk to Babcock
about that later this year. There’s a tricky little
thing with the creative thing. We’re in a place where, we’re in
a place where there’s a lot of business advantages to hire
somebody who’s done it for a year somewhere else
but I don’t like that part and so I’m trying to
figure out what’s right. I don’t want to be
romantic about my own thing. Right, I don’t want to be
ideological my own way. The truth is I don’t know. Actually this is a great way
to like end this which is I, this is one thing I really don’t
have an answer for because I definitely don’t have the
answer that I want for people, I don’t know but I can tell you
that I definitely want to try to figure out a way that people
could get that job straight out of school because they
do it at every other place so why can’t we? I just need to know how Steve
wants creative to judge that person ’cause
I need to understand it. Guys, thanks for your time. – [Group] Thank you.
– Yeah. (applause) – [Gary] Have a great day.

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