Gary Vee’s Social Media Marketing Tactics Revealed (Part1)
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Gary Vee’s Social Media Marketing Tactics Revealed (Part1)

– What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome to Marketing Secrets. Next up I got some
exciting things for you. As you know we just got
done with our viral video launch event, which
turned out amazing. And our keynote speaker
was Gary Vaynerchuck. And in his contract he said
we are not allowed to stream nor share his presentation. But then he did the presentation
and he messaged me after and said ‘That was probably
one of the best presentations ‘I’ve ever given’. I was like, ‘Sweet man can I
promote it on the podcast?’ And he was like, ‘You know what? ‘Go for it.’ For all of you, my
fans and followers, people who listen
to me, you know that I keep my podcasts
nice and clean. I don’t swear,
curse or anything. Gary does a lot. So, I had my brother go through and beep out all the bad words. So hopefully it will
still be PG rated for all of the kids at home. And that’s kinda the game plan. So hopefully you enjoy this
episode of the podcast. Appreciate you all and
have fun listening to Gary. – [Audience Member] You said
I’m bringing YouTube fire, new shows are coming out. – Yep. – And you took the AskGaryVee
show to Facebook only. – I did. – So, what are your
latest strategies and why for both
YouTube and Facebook? – I think, you have to
make content that is native to the platform
you put it out on. I’ve always thought about
that, (beep) wrote a book, called Jab, Jab, Jab, Right
Hook five years ago on this. I wasn’t doing that. So, now the AskGaryVee
show is on Facebook Watch and the DailyVee is on
YouTube, when DRock is, wherever the (beep), D Rock? Hey, you know, now I can
say, what’s up, YouTube, whereas I couldn’t
do that before and those little
nuances (beep) matter. I broke them up mainly
because of Facebook Video, now that there is
Watch, I’m fascinated. Any of you watch a show
called yet on Facebook Watch, just raise your
hands, just curious. Higher. Right, so this intrigues me. Everybody here has to watch one. Not because, I
don’t watch (beep). I watched one, the Ball Family, because I just wanna
see (beep) they doing. To me this is the
most interesting
thing that I’m doing, that the good market isn’t. You’ve gotta taste everything. Because I watched
Watch and I watched it for kinda four days
in a row and looked, I understood what
(beep) they were doing, so I sent them an email,
I pitched them a show, and they bought it. Right? So, now we’ll have,
kind of anybody can put a show on
Facebook, right, like a page, a Watch Page, which everybody
should be doing here, I’ll have my YouTube show
and now I’m gonna have a produced by Facebook show
that’s gonna get big even more. Listen man, I talk and like
do and hustle and all this, I do so much more than I
talk which is (beep) crazy, ‘cos my mouth is always
running, but I’m just doing. I’m doing, doing, doing, ‘cos
I’m tasting, I’m tasting. I never think, I’m fancy. So many people in
here, I know you, so many people here make it
a little bit and get fancy, stop doing the (beep)
that got them there. That’s the minute
you’re (beep) dead. I’m sure a lot of
people here realize, who have come into money, it’s not as great as
advertised for a lot of people. Some people love it. They like watches and lambos
and houses and that (beep) rad. Mazel tov. (laughter) Other people don’t and
you start questioning what the (beep), right? Because when you’ve got nothing
and you’re on the come-up and you’ve got
numbers in your head, whether it’s a million
or five or three or whatever the (beep) it is, it’s (beep) empty when you
get there for a lot of people. And so, you know, I’m
just trying to make sure, people are being thoughtful. I know a lot of you have
heard me rant on this, I do think entrepreneurship
has taken a turn towards club promotion,
and that’s just dangerous. It’s just dangerous
for the people that … I don’t give a (beep). It’s dangerous because
people don’t realize they need to build the business, not a perception that
they’re good at business. – I just wanna say thank
you for giving me permission to pursue my passion and
now do what I love every day and spend time with my
family and make things. I’d me remissive if I
didn’t say thank you, ‘cos I don’t know if
I’ll ever see you. If you ever wanna play bubble
hockey, I’ll destroy you. – [Gary] Dude. (laughter, applause) DRock, Are you filming this? Where do you live? Well, first of all- – I live here, there’s a
spot right down the street I can take you to play. (laughter) – Listen, that’s gonna
happen now, I think. – I’m a winner in
Boise, Idaho, Gary. – It’s so crazy. See, you’re funny, you’re smart. You know me, you know
that now I’m getting … Now I’m blacked out and
wanna destroy your face. (laughter) But the only… You know what’s more
interesting though? You’re (beep) Whalers
hat is (beep) me up, because I’m like (beep) man, he’s got a Hartford Whalers hat. This team has been in the
league for twenty (beep) years, he probably is awesome
at bubble hockey. (laughter) I’m gonna do
something, for real, based on what you just said. I want you to come to
VaynerMedia for a day, I’ll pay for your flight
and the hotel and during… (applause) And during that day
we’ll play bubble hockey and we’ll see what’s up. (cheering) – How do you choose between the thousands of start-up
pitches you’re getting and which interview to do,
which speaking event to do? There’s just so much. – 100 percent blind
belief in my intuition. – [Audience Member] That’s it? (laughter) – ‘Cos there, you know
this, everyone’s hustling… Eventually you’ll lose, right? Eventually time, you
don’t have enough time to do all the opportunity. So you’re crippled
by opportunity. You just have to go that route, otherwise you’ll just
gonna spend all your time thinking about the process
of making the best decision. And you’re gonna waste
being able to do four things which would have
included the two things you been debating for
the last (beep) day. Everybody’s saying No. Everybody’s saying No to (beep). ‘Cos they think they’re being
thoughtful or they’re smart. You know how many people say No, that aren’t even fancy
enough to say yes yet? So, I just say yes, man, a lot. – How do you see this
political correctness and what do you do to
mitigate that in your company? – (puffs) (laughter) So, it’s a really
good question, Rob, and it’s a really tough one. Couple of things. Number one … said
something the other day, that finally articulated
how I feel about all of it. Which is, I sit in front
and I’m like (beep). People … so there’s
only one place in my life, where I am not
logical or practical: American Football. (laughter) Against all data, I think
that the Patriots are cheaters and Bill Belichick
is a terrible guy and even though Tom
Brady is like clearly, and I’ve literally spent money
on investigative journalism, he’s the nicest
human being ever, I still say things
like but yeah, he left his pregnant
wife for Gisele, he’s a piece of (beep). I will do anything
blindly, I’m chemically … Even talking right now, the chemicals in my
body are different. I feel it, I hate them so much. (laughter) I really want Bill
Belichick to die. (laughter) Like … I don’t even … You know it’s funny. I wonder if people
think I’m going for … I want it. (laughter) So, cool, we’ve
established that, right? I’m clearly irrational,
over emotional, not logical and just the worst
version of myself in that one narrow place. I mean there are people
who are fans of me, who’ve DM’d or have
tweeted that I’m a bad guy. I mean, I yell at
children at games. I’m not joking, you know
how people get beer muscles? You know that term? You drink and you wanna fight? I have sports muscles. I go to a game and
even though everybody would probably be able to
beat me up, I wanna fight you, ‘cos it feels better
than feeling the pain of your team
beating mine, right? (laughter) Like a week ago I
realized, holy (beep), that’s how blindly is
now about politics. You’re either red or blue and you deploy no
logic, no rationale. You’re blindly emotional, you have no idea what the
(beep) you’re talking about and that’s it. We’re about to turn every
issue into a political … How the (beep) is
climate a political … What are we doing here? (energetic music)

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  15. I’m so sorry that fifer to sending the notes to you as my partners. I don’t care what kinds of my car are, I still will get what I like that no one can stopping me to do so. Love xoxoxo

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