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Get Ready for Google Marketing Live

this room today, we have about 2,500 marketers from
leading brands and agencies here from 65 countries. Each and every one of
you has the opportunity to shape the future
of our industry, and this event is
designed to help you do just that by connecting
with your peers and colleagues. SRIDHAR RAMASWAMY:
This event is always one of my favorite
moments of the year. We’re really excited to be
on this journey with you and eager to start sharing
some of the newest tools and capabilities to take your
marketing to the next level. DOHA AL-DUJAILI: Having the
ability to actually meet with product owners is
always very valuable. Knowing what’s happening
in the next six months allows us to put
it in our roadmap. MALIA ESTES: The
next big thing is going to be vocal search, voice
activated searches and all that. So I’m very excited to see how
that comes out this morning. DANIELLE ENGELS: The
women’s leadership breakfast really inspired me. It was so great to hear such
personal stories from women in leadership
positions and how they accomplished what they have.c MONISHA AGRAWAL:
The only thing I regret is that the rest of
my team couldn’t be here. I can’t wait to go back to
my organization and cascade all of the things
I’ve learned about.

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