Get Ready with Gus: internships, advising and CORE
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Get Ready with Gus: internships, advising and CORE

Hi Gus, I’m Lisa Slater. Welcome to Core, what can I do for you? I see you have a to do list. Advising, Viking score internships, resume help, study away and Augie Choice let’s start with advising. Let’s go
back and talk with Dr. Margaret France She’s our Director of Advising. Clearly you’re good with an axe. Um… I don’t think that that is going to
translate Gus, based on your interests I think you
might want to consider a major in anthropology or religion you seem really interested in other
cultures and it fits in well with the travel that you’ve done so far if you end up as an anthropology or
religion major you shouldn’t be worried because as long
as the major is something that you’re interested in your going to learn the
critical thinking skills that employers value here why don’t I introduce you to Karen
Peterson she is in charge of employer relations and
she can get you started with your Viking score and with some internships. Gus, welcome I’m
so glad you came to career development today to talk about your Viking score. if you look at our Viking scoresheet you’ll
see how much this is going to help you to figure out what it is you want to do and
what you want to focus on all of this is important as you think
about that all-important internship. You may wanna intern at the US Embassy in Sweden, you may wanna
internet the American Red Cross have you thought about interning with
the Chicago Cubs? Lots of opportunities in the Quad
Cities, in the Chicago area, really anywhere in
the US or in the world. So we’re excited we have a whole team of CORE counselors
here to help you let’s go meet those CORE counselors and
see how they can help you with your resume first you want to think about format:
make sure your resume it consistent clean and easy to read you also want to pay attention to
content selection. A resume is a personal marketing tool that provides an
opportunity to highlight your knowledge skills and accomplishments. Gus, open your mouth! Remember: your resume is the employer’s first
impression of you. Misspelled words, slang, and bad grammar will likely eliminate you from an interview list. Oh! now
you’re ready to put your best foot forward. let’s go talk to Dr. Alan Birch, the
director of our international and study away programs. Hi Gus, glad to see you. So I hear you’re
interested in study abroad here in Augustana Well you know about fifty percent of our
graduates do study abroad during their time at the college we’ve got programs all over. You could
look at Brazil, China, Sweden, Germany, England, Australia,
Japan pretty much all around the globe on all
six continents and everything from two weeks up to a full
year. It really depends on what you’re most interested in and where you wanna go. now a lot of our students they use Augie Choice to do their study abroad and that two thousand dollar grant for a lot of
families means that they’re not paying anything extra for a student to spend up
to a full term in another country. So what I would
recommend is that you think about what it is that you want to do next and then come back to visit CORE and we
can tell you about how we can make that happen. Gus! It looks like you got everything done. So that’s everything I’m Carrie Bass and I’m involved with community service. Next time you come back let’s talk about how you can get engaged in your community. Oh Gus, don’t forget your toothbrush.

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