Getting Digital Marketing Clients with Cold Calling
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Getting Digital Marketing Clients with Cold Calling

hello all Nick Calabro with
Calaboration here and I want to quickly talk about some cold calling tips now
for up to me I would be actually showing you some of the cold calls that I’m
doing but there’s some compliance issues I don’t want people knowing that I’m
recording them when they’re on phone calls maybe I can record a bunch now and
then do some type of magic later and have their voice disguised or whatever
what have you I don’t really know then again we’re not even really doing that
much cold calling now anyway because we have a lot of inbound traffic and I want
to tell you how you can get a lot of inbound traffic to the point where you
do not have to cold call anymore the problem is to get to that point you have
to do a lot of cold calling now what people are telling you that cold calling
is dead they are lying to you okay they are just merely shielding their own
insecurities they do not want to be cold calling so they don’t want you to cold
call either because they want it to be dead but it’s not dead if you’re going
in there and cold calling people are going to appreciate they are reaching
out via phones they’re going to appreciate the kind of passion that you
have for your business they’re gonna appreciate the persistence they’re going
to love that your cold calling them because they were probably if they’re
successful businesspeople they were probably cold calling only a few years
ago as well so they’re going to love that you’re kind of following in their
footsteps they’re going to want to talk to passionate and successful
entrepreneurs and you will be a passionate successful entrepreneur once
you are cold calling along with that so without further ado what are the kind of
key steps that you need to keep in mind when you’re cold calling very first and
foremost don’t ramble okay the more that they’re talking to you the better that
calls gonna be okay because they are kind of building that relationship
without you even trying they’re like yeah this person’s nice to talk to I’ll
just I’ll just keep rambling yeah yeah whatever whatever you listening to me
cool okay now we’re friends right so it’s gonna goes up like that now to get
to that point you need to kind of build that rapport very very quickly okay
now I’m telling you there are a lot of cold colors that I get that I hear now
I’m happy to hear their pitches right and if they say if they’re stuttering if
they don’t know what they want to get across if they’re you have a poor
product that they don’t even know how to really sell I’m gonna hang up on them
okay but if they’re saying how are you today I’m here I’m this from whatever
company we do this and this and this and you know I was looking at your site and
I noticed that it was whatever okay that’s booking report okay and if
they’re kind enough if they’re passionate enough if they’re you know
friendly enough then I’m going to give them the time of day and I’m going to
continue talking to them and meanwhile if I am providing enough value to
somebody right off the bat and kind of tell you yeah I looked at your website I
love it I love this about it I love your here you know we’d work with a lot of
companies like yours to fix whatever that’s big problem that I’ve noticed if
you have you wanna maybe talk I’ll come to the bite to the office with some
folders and kind of show you what we’re doing okay there’s no reason why they
shouldn’t give you the time of day if they’re not interested they’re
interested they’ll tell you right then and there
great okay now you just move on to the next right it’s a numbers game right
that becomes kind of brings me to the next point here the biggest thing to
keep in mind here is that cold calling is a numbers game if you’re calling
three four or five people okay you’re not gonna get any sales if you’re
calling three four or 500 people then you make it a few sales okay you could
have sit there for eight hours a day 12 hours a day cold calling okay you need
to just block out time in your calendar to just go dialing dining dining tonight
remembering a wolf of Wall Street right Leonardo DiCaprio is like pick up the
phone and start dialing you will need to buy a new boat pick up the phone and
start dialing that needs to be you you need to pick up the phone and start
dialing because deals happen on the phone okay
we’ve never actually closed a deal right away on the phone but they’ve gotten
really really close okay and it’s after maybe only one meeting that we go in
there it’s like yeah we were talking on the phone you know once or twice a total
of a couple hours right now we’re finally meeting here’s the contract sign
the agreement we’re done okay a couple grand here and there based on whatever
kind of website needs to build them whatever it may be it’s just easy money
because you were there on the phone they’re only going to do business with
people on the phone okay we’ve had people say to me Nick we’re gonna do
business with you in collaboration because you’re actually here okay you
called me up you should up to the office a lot of other people just want to sit
on email and chat me through you know whatever garbage text messaging platform
okay but you’re actually here I can actually see your face I know what your
stand for I know where your skills are we’re gonna do business with you it’s
that easy right you just have to prove that you are that’s have a person that
can communicate properly and you’re only gonna do that through phone you’re only
gonna do that through cold calling so thank you so much for watching I’m
Nicola bro get cold calling

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4 thoughts on “Getting Digital Marketing Clients with Cold Calling

  1. This is a tricky subject. Cold calling does still have its place, but it's fading fast. I personally have gotten annoyed by phone calls, which is a lot like many of my colleagues. In fact, I know several people that don't have a land line anymore because of the overwhelming amount of solicitations they were getting. Watch me and learn:

  2. I never understood cold calling that much but now, I think I do.
    Watch Mason Soiza here:

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