Getting inside a lender’s head: Marketing plan
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Getting inside a lender’s head: Marketing plan

Getting Inside a Lender’s Head:
A four-part series for entrepreneurs Part Two: Marketing Plan
Vancity wants your marketing plan to show us that you’re clear about:
What you’re selling Who is going to buy it and why
How you’re going to reach those buyers Get a pen and paper ready. You might want
to take notes. Tip #1: Explain what you’re selling in plain
English. This may seem obvious, but many plans leave
lenders guessing What the product or service is
Or why anyone would buy it! Tell us what makes your business special,
why it’s needed, and what your niche is. Tip #2: Tell us “The Who” Tell us who your customers will be, how much
they’ll spend, and why they’ll buy from you. Tell us who your suppliers are, and if you
have signed contracts or letters of intent to purchase.
Tell us who your main competitors are, and what makes your business different or better
than theirs. Tip #3: Convince us you know your industry
Since you have to prove that there’s a demand for your product or service, be sure to show
us that you’ve researched and understand the key trends in your industry. We’ll be looking for this information. Now that you understand what’s going on in
a lender’s head when we look at your marketing plan. Next find out how we look at your financing
plan and your operations plan.

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