Getting started with the Clover App Marketplace
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Getting started with the Clover App Marketplace

[Music] At Clover, our goal is to help you get paid, sell more
and run your business better. So we created the Clover App Market. The only market of its kind,
uniquely created for small business. Loaded with more than 150 apps, the Clover App Market is like
having an entire back office staff at your fingertips. Similar to apps for your smartphone, you’ll find apps that can turn your clover station, mobile
or mini, into a multitasking business management machine. Getting started is simple. Just go to the Clover App Market from your Clover or any device,
and log into your Clover account. You can filter apps by category, search for a specific app
or just scroll through all the available options. And options you’ll find! You can choose from apps that allow your customers to provide immediate feedback, purchase and redeem gift cards, redeem points through loyalty programs or even give to their favorite charity when checking out. You’ll also gain dozens of new capabilities. Everything from turning your point-of-sale system into a
staff time clock, to accounting system integration and insightful analytics, to setting up your own online store
and more all at the touch of a button. [Music] It’s really all about finding the right fit for your business. Plus, the Clover platform is cloud-based, so you can access many apps from anywhere on any device and
that’s where the flexibility of the app market really shines. There are many free apps available, and to be sure you’re
getting exactly what you need, you’ll find apps that you can take for a spin with a 30-day free trial. If you like it, hit the purchase button and it’s yours to keep.
It’s really that simple. Welcome to the Clover App Market. [Music]

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