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Instagram Marketing Strategy in ASMR Welcome to Instagram Marketing Strategy in
ASMR. If you’re watching this for a relaxing sensory experience, this ain’t it. I’m not gonna lie, I won’t be able to
get through this with a straight face. By the way, if you don’t know what ASMR
is, it stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and is the newest, weirdest craze
to hit the web…z. I’ve decided to take my channel in a completely
different direction and try it out for the sake of giving the people what they want.
*I need views* But don’t worry, this is not going to become
an ASMR channel, so if you hate the sound of people whispering then let me know in the
comments and I’ll put up a disclaimer in my next video, if there will be another. Something I realized randomly the other day
is that there’s a huge gap in the market for business and marketing advice ASMR videos
and I thought: “I haven’t whispered in a while, might
as well try this out.” But don’t worry, although I’ll be making
a fool of myself on camera, this video will still be very valuable for those of you who
want to learn how to market your business on Instagram. Also, be sure to stay until the end to get
a bonus tip that exposes the secret behind viral content. So, let’s start with step 1:
If you do not already have an Instagram business account, get one.
To do this is easy, just go to your settings and click “switch to business account”.
But beware, in order to do this you must have a Facebook business page as well. And if you don’t have a Facebook business
page, get one. I won’t be showing you how in this video, because this video is about
marketing on Instagram, not Facebook, and ain’t nobody got time for that.
Next step: Know your audience It’s impossible to market on Instagram without
knowing who your audience is. Kinda like how it’s impossible to use a
Jaclyn Hill lipstick without a life insurance policy. If you didn’t get that joke then imagine
cutting off the fur of a rat, putting it inside a blender with a piece of metal with some
candle wax and brown food coloring, letting it harden for a while and putting it on your
lips. You can’t do all that without life insurance. Same way you can’t market on Instagram without
knowing your audience. -See how I brought it back around? I could’ve wrote the ending of Game of Thrones…in
my sleep. So, determining who your audience can be a
long process. I have a video about my 5-step expert formula to becoming a thought-leader
and it includes a method to finding your target audience based off your own skillset. Check
it out in the card above. To keep things simple, on Instagram, the best
way to find your ideal audience is through hashtags. IG allows you to search hashtags now and with
this feature, you can browse all the people who use a particular hashtag. So I suggest you write down a good long list
of hashtags that you believe are relevant to your niche. Also, if you search these hashtags and do
some digging, you can determine the shared demographic of your audience. Are they in school? Do they mainly work in
corporate America? Are they moms? Do they like memes? Also, take note of who they all follow on
social media. Is there a celebrity that they stan? Are they obsessed with Bob Ross? Like
who isn’t but, still it’s something to make note of. Step number three: Determine your Objectives
What I mean by this is to determine what you want to achieve while using Instagram at this
stage of your marketing. If you’re a completely new brand, you may
go for a brand awareness objective. If you fairly experienced, you may decide
to increase community engagement. Or of you are having trouble getting sales,
a conversion objective may work better for you. Determining this prior to creating content
will help you to plan ahead. Certain types of content fit with certain types of objectives. So, you don’t want to put the cart before
the horse or jump the gun like what Jay-Z did with Tidal. Step four is to spy
In order to be successful at any kind of online marketing, you must be a good spy.
When you analyze your competitors who are actually getting results, you can better plan
your own content. Take a look at some of your competitor’s
pages, by using the hashtag strategy I discussed in the first step, and see what posts get
the most engagement. So the ones that get the most likes, comments,
or views, screenshot them so you can refer back to them. Also, pay attention to the questions being
asked in the comments and the hashtags that they are using. Do they have call-to-actions in the majority
of their posts or only a few? And how often are they showing up?
Just don’t ever steal their content. Please. Originality is still the way to go.
Another words, don’t be like James Charles. Step 5 Is to create a content strategy
So you’re going to decide on what type of content is best for your feed based on your
brand and the things you discovered in the first 4 steps. Instagram has all sorts of types of content
to choose from: photos, short videos, gifs, stories. You can even use user-generated content. I actually have an entire video dedicated
on creating the best content for Instagram that you can check out in the top right corner
of your screen. But not until you watch until the end because
there are more things to uncover in this video. Step 6 is to write enticing captions
I have another video all about writing the best captions for Instagram right in this
corner, but I will say the best strategy to write a great caption is to tell a story. Brand Storytelling is my schtick if you don’t
already know. I am a firm believer that when you tell stories in your marketing, you are
creating a bond with your audience each and every time you show up. Like Dave Chappelle did. He disappeared for
years, came back a completely different person, but the world still loves him because of the
stories he told. So what I’m saying is, you want your bond
to be as strong as Tyrone and his crack pipe. Step 7 Create community
Community is one of the cornerstones of an excellent brand. When you create a communal
space that people can support one another or just chill together, your brand begins
to shape into something much bigger. The thing is, you want to be needed as a brand.
It’s not enough you just be a want. Leveling up means that your audience goes
from liking you and trusting your brand to being addicted to it. When you create a community around your brand
you become the glue that holds it all together. Think about other big brands that do this. Without Starbucks, where else would people
with no jobs sit and pretend to type on a laptop for hours? I mean without the WNBA,
where else would nobody care? Lastly, you need to check up on your analytics
to see what’s working and what’s not. If there’s anything that I’ve learned
in my 20+ years of stepping on the scale, is that numbers don’t lie.
It doesn’t matter what you think is working if you don’t have the data to back it up,
then you have to rethink your strategy. Instagram actually has a built in analytics
tool to show you some really good data on your marketing game. You can use that or tools like Hooper HQ Analytics
to track your progress. Remember, the numbers don’t lie, so even if you spent hours working
on a killer post, if no one engages, then that ain’t it. What I find that people respond to most nowadays
is authenticity. Which brings me to my surprise bonus tip! Use growth hacking tactics like challenging
assumptions to stand out more from the competition. I talk A LOT about challenging assumptions
in my videos and content. It’s something that I also go into a lot
more about in my course, so if you grab my free Instagram content toolkit then you can
read more up on it there. But in a nutshell, challenging assumptions
would be like if a vegan health coach put out an ad that simply said: “You thought tofu was made of plants, but
actually, it’s made of cows…Learn more here.” Can you imagine the hysteria that would cause? But it gets your attention doesn’t it? Heck,
anybody would click on that ad. Like for real? Also, what I’m doing right now is sort of
like challenging assumptions. I’m doing something that no other marketing consultant
would ever do…whisper. But this is what it is to challenge assumptions
or perceptions. And it’s marketing GOLD. So, you’re welcome. Put that in your back
pocket and save it for a rainy day. Remember to download my free Instagram content
creation toolkit to step your game up even more. The link is in the description. Also, if you liked listening to me whisper,
then like this video so I know how many creepy viewers I have. And subscribe to see what
other shenanigans I get into, while giving you the best marketing advice on the internet!
Take that Gary V! No, actually don’t take that, I’m kidding. Hit the bell to know when I drop another humiliating
video and as always, if you want to level up your brand, get your story straight!

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  1. Hey storytellers! I hope you were thoroughly entertained AND educated while watching this video. There's just something about whispering while doing educational content that makes the info hit different. Don't forget to down my FREE Instagram Content Toolkit!

  2. "Originality is still the way to go. Another words, don’t be like James Charles" – you are reading and it's so hilarious🤣

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