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good morning evening at night my name is Akua and welcome to my channel so this video will be a first in the series
called hashtag hot take tuesdays editing Akua here I’m not completely
enthused with this title hashtag can’t take Tuesday’s it’s a bit corny
so it’s subject to change where I analyze controversial topics and also
news and fashion save you interested stay tuned glossier is a millennial
beauty brand has taken a makeup world by storm if you call yourself a beauty guru
and you haven’t reviewed glossy products are you even a beauty guru I joke but
glossier currently has 400,000 videos on YouTube and it’s increasing by the day
and most of the people who do these glossy videos are regular consumers.
People like me, who don’t have a celebrity status or anything but there
are interested in the product or they’re curious about it . Glossier’s
marketing strategy fandom and products fascinated me and inspired me to analyze
why they have this such they have such a cult-like following so let’s examine it
together okay so let’s look at the creator and me bias I saw her name
pronounced and levi’s so hopefully I’m pronouncing that name right if not I’m
sorry and they buy is created glossy ain’t 2014 but oddly enough she’s not
the face of the company though consumer is do my search I kept
seeing this term people based marketing oh so consumer based company and that’s
exactly what glossy it is basically that means that the people the consumer have
a role or have a play in the production side of a company the fact that how many
buys is not the face of the company if you go to glossy Instagram account
you’ll see that she’s there she has a presence but she’s not in every photo
don’t have a sense that she he’s running the Instagram account or
whatever and the same goes for the YouTube channel and also you can compare
this to fancy Beauty for child oh so say is the consumer based marketing they’re
quite different in fancy beauty you can clearly tell that rihanna is the face of
the company as opposed to glossy eight and most offensive beauty you see
Rihanna costly on my Instagram constantly making you makeup tutorials
as a celebrity I think that this is quite interesting they are like in the
wave that they both take from the culture of a consumer and take from the
feedback of the consumer oh so I think that the fact that the consumer is the
face of a company adds to its likability and also cult-like following glossy I
started off in my opinion as like pretty models with the clear skin and a lot of
people share this opinion with me and this added to their like aspirational
makeup sort of brand it either turned people off or really like brought people
in and their mantra of makeup second skin first has resonated with a lot of
people now within the last I would say five to seven years serves there’s been
like an increased wave on skincare around that time like now young people
or like younger people really care about like skincare and are doing like
preventative this stuff like SPF and like what toners and whatnot like early
on and I think glossier really caught on to that wave
it was like from that phenomenon it’s just this idea that once you take care
of the within you can be beautiful and that goes also with skin with
self-esteem anything skin first makeup second vamp point youtubers for
advertising and I feel like they puppy won’t like this I feel like they’re at a
modern-day Yvonne like youtuber so if you like I just got this and yours would
be like a word that’s how you got so beautiful that and it’s just that’s how
it works see this referral system sharing mentality is actually as Moses
said the most popular way to discover a new beauty product so today 60% of women
in the u.s. say that the number one reason that they’re convinced to buy a
new beauty product that they haven’t tried before is through a peer to peer
recommendation friends with friend friends or influencers referring the
products to their supporters and also add to this aspirational yet relatable
thing is their videos one of the videos and most popular for is their morning
routines I mean if you watch more of them no shade but they all kind of see
the same but they have this aesthetic it’s a part of the reason why the brand
is so likable is that they’re constantly evolving you’re constantly listening to
the consumer when the consumer says that if their bottles are mostly white they
add more models of color and people like me say that the skin tint does not have
the range they add more colors or more ranges more shades yeah that’s where is
more shades when people say that their makeup is for
people with clear skin they add an acne treatment I could go on but they’re
constantly listening to their consumer the critiques of the consumer what they
like and then tweaking it with each generation and I think this is good and
it’s not to the detriment of the company because they’re not creating so many
products that the consumer is overwhelmed so let’s talk about the
products product line is easily digestible and quite youthful
oh so it’s also something that you can use with their hands so it’s quite fun
and it serves multiple functions it really takes me back to being a kid
and take my mom’s lipstick and put it on my lips my cheeks and my eyelids and
then pretending I was in a fashion show or something it’s it allows for a lot of
creativity that way the audience on into the gloss we have you know between two
and three million unique visitors from around the world who come every month
their household income is a little bit higher than the glossy a customer lot of
the profiles that we’re doing are of women who spend a lot of money on beauty
and this face distinct demographic that likes glossier it’s mostly like young
people partly because one it’s not with ridiculously expensive and two it
requires your hands and stuff and three it’s what we use okay one thing I was
gonna say is the demoness and my coverage also invoke this youthfulness
that occurs naturally among young people or kids and also the products fostered
this low consumption mentality because it’s such a few products you know you
don’t have like three types of foundation small digestible youthful
that’s a brand so those who bought glossy of products like the skin care of
makeup note that it comes with a bubble wrap bag stickers
and a postcard and effluent that’s one of the unique thinks about them and the
things that increases their likability like the first of my bought stuff I got
the one of the things I got was the cloud paint and dusk which made me look
ashy and make me look dewy at the same time I don’t know how that’s possible
but yeah I just try to make it work even though wasn’t working I bought the cloud
paint the orange one and in Dawn and I just made it work I’ve also seen people
do that especially for the skin tonight though
people will put my skin tuna on and then they’ll put the glossy a concealer on
and then they’ll use their high coverage other brand concealer as well I was like
what’s the point I don’t understand but I feel like when a brand you like a
brand so much you just want to make it work
so those people are making it work oh so one of the things that France aesthetic
is intended to dismantle this beauty shaming this idea that if you spend a
lot of money on product you’re putting that makeup on to make yourself
beautiful what you’re not self you’re not beautiful yourself and also if you
have a lot of products in your drawer that means that you’re high maintenance
so I’m advised I’ve just said this in multiple interviews that just trying to
dismantle this but I feel like I don’t know if it’s velocity as a brand doing
or if the consumers doing but it still has this glorifies as low maintenance
aesthetic so what’s your makeup routine oh I’m really low maintenance I’m not
like the other girl all I do is it spritz my water in the
morning my Evian matzah in the morning and that’s it I’m so I’m so French oh so
I can understand why people try to mix this makeup work aside from the fact
that it’s a local brand glossier is not meant to be the only products you use
you’re meant to use glossy products to supplement your other products as we see
in glossier and into the glass videos there’s always a glossier product but
then there’s also other products as a so it’s a dossier like people say so yeah
glossy ace marketing strategy which employs youtubers and other influential
people as a referral system its products which are youthful easy to use and
multi-use and it’s banned them who are happy to be a part of the production has
created this likable and cult-like following so much so that the fans or
people who use these products are very eager to defend people who say anything
bad about them almost to a fault but yeah this is my analysis of glossier if
you guys want to see more please subscribe hey yo I’m back again what do
you guys think of um glossier play I have checked their Instagram account
like just now just to see if there was like any new information but there was
nothing and people are really pressed their like you guys said it was gonna be
March it’s March and you guys aren’t telling us anything about glossier Flay
y’all really mad anyway um yeah I don’t really know what it is I guess nobody
does it I thought was gonna be something like
it’ll be like our full makeup like a brand that like their version of having
like very colorful makeup full full coverage type of thing but maybe not
maybe it’s like social media a platform that people can like suggest new like
makeup that they like I don’t know kind of the level you guys think if you’re
right you get it like I don’t know so until next time bye

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  1. You my dear are GLOWING in this video ! Realistically when I first heard of the brand I was so enthralled to learn more. Their new makeup line makes me want to start wearing makeup to be honest. I told myself that after I finished my internship this summer I’d buy loads of their product. lol @ “modern day Avon” 🦋

  2. Such a fascinating video! I've always been intrigued by Glossier's marketing strategy and loved watching this – it's such an informative analysis (and humorous too, I laughed at the low maintenance part). Also your makeup is gorgeous! ♡

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