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We’ve got a wide variety of equipment from sheet-fed to web offset printing, which means that our product portfolio is very large. The sort of products we offer are leaflets, brochures, media inserts. we produce a lot of door drops, magna-strips, perfect bound brochures, it’s a large suite of products. If you work with Eclipse, you are going to get a guaranteed product so quality is paramount to us, we work tremendously hard to achieve that. I’ve worked for Eclipse for 11 years now. One particular day you could be running in the sheeter, another day in the folder, another day in the inline and to produce a top quality job for our clients is the first and upmost. That’s what I take pride in. 99.9% of the time we deliver what people want, on time and in full. We work with customers very closely, we can produce innovation. If they want a stand out product we are able to help them on that. We are trusted, if you have a look at our customer base they’ve been with us for many years, they see us as true partners.

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