GOING ON HOLIDAY TO DUBAI Business Class Airplane Flight!!
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GOING ON HOLIDAY TO DUBAI Business Class Airplane Flight!!

Oh correct I was so excited and it's both question and underneath so how about breakfast yeah and after me and Isla have eaten out breakfast Oh area money hidden compartments you said you got hidden compartments did you notice as a bar at the back of the plane where we are was there there's a bar in there and this our Oilers anything else on these putts either analyze pitches and there is a strawberry or berry and there is a pineapple I thought use a coffee girl the chicken life what about you to honor well you'd say John a free snacks we have to pay for them a lot free who told you the free I did not where's you first what you first would be today are they free she's asking about the snacks on the side I've told her they're not free they got to pay for the snacks Oh why have you seen what you like white BC got along my beauty he forgot the healthy option oh gosh terrible Ani they start vegetables it's fruit oh I love this you know what you can do bring that piece of cake for Mom and she'll be so happy to see that she'll give that tonight and I know show up yeah one at a time out of 10 pilot wakey-wakey cake delivery Tiana's give it was it returned our turn yes wakey-wakey let's get forms rated look at this now patiently waited out of 10 zero I don't think opinion therefore second is together five guys come to the bar that's either sit down and relax stretch your legs open your eyes a bit could you've had em closed for about five hours I think that's what you need to do open your eyes shut your blinds lot let's revise calm it up together here we go oh she's got double blinds you are crazy there's not a shower with that cake this is this is the best opportunity for you to ask for something right now you might get two pieces oh yeah you failed she's not gonna go near that here we go there we go see I've taught them both because I'm a top chef you see back in the UK you know Top Chef you know you know me well good I'll go for it mate you got a big piece of cake if you order now we've got these two talented chefs beyond the ball can I have a fruit stick please thank you very much come on straight into the olive well dude Wow modem Franko's either until now better mostly reaction the puzzle you've got your own batch what you do the ones back are you talking or three where's she coming just puts it in the hole no way she's in the hole guys sounded even Tiana you do your review on your area and all the nooks and crannies and sneaky compartments and and the fridge the fridge take this also tray – difficulty play in the islands Omaha pattern of I didn't come into play storage he's so hot you go econ it's hot we're sure ila are you HOT put the aircon on I'm sweating Kim it are you driving a big vehicle you see the size of it look at this upstair to drive these on these roads in dubai look at the body guys look at the size of that look at it guys I must say it's amazing this car is is ila we're not stealing the Atlantis would you like to step Atlantis

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