Going places: Internships and study abroad
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Going places: Internships and study abroad

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Script Summer of 2009, I worked at the Goddard Space
Flight Center, which is right outside of Washington D.C. I was working on the James
Webb Space Telescope, and then this past spring, I took off the whole spring semester
to go down to Florida to work at the Kennedy Space Center, which was another great experience.
I got to see a couple shuttle launches, and really got some good hands-on engineering
experience. I had an internship on the Hill in Washington
D.C., and I was a congressional intern in the
office of Congressman Robert Brady, which was I can’t say enough good things about it.
It was really enlightening, and I learned so
much. I spent 10 weeks living, working, reading, researching on the Hill, and meeting all the
people in the political process—everything was
just so fascinating. I’ve actually developed a really great interest in that now, and I’d
like to make politics, in some sense, part of my future
career. I had two internships this past summer. Both
in asset management. One on the equity research side of things. I’d gone to Lewis
Assessment Management right outside Philadelphia, and I also worked on the client
side of things at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in private wealth. So, it was a busy
summer. In 2009, I participated in the research internships
in science and engineering program, which is a German academic exchange service,
and I worked in a research lab in Germany at the University of Freiberg, which was probably
one of the best experiences of my life. With the Honors College, they do make a very
strong push for you to go abroad, as they should, because it is a great experience for
any students. I spent three weeks in India. I went to Ghana. I did the Schreyer London Study Tour. I’m going to Prague next semester. I wanted to go to Argentina. Next semester, I’m going to be living and
studying in Seville, Spain. We send about eight students to an orphanage
in India every year where we stay for three weeks, and we interact with everyone at the
orphanage. We help out with some service- learning projects around the orphanage, and
that was an amazing experience. My experience was incredible, once in a lifetime,
definitely not your typical study abroad experience. I can say that for sure. When I heard that they had that London Study
Tour program I was like “okay” because I
love theater, and I’ve always wanted to go to London. So, I did that experience, and
that was wonderful. I’m really excited because I’ve been to Prague
before but only for like two or three days. It’s
a really beautiful city, and I’m looking forward to experiencing the culture and doing
a bit of traveling in the area. This was my first time out of the country
and, being a member of the Honors College, I was
able to receive a Schreyer Travel Ambassador Grant, which allowed me to just have some
extra spending money while I was abroad and just be involved in more cultural activities
that I probably wouldn’t have been able to be involved in had I not received those
extra funds. Next semester, I’m going to be living and
studying in Seville, Spain, for about five months.
I’m going to be studying at the University of Seville or la universidad de Sevilla, and
I couldn’t be more excited. I’m taking five
courses. I’m living in a home stay so I’ll be living
with a Spanish family and, hopefully, when I get back, I will be really good at Spanish
[laughs]. 1

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