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Gold Coast local website design. Ph 0468 420 470 talks about Integrated Website Marketing. Integrated website marketing is about getting
as much exposure as possible from different sources. After your Gold Coast Business Website,
the next most important source is online video and obviously people love YouTube. It’s getting
as much time onsite as Google now, so it’s an absolute must have as part of your integrated
marketing plan. The second area is article directories and
there are some very important ones that will give you traffic from one article for years
to come. And the third is social marketing. Social media like Facebook, Google +, Twitter,
they’re important to people under thirty, so you need to look at the demographics of
who you’re marketing to. If it’s an aged care facility, social media probably isn’t important,
if it’s it iPods it certainly is important. We will produce your marketing video for you
and we will guarantee that you will get 1,000 hits on your video within 21 days. And that’s
as important as a guaranteed Top 30 Google ranking because there’s no point in being
on YouTube if no one sees you. Your article, you can either write it for
us if you enjoy that. If you don’t, we will write it for you and publish it, as part of
your Gold Coast Business Websites package. We can do all that for you if you wish. And
then social marketing, it really depends on what your market and particularly your age
group is. Okay, let’s just walk you though a few examples here. First, Article Directories,
secondly the main Video Sites and finally Social Media Sites. This is Terry Fisher of
In the next video we’ll look at how simple and easy it is these days to have a Word Press
website and why you don’t need to be afraid of the technology any more. Check Video 4 for more on Gold Coast Business

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