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Hello, friends. Jordan Hansen here, aka Golf
Secret Weapon, and founder of Ace Golf Marketing. In this short video, I’m going to go through
three very powerful golf marketing strategies that you can use in the struggling economy,
that will put you on top. The times have changed. I don’t think this
is news to you. If you’re watching this video, at least you’ve found my site. You know that
golf business is not what it was 10 or 15 years ago. It’s changed a lot. I’m sure you’re
aware of that and probably experienced many of the struggles yourself. Here was a quote
I pulled right off the PGA’s website. They say, “Right now, more golf courses will continue
to close than open over the next few years.” And yeah, this isn’t anything new
to any of us here in the golf business, but it’s funny how they phrase it here. I don’t
know. It doesn’t really sound like they’re wanting to comment too much, but they definitely
acknowledge that the golf business is tough, and is forecasted to be tough over the next
few years. So moving forward, it doesn’t look so good
either. Whenever I dug a little deeper and did even more golf research and research on
the golf business, I found this quote by the National Golf Foundation. “Golf course openings
in the United States are at historically low levels. Only 13 courses opened in 2012, while
155 closed.” And again, this is from the National Golf Foundation. I dug these stats out. You
can easily find them as well as do your own research. So basically what they’re telling
us is that this doesn’t look good. The golf business, the future of it doesn’t look great
right now, and again, I don’t think that’s news to you. But there is hope, my friend,
and there is something you can do about it. And actually this statistic that I found on
Bloomberg’s website basically goes through it and kind of contradicts those other two
statements, saying that golfers played nearly 500 million rounds in 2012, which was up 5.7%
from 2011. You know, we probably have some of the massive
discounting that Golf Now and Golf 18, and all of these other third party tee time vendors
are basically just whoring out the rounds of golf to the point to where, you know, I’ve
seen where now, through Golf Now’s latest venture,, that rolls
out in 2014, sells their trade time that you probably trade or have done in the past to
use their services. But they sell that trade time now, if they haven’t sold it a day before,
it goes onto the Last Minute Golfer, and that’s the day prior and the day of. They’re selling
those trade times, I’m in San Diego here, but they’re selling those trade times at $40-$50
golf course around here for $4-$5-$6. So it’s ridiculous. Go to Check
it out yourself. You’ll see that the discounting is only getting worse, my friends. I pulled
my own golf courses off of all of those networks. I experienced, tried them for a while, back
whenever Golf Now would actually work with me on a minimum threshold that the rounds
would be sold for. If you have that kind of leverage and can use it to reach a bare minimum
they’ll sell your trade times for, maybe that works for you. But they wouldn’t work with
me anymore. So I just did away with them. We continue to build our list larger and larger
there, and use that as our means of communication. Hey, and if we want to do a promo or discount
to our list, I’m more of a big fan of adding value than discounting, so let somebody come
and pay regular price, and then maybe give them an incentive to come back. So I strongly
encourage you to take that same route in your golf marketing approach, especially for your
golf course, is to try to add value before you just try to give away your rounds of golf.
I hope that’s not news to you either. But I did away with them and you may want to consider
doing the same. Golf courses that follow these little-known
golf marketing strategies will be more profitable. I’m going to go through three magic bullets
that you can use for your golf marketing strategy, and how you can increase your profits, and
make 2014 your best year ever. So if you’re a golf instructor, and you leverage these
same strategies, you’re likely to pull a six-figure salary. So if you take this and you run with
it, and you do exactly as I’m about to share with you, you’re going to have great success
as a golf course, as a golf instructor, or a golf brand. You’ll even see revenues increase,
and cost per sales decrease. The bottom line being, golf courses, golf instructors, and
golf brands, you will all see your sales skyrocket with these three golf marketing magic bullets,
I call them. Magic bullets may sound a little far-fetched, but these are three very powerful
and proven golf marketing strategies you can immediately take, put to use in your business,
and become more profitable almost immediately. The first one is probably nothing new to you.
You probably focus 90% of your efforts here, and you probably shouldn’t be focusing that
many of your efforts. It’s easier to sell more stuff to existing customers, and I’m
going to touch on that. But, to get more golfers. So that’s the first way that you can make
more money, is obviously by getting more golfers to your golf course, getting more golfers
that buy from you, and any business you’re in. If you’re selling lessons or you’re a
brand, you want more golfers buying from you. One way you can do this is by staying in touch.
And you’ve probably heard me talk and read some of my articles and posts and content.
Build your list. You must have a list, and you must have a responsive list. So you do
that by staying in touch. You do that by putting irresistible offers on your website, on your
social media page, and driving traffic to those irresistible offers, collecting names
and emails. And don’t do this through just a standard web form.
I see web forms all the time that look terrible (A), (B) they ask for way too much information.
I see golf courses all the time asking for every little detail you’ve ever imagined.
Who’s your mobile carrier? You know, how old they are? All types of different information.
Although age is nice to know. There are bits and pieces of information that are nice to
know. Do not include the nice to know information in your initial form. All I would ask for,
and I recommend my clients, is to ask for first name and email. Then if you want to
go beyond that and you want to collect more information, you can do that in the next depth
form. So I use a marketing strategy called two-step web form opt in. So they enter name
and email. Then I take them to a next page that already has their name and email, that
asks them maybe for their address, or for more information that we’d like to know about
them. That’s the nice to know info. We want their name and email so we can communicate
with them almost for free via email marketing. So you’ve got to stay in touch. You’ve got
to send frequent emails. Don’t burn out your list, but I definitely recommend you send
at least once a week, if not more frequently. The second golf marketing magic bullet is
to sell more stuff to your existing golfers. So this is something, a strategy that’s so
overlooked by almost every golf course, by almost every brand or lesson. There is nothing
more powerful than trying to sell more stuff to your existing golfers. They’re already
at your course. They’re already taking your lessons, or they’re already buying from you
on your website. Strike while the iron is hot, my friend. Surely you’ve heard that saying.
So you need to be trying to up-sell them other complimentary products, services. If they’re
at your golf course, you can easily try to up-sell them, so you need to master the up-sell.
All of your point of contact personnel does. So for example, at the golf course, your beverage
cart, your bartenders, your pro shop staff, whoever is that touch point working one on
one with your customers, needs to master the up-sell. So you need to train them on how
they can sell more stuff to the golfers that are already at your location, and they’ve
already got their wallet out buying from you. Those are the easiest people to sell more
stuff to. So just think about it. If you could sell
an extra soda or Gatorade, or whatever it may be, an extra sleeve of balls, to say,
even half of the players that come to your golf course that day. Say you have 100 players.
Fifty of them buy a Gatorade at $3.00 a whack. Congratulations. You’ve just added an extra
$150 to your bottom line every day. Do the math on it. You can easily see the numbers
start to stack up very quickly. So seven days, that’s an extra thousand dollars a week. Put
it, say you’ve got 40 major weeks in your season. You’ve made an extra $40,000 on your
bottom line by doing nothing, no additional expense incurred whatsoever. So if you can
sell that sleeve of balls, you can easily double your profits there, adding another
$50, $60, $70, of $80 thousand dollars to your bottom line, just by mastering the up-sell.
Make this part of your golf marketing strategy for 2014, and I promise you will see more
profits come in the door, because it doesn’t cost you anything, and those are some of the
easiest people to sell more to, is raising your value per golfer, from even just a couple
of dollars will make a huge difference over the course of the entire year.
So the third golf marketing magic bullet is to increase golfer frequency of purchase.
And the fortune is in the followup, my friend. You’ve probably heard me say this over and
over. I tend to harp on some of the most powerful golf marketing strategies there are. I can
tell you right now, that by increasing the frequency of purchase, getting golfers to
buy from you, instead of on a weekly basis, say you could bring them there twice a week,
or three times a week. Or if they only come to your course, or only get a lesson or buy
online from you once a month, you really need to dial in and concentrate on some strategies
to get them to buy from you more frequently. One way you can do this is by following up.
If you’ve paid attention to where I started here, on getting more golfers, that all starts
with collecting more leads, giving away a very valuable piece of content or information
or offer to collect more leads, build your email list.
Your database is really your license to print more money for your business. So building
that and then following up, repeatedly. You may have lots of different offers you could
do, and I don’t mean always selling. You can do relationship building. Golfers love golf
tips. There’s one thing that is a very easy piece of content that every golfer on your
list is going to love. That is to improve their golf game. So by adding free information
and content that will help them play better golf, that will entertain and engage them,
you’re going to find that they become more loyal and start to open your emails more.
Next thing you know, you’re the person that comes in their in box that’s always there.
They look forward to your emails, and they like to buy from you. That will help you increase
your frequency of purchase by staying in constant communication, and by following up with those
leads that you’re collecting. If you would like me to personally put together
a profit plan for you that will increase your income by 2, 3, or even 4 times, without paying
a dime, click the link below. We’ll go through it together. Get the details right now. We’ll
put together a golf marketing profit plan for your golf course, your lesson business,
or your brand that you’ll love. And hey, if you decide that you’d like to work together
and choose that you would like to become a client, awesome. If not, no worries. Take
this profit plan and run with it, because I guarantee it will be worth your time. You
won’t pay me a dime. We’ll put together the plan that’s custom for your business, and
you’ll love it. I can tell you that much. I hope you’ve enjoyed these golf marketing
magic bullets, and this short video, and I look forward to talking to you soon. Jordan
Hansen, signing out.

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