Google Engineering Practicum Internship Program
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Google Engineering Practicum Internship Program

CAROLYN LEE: Today we’re having
our final presentations for Engineering Practicum. And this is where our
Engineering Practicum Interns will present their projects to
full-time engineers, hosts, mentors, as well as other
interns at Google. JEANETTE MIRANDA: Well I looked
at the program and it had Google at the top and
I said, OK, I’m not going to get in. It’s Google. I shouldn’t even bother
applying. But I was talking to a friend,
and the decision was, you should really go for it
because you don’t have anything to lose and this is an incredible internship program. CAROLYN LEE: There’s going to
be a lot more support than your traditional internship. So not only will they code for
12 weeks, but they’re also going to attend classes. JEANETTE MIRANDA: And those
classes were really good at bridging that gap between CS
in school and CS at Google. So you’re going to have a mentor
who’s there for you. You’re going to have two hosts
rather than just one host. And all of these things just
made it such a special experience. ANIL KOKORAM: In this one
project, she was able to do mathematics, statistics, as well
as programming, as well as systems engineering, and
actually see pictures coming out of a production chain. Now that’s something that people
don’t quite realize, that breadth of experience that
you get with a company like Google. She has complete access to all
Google infrastructure, Google systems, Google Build
hierarchies, and so on. LIAM MORRIS: Our overall goal is
to find and identify groups of related Google+ posts. JASMINE PETERSON: We’re the
G+ Intern Post Clusterers. LIAM MORRIS: Social Ranking
Interns is our technical name. JASMINE PETERSON: Oh yeah, we’re
Social Ranking Interns. There we go. Each cluster has a unique
ID identifying it. And this way, we can see
outliers and we can see trends very easily. I was really surprised
by how relevant our project was, actually. I thought it was going
to be relevant, but not super relevant. Like we’d be working on a
cool feature that wasn’t necessarily important. But this is actually a real
person project that may one day go into production and
become an actual feature, which I think is fantastically
cool. ERICH SCHMIDT: You get offered
the nice project to work on, but then you have to own it. And you have to own both its
successes and its failures. And it also helps them develop
much more than if we gave them a project and guided them
very closely throughout. LIAM MORRIS: The code
base is so huge. If you need anything, it’s
pretty much already there. JASMINE PETERSON:
That was cool. That was really cool. LIAM MORRIS: It’s really
surprising just how much is already here. I have literally never done
anything like this before, so it’s really just great to
see how it all works. PRIYA DEO: I think it would be
really awesome to see a future Google product and say, hey,
I know how the back end for that works. JASMINE PETERSON: I built it. ERICH SCHMIDT: We’re very happy
with the way the project progressed. And definitely, thinking back
to the initial changes that they were making when they were
getting accustomed to the project, all of them have made
tremendous progress. And they also have evolved
very much as software developers, as engineers,
from their initial work. In the end, we ended up with a
nicely polished product and some very good code that will
be extremely useful for us going forward. [IN UNISON] Go Google+. JEANETTE MIRANDA: The
connections that you’ll make at the company, and with your
hosts, and with your team members, and with the other
teams that you talk to while you’re working on your project,
with the other people you meet in presentations, with
what you get to learn about being here, it’s an
incredible experience.

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  2. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity to work on challenging problems that aim to solve problems on a global scale!

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