Google+ Hangout Video Marketing Strategy By Todd Hartley from WireBuzz
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Google+ Hangout Video Marketing Strategy By Todd Hartley from WireBuzz

Let’s talk about how you can leverage Google+
on-air Hangouts, to advance research and discovery and ultimately the user experience, your audience,
and how they engage with your content. So what I would like to show you is what we are
doing for breastcanceranswers. At breastcanceranswers, we will do an event with one of the top doctors
in the world talking about breast cancer and the Hangout will also feature let’s say
a patient, who is a host, and she is having a conversation like you see right here. That
Hangout can broadcast live on breastcanceranswers, it can broadcast live on Google+ or on a YouTube
channel and any partner organization can also play that feed live. Now here’s where it
gets really cool. So that live event then gets saved automatically into our YouTube
channel, the whole live event, and then you can then take the embed code from that event
and create an article page on your website like we do on breastcanceranswers. But that’s
not all, there is also a couple of more steps how you can really maximize and leverage the
opportunity. So you can take this event and using software you can download it, that event,
the whole event, the one hour, and then cut it up safely into individual clips, using
something like, iMovie or Final Cut or the Windows movie program and as a Mac Geek I
really don’t know what the name is, but they must have a program in there and you
could cut individual clips and then with those individual clips let’s see you get sixteen
questions asked during your Hangout, you create sixteen individual article pages for each
of those questions. Now the user experience will always be that you are trying to give
the audience access to the most specific information that they are looking for. So you have two
options here, option number one, which is to give them access to the whole event, posted
on your site, they can also access it off of your YouTube channel and option number
two is you give them access to each individual question which allows the audience to really
appreciate that you are driving them directly to their specific answers. So if somebody
goes onto Google and they type in the best way to perform a breast self-exam, well, they
can easily access that individual clip that you cut up in option to on your website and
that is exactly how you use Google+ on-air Hangouts to not only provide great content,
to own the conversation around your brand, but also to provide in a post-production experience
and opportunity for your audience to find the specific question that they are looking

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4 thoughts on “Google+ Hangout Video Marketing Strategy By Todd Hartley from WireBuzz

  1. Really great idea to split up hangout that asks and answers a lot of questions into new articles. This is a huge return for content marketing coming out of one piece of content.

  2. This is absolutely the best Hangout On Air strategy I have seen to date. Todd Hartley is giving you the best advice any one can here to take HOAs that are easily an hour long and turn them into something that will succeed on YouTube.

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