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Google Marketing Platform integrations

DoubleClick offers a suite of advertising
solutions to help create, manage, and grow high-impact digital marketing campaigns. These solutions are collectively called the
“DoubleClick Digital Marketing Platform,” or DDM. To help measure impact, you can integrate
DDM reporting metrics directly into Google Analytics 360. These integrations add specific DoubleClick
reports to Analytics, as well as additional metrics and dimensions in standard reports. Let’s look at which DoubleClick solutions
integrate with Google Analytics 360. DoubleClick Campaign Manager, or DCM, is Google’s
third-party ad server and ad management system. Agencies and advertisers can use DCM to traffic
media plans, upload creatives, and set ad-serving rules. The DCM integration adds a new set of Acquisition
reports in Analytics. These reports are similar to AdWords reports,
but include impressions, clicks, and both view- and click-through sessions. The integration also updates all other Acquisition
reports by separately breaking out DCM-trafficked display advertising and enables DCM dimensions
and metrics to be used throughout Analytics 360. DoubleClick Bid Manager, or DBM, is what’s
called a “demand-side platform.” DBM allows businesses to buy ad impressions
at scale in real-time. Basically, every time a web page loads with
an available ad impression, a digital auction is held in milliseconds that evaluates a number
of criteria to select which advertiser gets to display their ad. The DBM integration allows you to use Google
Analytics data to define specific audiences so you can target those users with relevant
ads. For example, the Google Merchandise Store
could run a dynamic remarketing campaign that targets users who’ve visited a website more
than three times, live in a particular city, and have subscribed to their promotional newsletter. Once integrated with Google Analytics, a new
set of DBM reports appears in the Acquisition section showing site engagement and conversion
metrics along with DBM dimensions. Updated Acquisition reports break out DBM
display advertising, and DBM dimensions and metrics can be used for analysis. DoubleClick Search, or DS, lets businesses
manage search campaigns on Google AdWords, as well as other marketing platforms like
Bing Ads, Yahoo Japan, and more. In DS, you can use bid strategies to find
the most efficient spend for your advertising goals. The DS integration adds new reports to the
Acquisition section of Analytics 360, like the Engine Accounts report which allows you
to measure performance of ad clicks purchased across different search engines. It also allows you to use DS dimensions as
secondary dimensions and in segments. DoubleClick offers a number of powerful ad-serving
solutions to large advertisers. By integrating with Google Analytics 360,
businesses can better measure the impact of targeted ads, optimize campaign performance,
and make sure they get the best ROI across all channels.

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