Google Marketing Platform: Rituals Case Study
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Google Marketing Platform: Rituals Case Study

body, home and gifting brand. MARTIJN VAN DER ZEE:
Founded in 2000. We’re actually the fastest
growing bath and body brand in Europe, but
in the UK and US, we’re still relatively small. We have a loyal customer
base, but our challenge is to reach new audiences
in different countries. HEDWICH DE GROOT:
For us as Rituals, it’s extremely important
to reach those people at the right device,
with the right timing, with the right message. MARTIJN VAN DER ZEE: We use
Google Marketing Platform to allow us to have a
scalable approach in a very pinpointed way. In Google Cloud, we basically
store our first party data, which makes it really
convenient to connect with Google Marketing Platform. MATTANJA DE VRIES: With having
all the data in one place, it helps us be more effective,
but also really grow campaign after campaign, because
we’re able to use it in a really smart way. Google Marketing
Platform really helps us with creating the right audience
insights for the right products that we have. HEDWICH DE GROOT: It’s
extremely hard to find a balance how much communication
should we put out there. We took a look at the
conversion probability and it says something about are
they likely to buy, yes or no. So we created audiences
on purchase probability, and it’s outperforming far,
far the old manual strategy. MATTANJA DE VRIES:
I can now really focus on growth, looking
for new opportunities, expanding the campaigns,
learning from the campaigns. MARTIJN VAN DER ZEE: Before
we used it in the US, we were growing at a pace of
50%, 60%, 70%, which is already quite high. Right now, we’re
moving at 200% online. MATTANJA DE VRIES: Within the
machine learning capabilities of Google Marketing
Platform, we really use it to increase
our sales 85%. And also, it
decreased our CPA 15%. MARTIJN VAN DER ZEE: The
results are incredible. It actually helped us
transform our whole vision. We want to be a global brand,
and Google Marketing Platform facilitates that growth. We are now doing
everything audience-based. And not only in the
marketing channels, but also on the website and
in the future, on the app. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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