Google’s Virtual Career Fair: FAQs
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Google’s Virtual Career Fair: FAQs

[MUSIC PLAYING] DEVON: Hi, I’m Devon. And I’m a software
engineer here at Google. JESSIE: And hi, I’m Jessie. I’m on the University
Programs team here at Google. DEVON: When we
come to campus, we get a lot of common questions. So we created this FAQ to
make things easier for you. We expect that your resume will
be in the best state possible. You should be sure to eliminate
typos, follow grammar rules, and fix formatting issues. We also get asked, how do
I make my resume stand out? But the truth is, we simply
want to be able to clearly see the work you’ve done. Head over to our Resume
Prep video with the link below to get all of the info. JESSIE: Simply put, a
candidate applies on our site and then sends in their
resume and transcript. Good news. There’s no need
for a cover letter. If you move forward, you
may go through a phone and on-site interviews. For an in-depth look at our
application and interview processes, check out our
Career Fair video, link below. DEVON: It’s different
for everyone. But there are some
specific links below to see real Googlers
talk about their work. JESSIE: All of our
benefits and perks are about building a healthy
and happy workplace where Googlers can be productive. It’s not just free food and lava
lamps, although those are nice. See more about how we care for
Googlers at the link below. DEVON: Set up an alert
at Our application
dates go in cycles based on regions, business
needs, and other factors. Summer internships generally
open in early fall, but it’s best to set up alerts. Deadlines also follow cycles,
so pay close attention. JESSIE: So many. We can’t help but recommend
our career site for more info. Our Virtual Career
Fair video linked below is also an excellent resource. DEVON: Yes. For students, the only way to
get a job at Google is to apply online via
if you’re interested in full-time or
internship roles. JESSIE: Yes. But if you’re applying
for a technical role, we recommend that
you gain at least 6 to 12 months worth of
added technical experience and knowledge before reapplying. And for a business role,
we say one to two years. DEVON: One specialized program
we have is the Information Technology Residency Program. But many of our other roles
are open to any major. So check the qualifications
in the job posting, and don’t be afraid to apply. JESSIE: Many of our roles do
not require a computer science degree, even our software
engineering role. We want to see that you
have the skills needed, no matter your degree. Our Career Fair
video goes over some of the jobs we have available. And our Resume video
walks you through how to show off your skills. DEVON: Internships
are important. They provide invaluable
experience and show that you’ve been in a
professional environment. That said, we really
just want to make sure you were spending your time
honing your computer science skills, whether that be
spending the summer working on a personal project,
taking extra courses, or volunteering
for a coding camp. Just make sure the
results and impact come through in your resume. JESSIE: There isn’t any one
project that gets you in. But pro tip, look at the minimum
qualifications in the job description and highlight
projects that speak to those. Independent projects
and group projects are valuable, as well as open
source and class projects. Just remember to show your
impact on your resume. You can use this
type of a formula– accomplished x as
measured by y by doing z. DEVON: Depending
on Google’s needs, we hire new grads into sales,
people operations, marketing, finance, and legal. Google hires MBAs
into every department. Understand our jobs under
the Fields of Work link in the Careers website. JESSIE: Because we have
so many opportunities, it’s hard to point at what
a typical day looks like. A People Operations
Googler could be running a statistical
analysis one day and hosting an event the next. A Sales Googler could be
helping a small business develop one moment, and then filming
a video like this in the next. Our Careers site
has specific stories of Googlers and their work. So see below for some links. DEVON: Leverage your prior
skills and experiences. Google is a place to launch
your career as an MBA, but your past experience matters
in the recruiting process. Every position at Google relies
on making strategic decisions. All roles at Google
require you to leverage your critical thinking and
decision-making skills. MBAs work in all
functions at Google. Google hires top MBA talent
from many backgrounds in multiple fields of work. MBAs make an impact
at Google and will have ownership over their work,
including developing new skills to solve the big problems. JESSIE: Yes.
has all the info. We recommend setting up an alert
to find out about opportunities as soon as they are available. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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