Google’s Virtual Career Fair
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Google’s Virtual Career Fair

hi my name is Devin and I’m a software
engineer here at Google and I’m Jesse I’m on the university programs team here
at Google and welcome to our virtual career fair this is our video series
where the career fair comes to you in this video we’ll go over lots of
important information about working at Google including Google’s culture the
types of jobs that we hire for how to apply it with a couple application tips
and then we’ll finish it off with an overview of our interview process
and we also have a separate FAQ video where we’re gonna answer the most
popular questions that we get at career fair so definitely check that out and to
make things easy we split everything in the handy dandy chapters with links
below so now let’s start talking about a Google culture when they first started
our founders set out to build something really useful for people a way to
organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and
useful today we’ve moved well beyond search as you can see but we’re still
looking for answers to that big question and many others at the end of the day we
aim to build technology that helps people live happier in easier lives
being a Googler it’s all about wanting to make a positive impact on users lives
and we aim for big impact we look for people who are curious who aren’t afraid
to challenge the status quo ask the tough questions or push the boundaries
we found that focusing merely on 10% improvements while great inevitably leaves you focused on building upon existing tools and assumptions instead
Google likes to think at 10x. It boils down to reaching all the users because
all users are important it’s not enough to solve the problem for one type of
user or in one place we’re fortunate and that we are a big company and Google’s
resources can help us make that type of impact I’m talking about things like our
code base and our values and the incredible people you work with and can
bounce ideas off of these are our most valuable resources that make Google such
a unique place to innovate alright it is time to talk about googliness googliness
can be neatly defined but it’s what enables Googlers to thrive and
contribute positively to our culture to take a stab at it
it means being comfortable with ambiguity having a certain
dose of intellectual humility being biased towards action and having a
collaborative nature it also means you can adapt to change in our fast-paced
environment and that you’ll have fun along the way
yep all right no Googler makes this type of impact alone in order to build
products and solutions that work for all users we need diverse perspectives
within our own teams that’s why we’re committed to increasing diversity both
inside Google and across the tech industry we focused our efforts in three
areas number one expanding the ways we find
and hire our next Googlers number two bringing computer science education to
more students makers and future Googlers and number three ensuring that all
communities can access and benefit from the web and we want to ensure every
Googler can thrive it’s important that every Googler feels included and
supported inside and outside of work we want Googlers to feel comfortable to
share ideas bring their whole selves to work their family their hobbies their
interest and their sense of humor one key pillar is creating an inclusive
environment for Googlers while at work the other component is supporting our
Googlers and their families outside of work we’re constantly evolving our
benefits to support our growing aging and multiplying Googlers all over the
world and we work hard to make Google the best workplace possible we do this
through our benefits workplace design perks and culture you might not realize
that there’s a lot of thought behind all of our perks but what we really want is
for Googlers to have meaning in their work and be able to express their voice
we want people who are inspired by our mission and our culture when hiring new
Googlers we hope they’ll join us and build their careers here careers are
personal there’s no one right path and that’s certainly true at Google there
are so many opportunities to pursue an exciting challenges to tackle across
different teams regardless of which path you take we are committed to helping you
grow and improve your skills along the way here at Google we have a lot more jobs
available than some may think it’s true we have roles in sales engineering
finance technical writing design and even more than that our career site has
a lot more information but for now we’ll try to help so let’s
first talk about full-time jobs of course engineering roles are going to be
available at Google software engineering but it’s not just that we also have site
reliability engineers tools and infrastructure engineers product
managers and analysts we also have roles in user experience as well as some jobs
in hardware and on the business side we have roles on our sales team where you’d
be working with small and medium businesses as well as roles on the
global customer experience team GTECH roles and finance people operations
marketing and more so now let’s talk about our engineering and technical
programs and internships we have programs whether you’re in your first
year of college or you’re working towards your PhD yeah and some specific
programs that we like to mention our engineering residency program
engineering practicum and our PhD internship so check those out we also
have programs for interns outside of the US like our step program as well as
internships in engineering and again on the business side we also have varied
programs including our bold internship and in a few locations outside of the US
we have a business internship that’s all about real-world experience our MBA
internship has roles and sales GTECH corporate finance people operations and
a lot other places and don’t forget we’ve mentioned it before but our career
site has details on all of our roles internships and programs so be sure to
head over there all right let’s now dive into our
application process so applying to Google is pretty simple first you’re
going to find the role that’s the best for you
so the qualifications listed in the job descriptions are there to help you
select the role that best fits both your background and aspirations so pay close
attention recruiters review applications with
these in mind once you find the role make sure your resume is in tip-top
shape and we have some helpful links for that below you then submit your
application online at our career site we’ll need your resume and if you’re a
recent graduate looking for an internship or if the description asks
for it we’ll need your transcript but an unofficial one is fine there is no need
for cover letters though so take that time to make sure your resume is zero
errors yeah and after you apply you’ll wait we know waiting isn’t the most fun
but it does take time to go through resumes and we’ll reach out to you to
let you know if you’ve moved forward generally if you haven’t heard from us
in a few months the rule was probably filled and if you hear from us that
you’ll be moving forward in the hiring process great now you’re on to the
interview stage okay now we’re gonna dive into the
interview process so here at Google we interview a little differently that’s
true and the most in-depth resource for this is the how we hire section of our
career site that is a great resource in this video we’re gonna go over the
basics of the process for you so many of our roles require one or more phone
interviews these are going to be about 30 to 60 minute calls with someone with
role related knowledge sometimes this means with a recruiter your recruiter is
going to give you all the details before you take that first call and in some
cases the next step if you move past the phone interviews is the on-site
interview around although many internships don’t require this step
on-site interviews arroyo meet Googlers face-to-face for interviews usually 30
to 45 minutes each if you’re going for a technical or an engineering role we’ll
want to see those coding skills and if you’re going for a business role you’ll
demonstrate your role related knowledge and again please make sure to check out
our links for much more in depth information for interviewing and your
recruiter is also going to give you all the details about your interviews if you
move past the interview around your application packet which contains your
resume any other submitted work information and your interviewer
referral feedback this will go to our hiring committee and if an offer is to
be extended it’ll go through our executive review and again your
recruiter is the best resource for all information they’re going to make sure
that you’re up to date and explain the process in as much detail as possible thank you for visiting our virtual
career fair check out all of the helpful links below and make sure to follow our
Google students channels to keep up with us thanks for visiting

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