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The advantages of social media, facebook, twitter, myspace, flikr,
is that they all have a mobile compatibility. So you are not dragging a graduate out of the environment they
are comfortable in, where they feel confident using every day. I am quite active online I have got quite big online presence; I use a lot of
the big social networks; I am a very active user of them all the time. I have looked online for jobs on sort of websites, job seekers websites. If I was marketing to anybody, I would look at their environments and how they access information, and I would
make sure that my information was available to them within the environments that they are operating in. What is coming to place a lot more is a Careers and Employability Service; my university in particular
spends a lot of money making sure it is useful for students from the word go. I have signed up for a mailing list that the university provides,
because often companies have vacancies advertised to the universities. Graduates used to be a gap forming for people with degrees and people with degrees and experience; Entry-level positions
still want you to have prior experience and you are stuck in the Catch 22 situation. Unpaid internships arrived, I mean, it definitely looks like it is going to be a sort of
minimum wage job but also furiously networking and trawling the internet whilst doing so.

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  1. 1:32 – stupid girl.
    She spearheaded the 'condem the police' motion at National Union of Students this year.

    Everyone takes unpaid internships. You have to work hard to get a job. She's one of those people that wants to law to change to suit their own laziness.

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