Graduates: Join GSK’s marketing and sales Future Leaders Programme
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Graduates: Join GSK’s marketing and sales Future Leaders Programme

I am Mac-Anthony and I work with Consumer
Sales and Marketing. Here in GSK we live our values. We are who we say we are. Our products
are what we say they are. When you have belief in what you are selling, selling isn’t going
to be a problem. The benefits, I would say, for working in
a global organisation is massive. You get to understand the culture of every other country
that you come in contact with. You also understand that you have to think globally, though you
are acting locally. I have been involved in the Marketing Innovation
Lab; it was a very great opportunity for me to interact with so many other people from
different countries and backgrounds. We try to understand the consumers. With that we
came up with a whole lot of products which we are currently working on to see if they
can come to life. GSK is a great place to work because they
give you the tools, they give you everything you need to develop.
I am currently working on my professional course in supply chain. Supply chain has been
a dream of mine because I believe I am very good at planning; I can make plans and organise
the distribution and organise the warehouses and I can make this system function better.
When you have so many people working with you to support you to make you grow not just
professionally, but also in your personal life, with the mission of improving the lives
of people, to enable them to do more, feel better and live longer. You feel within yourself
that you are among the team that is really making peoples lives better.
I am Mac-Anthony. I work with Consumer Sales at GSK in Nigeria.

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