Graham School of Business at York College of Pennsylania
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Graham School of Business at York College of Pennsylania

(percussion music) – We like to think that our
programs are fast-changing, that they’re contemporary, they’re compelling, they’re competitive. We want to give graduates of the Graham
School of Business that edge that not only gets them the job, but actually puts their
degree to work in a career. – Something that separated York from the other colleges and
universities that I was looking at was the wide variety of
majors and minors that the business school offers. I think it was really great that I could focus on my own interests
and put them together in order to build my own career path. – Coming in, I chose marketing. You’re learning accounting,
you’re learning advertising. You’re learning everything that goes into running the business as a whole. It’s not just numbers that go into it, but there’s also a
creative side that you can combine with that. It’s almost art with business all put into one. – I think one of the things that makes the Graham School
of Business so unique is our three-part curriculum
that we offer at York College, blending the liberal arts
with professional education. So you have the bachelor
of science degrees, things like finance, and
accounting, and economics. Then we have our bachelor of business
administration platform. You’ll find things like integrated
marketing communication. Then we have degrees like philosophy in business is example, or a bachelor of arts in
international business. So if you’re interested
in that business degree, but your heart and your mind is also lured to these other
really interesting fields, put them together, come to
York, and study them both. – The classroom environment is one where we really want our students to engage in discussions with the faculty. In my six years, I’m still in contact with the students that I taught
in my very first year. So that’s the kind of relationship we’ve built with our students. – The Graham School of
Business does a great job of setting you up with internships. I got my first internship as a sophomore. After that spring semester
of my junior year, I was offered the internship with Carel as an operations specialist. My boss offered me a full-time
position once I graduated. – The Willman Business Center has a wonderful NASDAQ
full-time full trade system on the second floor. We have lots of study space,
lots of meeting rooms. The Business Center really
is designed to mimic the kinds of tools and
technologies and the ambiance of what you’re going to experience as you move in to the work world. – With the small class sizes, I think it’s allowed me
to come out of my shell and really participate in class because having all these people here
to encourage me and to help me has definitely made me more confident, and I’m really excited and I’m really happy that I chose York.

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