Great Brothel Marketing Plan
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Great Brothel Marketing Plan

you write in a lot of the story really
has a strong statement it is a strong statement and i’m not very sure that you
will and surely there’s a brothel very famous
problem highlighted that these %uh allowing men who’d had to the brothels name on their
bodies to have free entrance the brothel for the rest they life for the rest of
their lives and i want to tell you what the brothels
menace our ads are so %um nine armenians in now to accept different interpretations of
what pasha means so what what is needed it means %uh like a commander progenitor
role as someone who’s hira that’s interesting here %uh in armenian armenians using as if it
means i can’t some like although if my brother dresses nice
my mom will be like our passion you know about i don’t think that i could see the
prices are like higher are people so they could be you know %uh nobleman as well so that’s
why the woman would be nice address leader brother right you know i have a
son aahes it’s a very interesting marketing to it really is for like they’re given up a lot of you know image or either let’s put it that way but the flip side is this a home for the
jackets or on internet germany with posturing on there body parts date and we can hear at other
astronomical %uh wherever they want now but i would also not put a couple of hours
we had right %uh so far fourteen and done smile and excluded or why but the
brothel has its own tattoo artist who has to work extra shifts to fill these dot is it you know tax you punch on them i think it’s the latest that’s really really fun and a lot of
these men and are married and have less than one
hundred percent okay with it while now having a real conversation we do in europe ok they’ll mess around and look at the satellite except on yeah
i’ve still listed i’m still right here my ear open armies of this is the saudi royal
atlantic ended there also brazen about amigo while the fed to place like everybody sees only the lower house
recently and then you got for free i have that white house attracts a thousand %uh
individuals every single day individuals yes that both sides and then state until
may be gentle with subhash just a few footpath at out of the time i meant that
you do business there they and they know market

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54 thoughts on “Great Brothel Marketing Plan

  1. I've been there without a tattoo. Not to the actual whorehouse though, there's also a club / strip show thing. They do amusing individual performances for bachelor parties, and drinks are free once you payed the entry price.

  2. I havent looked it up, but I guarantee its just free admission.

    Am not sure the hookers even work directly for the place. I am guessing this is a professionals classy place…

    It would make more sense to hire in hookers, like builders hire subcontractors, because then you wouldnt face so many worker rights and you could just not renew the contract when you though the individual hooker didnt meet the places "standards". 🙂

  3. This is weird. How does this do anything other than get lots of ppl to get freebies from this brothel? How is this good for their business? IS there a gift store they can blow their cash on while inside or what?

  4. It said they get free entrance, but they must still have to pay for "favours" or this just wouldn't make sense. Unless they're just using free sex as a marketing tool for their now extremely busy tattoo parlour.

  5. If there is no cover charge how do they keep the deadbeats out? Seems to me that without some form of cover charge you would get a lot of lozers come in for a free show and not spend any money.

  6. aw dude, thats not only the rule for girls.. males also.. i myself worked as a prostitute from when i was 14 to 16, or else they would've cut my families support.

  7. aw well of course i didnt always like going to work, but i also wanne do my part to lower the unemployment rate for this great country.
    i did it for germany!

  8. dude.. first of all.. yes damn it, i am male and all that shit.

    maybe some details arent true, but over all i did that.

    in detail per example, only one wanted a rim job… but you know overall its somewhat right.

    and dont feel all high and mighty because you guessed right, i did a lot of shit, so of course i did most of what you can think of

  9. 2) yes
    3) yes
    4) yes

    but it didnt necessarily happen all in one session you know what i mean? some people liked that.. some that

    oh and also, i spend most time working for women folks, not that many people are gay you know… though i have to say some of those fat bitches…. you know…

    and thanks for the praise buddy i know ´we are glorious.

  10. dude.. there arent many jews left in germany
    plus pedophile means sex with prepuperty kids, it has nothing to do with underage or not

    … and to sleep with hot women for money you dont need to come to germany.. i bet there is a market for that in amerika.
    … except there its kinda illegal..
    but see that kinda buisness flourishes most where its illegal soo…. counter statement, maybe i should move to usa

  11. you didnt read past.. arent many jews????

    wtf dude.. you should i talked about something completely different after that.

    about the jews in our goverment though… please point out one

  12. you did.. didnt you?…
    are you 12 or something?

    to answer your question, yes, but that exists everywhere, not just in germany

  13. no i dont know actual companies.. you rightly detected my previous "i am a callboy" statement to be a satire of your "in germany chicks are forced into prostitution statment",
    thus i cant claim anymore that i am very known in this buisness.
    but i mean.. you can choose who youd fuck cant you? if your successfull and really as good as you say, you should be able to choose.

  14. see thats the problem dude.. you gotta start setting some standards, be like:"NOW YOU CANT FUCKING HAVE IT FOR FREE,GIMMI MONEY!!!!"

  15. you and your retarded false alternative perception!!

    .. like that your a good lay, if that would be so, you wouldnt be on every time i am

  16. well if id be brown you'd be wasting a lot of your time on a member of an inferior group of people, wouldnt you?
    and of course you wouldnt do that, thus i must be… .
    feel free to fill in the gap

  17. mhmm… are you trying to say i dont know what my race is and thus i am trying to avoid the point?
    i gotta wonder though, how can you be so sure im brown.. i bet there are lots of races and skin colors you'd consider inferior, so why did you pick brown for me?

  18. soo it appears you have an alternative youtube account eh?, im gonna give you a hint, it's no mixture.

    i dont even get how you came to that conclusion that i am a mix of 2 races… that im curious about too, how did you get that idea?

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